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Corona Harris May 2019
I was **** naked in the shower when it hit me
Fingers to lower lips I felt empty
I wondered why my body doesn't like my body
And as I asked I received
The flashbacks of when I would grieve
Or hurt or feel anger
I'd fight myself like a stranger
Inevitable danger when my emotions rose
Made me leave those wounds under my clothes
Those battles on my skin left me feeling sick within
I couldn't trust myself
I couldn't love myself
Cause I'm still getting over the last times I touched myself
My hands turned into enemies
Things no longer wanted into me
Abusive lovers I'm having to fall back for
Trusting that they won't injure more
And my fear no longer impedes my nature.
Corona Harris Mar 2019
I don't understand why so many girls are blind
I don't get why they can't see what I see
Why they can't feel what I feel
When I look at them ,when I talk to them
They know what they said but not what they mean
Not what they shown, in those brief late night conversations
What they revealed in the midst of those break downs
They can't recognize the true problem and that it is not him or her or this but it is themselves
It is the fact they can't see themselves, they can't understand themselves
They don't recognize their own self worth and it's causing them to downgrade
Girls go after what they feel they deserve
But if you don't even know your self worth you'll settle for anything
Why do girls settle for anything
Your body is not the only thing you have to offer although it may be the only thing you advertise
A **** girl can drop bodies
a beautiful one can occupy minds
but a Gorgeous Woman can steal your soul.
They are the most dangerous creatures ever made
They are Goddesses in the flesh
The beginning and end
They can charm snakes and lions
They're unbothered and untouchable
When a Gorgeous woman walks in you can not deny her presence although she doesn't try to make it known
She knows her self worth and pushes you to find yours
She has no need to use her fist because she can slay you with her tongue
Corona Harris Feb 2017
From the way you act I almost believed I was wrong
I had to remember my own pain just to move on
It made no sense to stay since I could never fully lift your mood
You need a super man to save you and I'm a regular dude
You need that constant affection and reassurance you're fine
I couldn't give you everything but I could dedicate some time
It's kinda funny, sometimes just to smile I gotta medicate my mind
Or cry my eyes out before I retrace these old lines
I know my type of healing temporary and I do it all in vain
But you could never really judge or stop me cause you do the same
I like the fact that now you "hate" me, it's just how I predicted
That let's me know you might of loved me or was at least addicted
We both know I'm not the source of all your grief and pain
But because I got love for you I'm willing to take that blame
I'm willing to take the mean mugs and blank stares
I was taught "people shouldn't cry over what ain't theirs"
You too free to be mine and my heart belongs to another
We should of fallen apart before we fell in love with each other
Who knows, years down the road this could come back to play
I picture you there looking like you ain't aged a day
I make you laugh , you make me smile , we get nostalgia
We both grown now so them *******, you can come out of
We don't gotta make love, if you still ain't ready yet
Oh wait you back to ******, so **** may be all you get
You the type to get hurt and go to sleeping in
You like the girls from the songs who "Never trust again"
So if our paths cross down the road once more
Like I go out for a walk and end up at your door
Or you singing out your heart and I see you on tour
Or while I'm working at a bar I spot you on the dance floor
Just gaze into my eyes and I'll get lost in yours.
  Dec 2016 Corona Harris
Sarah Gammon
All my life I've tried to provide for others
I've kept trying to put people back together;
I ride the tide of their most stormy weather,
but I have yet to actually make anyone better.

I failed because I never knew where to begin.
I learned over time we must heal ourselves within
before helping broken people as a mission
but even that simple beginning, I can't win.

Shattered into pieces, I know not how many years,
only that I cannot remember a time without tears.
The struggle is more than real, it's all my fears
and there's total misunderstanding amongst peers.

All I ever wanted was to make another whole,
to reach out to someone and fix their broken soul.
It was foolish of me to try and it has taken a toll
leaving me empty, miserable and with no goal.

I don't think I can ever mend myself right,
I keep trying, but I never win the fight.
Every now and then I think I see the light
only to watch it dissipate into the night.

I stay awake thinking deeply about our world
and how I am merely but one broken girl
searching through waste, looking for a pearl
but whisked away in defeat as it whirls.

If I can't save myself, or anyone at all,
I'm not sure I'll ever be able to stand tall.
I will weep until the day I crumble and fall,
knowing I couldn't change a thing, nothing at all.
Copyright Sarah-JG 2016
Corona Harris Dec 2016
God felt pity on what had came of Adam and Eve
So he created Aapo and blessed him with the goddess Ece

Many nights and many days the lovers ruled over the land
But Aapo was weak to temptations and got killed by a siren

So Ece was left on her own, her heart was turning to stone
Because the lovers that came next , all kept on doing her wrong

Damian was too obsessed with getting under her dress
She still remember being deflowered then left with a ****** mess

****** was a little too rough , left her with bruises and scuffs
She use to love to smile but now she just don't smile enough

Lastly Camillio was her piece of joy but with her heart he would toy
Then one noisey night she found him in bed with a boy

Beautiful Ece you queen, the world has been doing you mean
Your way too precious for us, so she made her own death nice and clean

I wouldn't call it suicide cause the world killed her first
Its our fault our goddess is gone and now is covered in dirt
Corona Harris Dec 2016
If I'm the reason your smile dimmer
Shine on me
If I'm the reason your laugh change
Joke on me

The first time is always the worst time
Its when the "I love you's" are fresh
And your lover shows respect
And you keep each other in check

Somebody should of checked me
I was strong willed but weak minded
Lusting for that physical contact
Enough never is enough
So when yu ask "Am I ok" I reply with a bluff ...****

**** still ain't change, It's strange
How I can know this gonna hurt you
And when you leave I know I'll hurt too
I know that i ain't no good but wouldn't let you find somebody worth you

Who won't lie, cheat or neglect
Won't fix their mouth to disrespect
Who won't abuse your love and never put they hands around your neck

I'd break my neck to make this up to yu
When a **** ***** break your heart
I wanna be there to hold you close
But that **** ***** me now
Maybe its better I just go ghost

If I'm the reason you trust less
Forget i existed
If I'm the reason you love different
Stop loving me

Just know I won't stop loving you
"How can you hurt someone you love?"
Easy and simple: Be a fool
Be a selfish *******, want more and more
Just dont be surprised when reality knock on your door

I cant do this to you baby
But the guilt is driving me crazy
I'm getting more cuts then ever
I'm still in a phase of changing

I'm just hoping that by the end of this
You will still be my strong queen
You won't be hesitant to love
Yo heart will still be as pure as when you was with me

People fall out and go so cold
Don't let that happen to you, please
Don't be another "One of Them"
Feel, Understand, and Recover
This life were given is so slim

Be Stronger than people think you to be
Be Happier than what your thoughts are
Be Wiser than your actions are
Be You, and only get better
Corona Harris Dec 2016
When you put too many monkeys in a cage , **** is bound to be thrown.
And a week from now you'll see the face of a ***** you known
Iron printed on a t-shirt and about 5 or 6 hoodies
He was the realest out there, as far as the hood could see
But in class that boy was lucky if he passed with a D
Teachers trying to help his *** but he like "they don't care about me
They aint been where I been, and they ain't seen what I seen
This world a black man nightmare but a white man dream"
I can't even blame my brother man he sings the song of the slaves
Surviving in the land of the free and caged in the  home of the brave
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