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You have no right to say that I am yours
When you are never been mine

You have no right to say that I am head over heels for you
When I never said I love you

You have no right to hurt me and make me jealous with your new girl
Because I never loved you

But the truth is, you have all the right in the world
I am yours since the day my heart beated for you but I guess yours did not beated the same
I never said I love you because i never had a chance
Suddenly, you left without a word
Without a last goodbye
I never loved you because I still do

Now, tell me if i deserve this kind of treatment
When all i did is to love you
I hate you!
EllieMoon Oct 2018
pushed against the wall
loved for one reason

impassive morals
but love
strong emotions
and pain

that combination
is what drives some of us insane
Just a try^^
shashank karn Jul 2017

What a sorrowful life that I own ,
what a trap of innocence in which i got caught,
this is my life in which i don't get anything except crying,
when i got happiness from my loved one, then some one came to make me like a crying dog,
everybody started neglecting me,
there were many people who didn't liked me, and there were also many people who always tried to beat me,
these were some effects of my innocence, that was the innocence that lead me to cry, someone was there who always praised me in my failure,
these were only the story of my childhood but the story continued,
in my contained innocence others blamed me for their black deeds,
someone thought me as a useless fellow, someone thought me as a hardworking guy, someone beated me by thinking me as a powerless one,
then i thought how fast i passed that period, in some of precious period of my life,
i found many people showing to love me,
but i again found some of my very near avoiding me and trying to insult me,
but when sorrowness came in my life then that period became like a year,
when my bad period passed then i found only some left period,
to get refreshment i thought to do some journey,
but to make me cry again someone came, that person always insulted me when saw me happy,
but in my still innocence i didn't did any thing,
that happiness became the worst period of my life,
i again cried a lot from my heart,
but in my still innocence i wasn't able to reveal my feeling,
someone cared me but someone insulted and neglected me,
but when i got a little knowledge than a question came in my mind,
"were they doing so because of less position of my father,
" or "were they doing so to only insult me,"
or "was that a racial discrimination, "
or "was that the thinking of my still innocence,"
thinking so again i cried and cried from my heart,
i always shared all my things with all,
but i don't know why they don't,
why don't the others understood me,
why even they don't try to make me happy, there was someone who gave me all small things to me,
but they were also that person who never tried to give me the things that i wanted from heart,
many people beated me,
but i never cried,
i cried a lot from my heart again,
but not of reason that people beated me,
i cried in my still innocence of questions, "that why they beated me,"
everybody teased my brain,
they always told me dull,
but non of them asked me why are you so,
in all suffering of my life i thought to die,
i wasn't able to collect courage to die,
and again my mind questioned,
"was that the effect of my still innocence,"
and the result was that happiness was only a vision for me,
this is the way in which some starting years of my life passed,
then i thought how will my remaining life passed.
Angie Sea Nov 2012
How intimate this is
to bath with another
the wetness of me
surrounding you
with the wetness from the shower head

I brought you up
as you lifted me out
wanting this upon the floor
I whispered no with my fingers down your back
and you leaned me against the wall

The glass in the room
seemed to echo my moans
the acoustics so gentle
as our bodies beated out the rhythm
of an escalating in and out

We were building up a sweat
from the steam and our heat
and in heat we were
for I came as you were in me
and you kissed me then

My fingers through your hair
and my walls vibrated
as you came into me hard and spent
I felt it all in me
How intimate this is
For "Let's Not Have *** in the Bath" by Jake Pearson***-in-the-bath/
Alice Nov 2013
Old lover,
It's been years
Since I've last seen your face
Covered with tears
And a frown
As we began to part ways,
I heard you softly whisper
"Darling, I'll always love you."
I turned and replied
With a heavy sigh
"I loved you but your love was
Just a game of lies.
You said your heart beated for me,
Like mine only did for you,
But your heart had actually
Always beated for two.
So don't you dare
Blame this on me,
When the fault is all on you."

You stood there quiet,
Then walked away
Right there I knew
And without a word
I turned and left
Without looking back at you.

Old lover,
It's been years
Since I last saw your face
I start to think
As I light my cigarette
Under the old willow tree
Where we used to always be.
And as I traced my fingertips
Over the carved heart
Where you imprinted our names
That one hot summer day,
I think to myself,
How stubborn are these scars when they don't fade away,
And how stubborn is a heart
When it continues to break.

As I stood up to leave
I turned to face the old willow tree
Remembering all our old memories
If you were only here too see.
I reached for my lighter
And stared into the flame
And looked at the old willow
As I set it ablaze
Burning the last bridge
To those memories we once made

I watched it burn
Feeling my heart
Fill with relief
Of finally letting go
A long dead memory.
#love #heartbreak
Sin of self-love possesseth all mine eye,
And all my soul, and all my every part;
And for this sin there is no remedy,
It is so grounded inward in my heart.
Methinks no face so gracious is as mine,
No shape so true, no truth of such account;
And for my self mine own worth do define,
As I all other in all worths surmount.
But when my glass shows me myself indeed
Beated and chapped with tanned antiquity,
Mine own self-love quite contrary I read;
Self so self-loving were iniquity.
    ’Tis thee, myself, that for my self I praise,
    Painting my age with beauty of thy days.
Charlotte Jane May 2017
Stop laughing
Stop pointing
Stop staring at me
Can't you see
I'm hurt
Lying cold on the floor
With nothing but guilt
Guilt of having to be me
Guilt that slowly consumes me
Guilt which isn't supposed to be within me

I am me
What's wrong with it
I'm weird
and strange in a good way
What's wrong with being myself
that i get pointed, laughed and rejected at
at the point of feeling guilty to be ME
Me who sometimes wishes to exist among people!
This poem expresses the very experiences that i've gone through in life. Most of the time i've always been invisible to people but when i'm not i've probably been laughed at and teased. Sometimes i wonder what's wrong with me but then i try to think deeply as to what's wrong with those people!
Atlas Gruene Jun 2014
This wilderness,
                I aimlessly wander through.
A deep breath
               The air, it holds a tangible primitivism
I follow a beated path along the brook
               As it guides my directionless saunter
Stillness of mind and habitat coalesce.
Dragonflies dance with my eyes
               As I ponder their surreal spirits
Loneliness is liberated from every definition
Identity is lost in the harmonies of every root and leaf and songbird
Begone to all the names and labels,
It comes in the abstract waves of shades and colors,
This wilderness,
               One organic tellurian phantasmagoria.
This wilderness,
               A warm ablution for the cold comfort of my reality

As it humbly sits
Just beyond my backyard picket fence
Agnis Lynota Nov 2013
The hands of our time have stopped
The heart in my chest has been dropped
All because you couldn't show me
What you thought love to be
And I never expected much of you
I have done everything a girl can do
To show my love and praise your being
But you have never shown me any meaning
When one gives and gives and receives none
Their heart turns cold and their struggle is done
I'm worn out, frustrated, and sad beyond compare
And all I ever needed was for you to be there
But you took my words and made them into a chain
to tie my heart up to a tree and leave it in the rain
To shiver and whither till its beat died down
to die and lie to never be found
Now here I am, still in love but broken
My mind is awake but i have not awoken
from this terrible nightmare that I've dreaded my whole life
To find love and do all that I can to only receive strife
And as my heart stays tied and lays cold and bare
I want you to always remember that you left it there
You left a heart that lived and beated only for you
You left me after you said that's something you could never do
So cheers to the memories, kisses, and future that never came
And cheers to this sad girl's heart that will never love the same
Hannah Gaines Apr 2016
One there was a girl,
She was as happy as the sun,
Until one day the girl's heart fell,
Now you must be wondering what happened to this poor ray of fun.

She soon realized what her father what he really was,
He was a liar and a *******,
The father splitted the girl's wonderland in half,
And her heart never beated the same.

You may see her as the Mad Hatter,
For her two personalities,
Or you may see her as the dear Alice,
Either way, she doesn't care.

One day she'll leave everyone,
And she'll go to her Wonderland,
To be with her friend and be loved by anyone,
She'll be the fairest of the land.
Justin G Diaz Jul 2015
Time* has gone by
But only in reality has it gone
Within, it seems like its been a lifetime
Knowing you, or rather having known you..
It’s probably all been the same
We said things wouldn’t change
But we’ve slipped away from each other
Like aged tires, unprepared for the rain

At the ****** of our demise it seemed unreal
I tried to hold on for so long
Most would say too long
As i hung from my figment of a cliff, my fingers began to fail me
With every moment of negligence I cried for a change of heart
From you, that never came

As I free fell from my cliff
Deep into the abyss of nothingness I sank into, and digressed from life
I was in a state of internal paralysis
My heart beated, but ever so quietly
My mind thought thoughts, but ever so dismally
I walked the halls watching others laugh and fellowship
When all the while I just missed your smile

Your laugh
Your smell
Your walk
Your talk
Your eyes
Your touch
It was all too much
Too much to yearn at once

As lonesome days came and went, I wondered when this would leave me
When I’d be free from this feeling of no feeling
Others tried to help but my heart was stubborn
I wanted nothing but to reverse the clock
Back to the days when I did feel
When I did smile
When I did live

But then that day came.
That day when God dove into the abyss and rescued me
It was as if all the pressure from the deep ocean had been lifted off my shoulders
My emulation of the Titan Atlas was no more
My fled soul had been returned to my body
And it was all by His grace

Nowadays I still check up on such individual
But I do so from a far
The feeling of care still resonates in my heart
Just not in the way it once did

Yes you've changed, but I don’t see that You
I see the You that i knew
The You that I met and felt utterly anew
The You that I temporarily walked life with and grew

But I have moved on
It took longer than most would
But I guess it was because I loved way more than I knew I could
Now I see you and I feel nothing
But its far from the nothing of before
Now its a calm nothing
A nothing that reassures
Everything’s going to be okay,
I’ve lit my lantern and let it float away, as it burns

Maybe it was all meant to happen this way
Maybe it wasn’t
But either way
Time has gone by
But only in reality has it gone
Ormond Dec 2015
Into beated air
The soul without any flame
Grasps identity
Marina Morales Feb 2015
Just maybe one day I'll acclimate enough little yellow butterflies in the depths of your stomach to spark words of
from the tips of your long capable fingers
I'll collect enough of the color yellow.
Maybe it would one day be stronger than my  growing green?
Maybe one day it will hurt less to think of you,
or to talk about you
Perhaps the yellow will give us more time
The Yellow.
more memories and laughs
to show you
That you are seen and that you are heard
And that it's no use to use your words
so many words
on earthly sun-soaked terracotta or frayed and faded blue
I look into your deep hurt eyes framed with lace and promises
I gave you red and I'm painting with yellow now
please accept my yellow
I grew it in my chest just for you
Just to plant the warm glowing cocoons deep into your stomach
They just might become butterflies and we can live our lives together hand-in-hand.
Maybe once they emerge it won't hurt so much anymore and you will smile.
And maybe, just maybe after a while you'd realize you don't need to keep using your words for girls who never cared to hear your heart that beated yellow with all it's might
Who never reciprocated with the strength of the yellow you gave them.
My chest
it now hums and glows with much yellow
a perfect place to rest your head, my Love.
I felt sad before, yet now I feel a sense of hopefulness. Lightness, if you will. Maybe I'm an idiot?
Word Therapy Apr 2015
First the illicit thrill
Becomes routine habit
Run of the mill
Like you're invincible.

Once, your heart beated
Feverish, hesitant,
Now you swagger, unheated,
The cheat can't be cheated.

The check-out girl, Lizzie,
Is trusting and smiling
Then she turns away, busy
And you're suddenly dizzy.

To your pocket inside
Go the chocolate bars -
Though it's undignified
There's a strange kind of pride.

Then - out of the blue,
In front of the world,
One day she asks you....
And what can you do?

...But collapse to your core
Like a worm-eaten apple
Pray to fall through the floor
You are Named, evermore.

Oh - the shame! she's disgusted
You're a thief, you're mistrusted
All that shock and self-loathing
For those moments you lusted.

Poor girl, she won't be aware
That her face and her voice
Will feature forever
As worst memory, lowest nightmare.

You'll be chilled to the bone
And you'll ask yourself "Why?"
Without job, wife or home,
Foolish, guilty, alone?
Could you smell my perfume
As you stood beside me
With him on my arm
I was hurting so badly
That was the last time we spoke
You only said "hey"
I responded with a smile
As my heart beated away
The months have flown by
This has gone on too long
I can't control my feelings
I've done nothing else wrong
Why can't I end this
I need to let go
I fell in love with a man
That I don't even know
Justin Harris Jun 2015
I saw you for the first time
Behind a screen
Dressed in grey.
Brown and beautiful,
and a wearing a beanie
It was your crown

You smiled at times
And I stared in awe
My screen screamed snapshot
But I was to grasped in the moment to think
My heart beated furiously
Intoxicated by a fiery passion

Then on one faithful day
I saw you
You experience me
I layed down my lips
On thine lips of my craving
Two heart beating for you

For only one that satisfies me
I am facing you
And you, my shoe
Blushing and cringing
I lift up your face;
exquisite; a light in the dark.

I kiss you one time,
and I say to you these lines,
Come with me
Your hipster man
and hold on tight
Grip my hipster hand

Stand close to me
My hipster bride
As you my love
Swiftly hug me tight.
Our hipster heaven
Is sealed off tight

A world unknown
In my hipster mind.
Your sweet hipster lips
Press against oh me, oh my
This is where feels come from.
Shutting you up one kiss at a time

With hipster might.
Your hipster lips
Wage war with mine.
The freedom of my hipster mind.
We are conscience now.

We love; ebullient.
Perfectly written
To excogitate.
I love you more than
Your hipster mind can comprehend.
It can't ever be put in words.

You're my hipster wife.
I'm your one true love and..
..your hipster husband.
You hipster lips.
I hunger for, i'm starving.
My hipster source of hipster life.

I feed you love.
You are always first.
Living like mitty
Means nothing to me
If you aren't happy.
Living mitty with me.
YoungSymba Jun 2015
Freed my soul when you handed your heart w..hole
Your pulses beated a sad song
But I held on to the highest pitch of the note
Remain sceptical of the situation but this all sources of our flaws
Imperfect flaws perfected and I loved you most
Just as you were with those scars about your chest gnawing "I'm all alone"

Quested for sanity through addictive sedations that had you abusing the remedy for therapy but who am I to lay judgement or  question?
The sun was setting so were my eyes setting too..setting on you
Ignited the spark in my soul when the dark arose and you sang me your reminiscence of times in a dark hole.

Our eyes rained through the night
But when the sun was up I realised you were an angel glittering a rainbow in her eyes.

Wrote this after I wrote a song at midnight. Of course I was high. We are flawed but we find happiness in our "remedies" of maintenance of happiness. Ambiguous as this all is..girl's who are flawed and do drugs need love too. S/O to Wale for The Girl's On Drugs
LycanTheThrope Mar 2017
I miss you.

The first thing I professed
was not the warm feeling I had whenever I saw her
Nor was it that it was I who had sent her flowers
And signed it
"your admirer”

The first thing I admitted
Was my fear
That everything I touched

I remember what you did,
Just like it was yesterday.

Your eyes brimmed with tears,
And you smiled a sad smile.
I smiled back.
The first time we were together
It was at your house
You showed me your dearly loved piano
And played me my favorite song
“Clair de Lune”

Wringing the keys dry of passion
I remember thinking
If I poured my soul out like you had
Just maybe,
you’d fall for me.

You showed me
The spines of books you read countlessly
Finger fluttering over every title,
Tracing each word
Like I would your stomach
Each night you spent in my bed
You told me that I
“was like the ocean.”
I didn’t know what that meant at the time.
Moon moon moon moon
The word I engraved in your ribs
every time I touched you.
My moon.
My lovely moon with sky blue eyes,
That never stopped moving.

I wish you could stare at me like I had you
Maybe you could have seen
That every moment I spent
My gaze was on yours.
But perhaps it was better that way.


I was bitter.
You told me not to be.
and so I wasn’t


Christmas Eve I came over for dinner
And I bought your mother chocolates
In hopes she would learn to savor you
Like the box she held in her hand.

I never told you how jealous I was
That you had your mother
Despite her flaws

That night I saw you cry for the first time.
When I held you in my arms
You shook because of your father.
You asked me why god would do this to you.

I had no answer
Other than
“I don’t know.”

I should’ve told you
How I had wished I was in your place
That I would take the pain for you.
But I didn’t.
I know you never would have wanted it that way.
When your birthday came
I gave you a jadestone bracelet I had crafted myself
I did not tell you the time I took,
Or what it had cost.
I had hoped you would treasure it
Like I to you.
A month ago I saw my loving jade
On your best friend’s wrist.

I did not tell you how much that had hurt.
You gravitated towards him
And grew closer with others
I drifted
Oh like the sea
That March I went to California to see my ma.
I don’t recall if I told you
That every night
I watched that sun sink into the coast.
And it reminded me
The way your hand held mine.

When I came back you spoke of nothing but sadness
I tried endlessly
To tie a knot in that poison-filled vein.
But the sickness spread.
I wish I could’ve been your cure.

You were sand slipping between my fingers
And I did not know how to tell you
That my waves had lost purpose
If there was no shore.
Come Back

“Captain O’ Captain,
The eye of the sea
Was the bottom of her heart.”

Summer had come
We had spent one tired night watching fields of fireflies
At 1:49 am

I couldn’t find words
To tell you my heart had danced
Like every one of those little lights
When someone even breathed your name.
I wish I had
Summer had gone


When fall had struck
You left me.


My thoughts clammered in disbelief

You told me it was because it was you and not me.
Just some sort of cliché I suppose.
Months later when I asked
You said it was because you thought I had feelings for another.
How foolish I was for letting you believe that
For even a second.

I should have told you
Your soul had sunk a hole in my chest
that beated to the sound of your voice.

My heart sang a sick melody*
Two years have past
Last week you told me you left
Because you didn’t feel loved.
You never saw the way my eyes traced up and down your body
but always pulled back to your face

I remember what you did,
Just like it was yesterday.
When I confessed
You kissed every one of my fingertips,
And said that you did
so that everything I touched
would feel loved.

Oh, how I wish those words were true.
My Captain O' Captain,
I know not where the moon dips from the sky,
Nor where she sunk in the sapphire sea.
Pilgrim Aug 2016
Poet daubed the corporal on the wings of carney
Wanderer dilettante soul lusted au wild routes
Counted each the millimiles covered
Upside , unstrained , Unflaggingly.
Yon the valleys , epitome meadows and Hillsides
Beated around the alcoves amok
Ridges passed the marooned trails
Agape the flinged self flew spirited madrigals
Slowly rooted the tints into wilderness
True entity got superimposed to sylvan instincts
The obsolute shadow rigged the shooner
By dimension lengthier the time but shorter by grace
Grazed through and some toxic airs exhaled then pulled
Blinked all the roof to rugs
Remembrance of concrete boxes and intimate sidekicks
Cheap conflict wins to hit the ring
If body wins wanderlust looses thereby path ends
Simultaneous call by consciousness and objection by eternal shadow
Only the body grazed the maps with pointers
Though insatiably leveed
Kept retention the coursing shadow
Yet remained damp , savaged the sylvan traits
Life was near but the abstainer failed
Wilderness abysm rejected the unfortunate physique
There appeared
Scorched canopies along wilted flora
Container flogged the shadow to a stultifying death
Physique deceived self the core truth
Existence thereafter without knowing the chance with eterna
Several followed the imperishable conflict trail
Roll of honour diminished by fourth dimension
Marked victories of featherbrains over pappus chambers
Only few sticked upto xanthic flowers
Raise up , were the victories thristled down?
Many knocked and still keep on knocking incarnations
Fine array of fossilized saturnine inhibitions
Callous attritions over altruism of succinct shadows
Flip sorties pariance spurts
"The stanchion to revet my sky" voiced the shadow
A false belief, light rays on physical body sums to shadow
Sam Conrad Dec 2013
I sat awake all night thinking of her...
Much similar to many of the last 150 nights...
I have things to tell her and things to ask her.

I wonder to myself if we're ever meant to be...
She tells me no. She gives me no chance...
She has no plans to continue with me, or give me a second try.

She's falling in love with another girl. Yes, I am a boy...
That girl probably has me beat, in a multitude of ways...
That girl probably treats her sweeter than I ever did or ever would.

But I would die for this girl. She became the reason I lived.
I told her my heart beated to satisfy hers...
And it was true.

I've been in a lot of messes with her.
I've gotten myself in a lot of trouble.
I beat her down emotionally until she could barely breathe.

Much like I've been, lately.
There have been days where I want to die.
There have been days where I wish I'd never met her.

But I get past those days...and I still come to live for her.
I know she doesn't want me anymore.
I know things are awkward...that she wants to be friends, but

I can't get over her. It bothers her.
It hurts me to see her with someone else.
Every time I say something though, its a stab in her chest.

Nowadays, she stabs back.
For all of this pain, for all of these feelings, I still wish her the best.
She was my best friend. I know I'm not hers.

This journey's been has really been hard.
But I'm living for her. I'm living in hope.
Hope I shouldn't have.

I don't know what to do or say. Or how to move forward.
She knows how I feel. But I can't shake these feelings away.
I don't know if I ever will.

Lord, it bothers her so much. It bothers me.
All we do is hurt each other.
I want her to be happy, and she is now without me, but love is such a selfish thing.

I am only a young man. I am only human.
I want to experience the world with her...
And she just wishes I would leave hers alone.

I want to tell her to be okay. Not to worry a bit about me.
But here I am laying awake, until 7AM.
Here I am, life leaving me behind. Opportunities missed.

I miss her everyday. I miss her soft skin, her eyes and her warmth.
I don't know what I did to deserve her, but I know why she didn't stay.
There are better fish in the sea, than me.

But could she survive on me? Why do I even ask?
Why should I try to degrade her life, for my own sake?
I want to be around to make hers better. But someone else does a better job at that.

I've cried and puked for so long now, and did I for nothing.
It doesn't change the fact that she's in someone else's arms.
It doesn't help mine or hers cause.

But she means the world to me.
The giganticism of that statement...
Is the reason I am lonely without her.

My world is so cold, I don't want to live...
Sometimes I tell myself "Well I don't need her anyway!" but sometimes she just...
Means the world to me.

I jokingly told her that all I wanted for Christmas was her.
Unfortunately the statement was true...
And here I am sitting alone on Christmas morning in my bedroom crying over her.

I had things planned for her and I...
Events, road trips...
None of them would necessitate being a couple...but those plans were for

She wants to be friends, she told me, since I'm so upset...
She told me, "If she even loves me" she loves me like a brother...
Would she be okay spending 7 days hundreds of miles away, sharing a bed with a brother?

I really just want to show her a good time, after all.
She saved my life, became my partner, my life's meaning.
She built me back up and taught me how to love myself. She became my world...

But I really ****** up a lot of things. She inherited a broken me.
She never completely fixed me. There were cracks...
The glue fell apart under the intense heat of moments, under pressure and stress.

I need her though. If only she would come back...
But she's so happy now, as long as I'm not mentioned.
She gets horrid flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety. She feels broken...

And all I want to do is fix her.
But she has someone else to do that now...someone so much better.
Meanwhile I continue to come undone...

Each day I get a little worse...condemn myself a little more...
Decide to throw away another plan, because she knows my feelings...
And it just wouldn't work.

She means the world to me.
My world is dark now, without her.
I'll love her like this until God knows when...

And that probably means we can't be friends...because she can't enjoy my company...
And when I'm with her, I'm like a bird in a cage, screaming to be let free.
I just want to be able to love the love of my life again.
I am oh so sorry I exist to her...I'm not supposed to be here. I'm misplaced.
Q Aug 2014
Beautiful mind, you have succeeded
Expel all hate and accept all feelings
Time and time you have been beated
Life has now handed you more timid dealings

Play your cards right and the roads will be smoother
These ups and downs may wear you out
But these bruises and scrapes are battle scarrs
Each day set out to learn from their shouts

You've come a long way,
The progress is still endless
Clear troubles and exhale,
Inhale all that is painless

Of course you can conquer all that you've failed before
Walk away when hooded death's at your door
Sighs of relief released and begotten
Come, let's sit and drift to a world forgotten

Franchesca Dec 2016
I reminisced about our memories and my soul walked out of me to try and reconnect with yours but I was rejected. I listened to our song and my heart cried. I was breathless. I thought I was okay. I even had something new but when it came down to it, I sat there ,alone with my empty chest, needing the oxygen to be restored. You asked for my heart and you tore it down and I couldn't get it back. The sense of love I couldn't get that back. You did this. No wait, I did. Love is a choice and I chose to love you. I chose you but in the end. You didn't chose me. Because I was never really an option to your heart. You took my heart out while you were inside of me, mentally. I sat in a bright, sunny room and somehow it is still dark. My mind is on replay with all our bad days and yet what's left of my heart was still aching for yours. The only thing that uplifted me was the rain. It was already sad so there's no place for my emotions to make it worse. The rain was my happy place. Where things can be sad but it all appropriates with the mood. The sad rain was my happiness. In art class we were taught on curves. As I glowed, I noticed the curve I was thinking about was your pathetic smile. Love is an overrated movie that everyone raves about but once they get a preview, they wish they hadn't watched it at all. You were the most beautiful, surreal yet sorrowing film I've ever seen. That is why it hurt. Because I once loved you. Your presence made my skin want to jump on top of yours. I wanted all of your embrace. All that you can give. But that was only what I wanted. In life things aren't given to you at a very second. Sometimes never at all. Your laugh was a symphony that matched the way my heart beated for yours. Sometimes I wonder. What I'd be like. What you'd be like if you were mine but I guess that's the mystery to it all. I loved you and you weren't even mine. I craved you and I hadn't had the slightest taste in forever. I wanted you. Forever. My mind split into 2 parts but you always brought it into one. She thought that love was never truly at happen at this age but then again what if it's the right person. That's when you came in. You completed me and my thoughts even when I didn't want you to. You ripped me out of my dignity and grace. I  couldn't even look you in the face. It was getting hard to be around you again. I had to stop before it was the end. I stopped. Yes I stopped. All the pain and the sorrow, washed away. Maybe all I needed, was the rain.
YoungGentleman17 Feb 2014
I'm just sitting looking at the people
Praying for the ones who out here tryna be illegal
Lifes like a game but its one we shouldn't play
Its people out here dying in my city everyday

For the ones who got a loved in the jail
If I had the money I'd pay to let them all bail
I'm keeping it real this is how I live
God made me as a person who don't mind to show and give

I just want this world to know
Judging a person doesn't mean there true feelings will show
They hold it deep deep inside there hearts
Crying cause they see yall tryna tear them straight apart

To those people all they tryna do is hate
So put a smile on your face and move at your own rate
I pray for the young people going crazy
Hoping that young girl make it with her baby

I pray for all my people in the streets
Hoping in the future we ll have statistics beat
Main they say us black people been beated
The only reason they won is cause the racist people cheated

Gotta admit this world can be a shame
They say we living in a world of the cools and the lames
Ha who ever said that your a joke
Why cause that lie has been broke

But sadly our people dying off lust
Which shows in relationships we can't even have trust
Looking at world all around in range
Just be real I hope one day it change
Late night stars Mar 2016
I am leaving this totally raw, not edited out parts. If you feel this may offend you, Please don't read. I needed to just vent to somebody so here we are.

I keep trying to forget about you. Not the moments we shared, just you.

I'm trying to forget the way you smelled after a quiet night of dancing.
I'm trying to forget how your eyes twinkled when you talked about your family.
I'm  trying to forget the way you cared for me when I told you my darkest secret.
I'm trying to forget how your arms wrapped perfectly around my waist when we hugged.
I’m trying to forget the way you became a emotional wreck when I said I tried to **** myself.
I’m trying to forget the way your beautiful face was illuminated by the fire
I’m trying to forget the love I still have for you.

Everywhere I go I swear I see you. I was walking down the street and I prayed to god that wasn't you in the yellow 2005 punch buggy. When we talked, you only ever had the truck I helped design. Who knows though, You’ve changed since we talked last. But that look the passenger gave me, It was only a look only you could give me. I want close enough to see the two telltale signs it was you, your eyes and your scar. But that look gave me nightmares for many weeks to come. It was haunting and regretful. I could of seen things, But I swear the person said my name.

I thought I saw you today. The gas station that's right in the center of town. I saw someone in the distance and my heart beated out of my chest. I don’t know what I would've done if it was you. Cry, panic, hug you, ignore you, who knows? It’s funny how after all this time, I still can’t seem to get rid of you. What do you want from me? People used to say I was obsessed with you, I'm kinda starting to believe it. Maybe this is love, how would I know? I’m only nearly fifteen. Never been kissed or loved.

I can try and try but I won’t forget you. You’re too much of my heart and soul. You were my best friend. I told you everything, everything. When I think about you all I wanna do is cry. Why I have to go and wreck things i'm not sure. I just wanna know how you are.
Ella Gwen Dec 2016
I wasn't sure of
those words, that holy
trinity pressed to give back,

until your heart stuttered systolic.

Contracted, you underplayed every line as
I fought, undervalued, omitted and flat-lined

that singular skip your two-******, beated rhythm
warning beacon, red-flashing, blaring signal flared sign

granted every second second of each stolen time, when those
planets and these stars became so fiercely yet finitely aligned,

yes, I understand now, as we lay entwined, cyclic, chest
deep, life-defying leap, gasp of breath, wake from

sleep, it is this that I seek, sunlight unconfined
crushing breath divine, beat of two, separate

singular, unexpected yet still

defined in-kind, of your
continuation bringing
life back to mine.
PaperclipPoems Feb 2016
I'm always thirsty
My craving never subsides
I found peace in you
That's why I ate you.
I wanted a piece of that.
I have realized that I cannot be saved.
I walk with the ******.
I live amongst beasts.
  I feed on the innocent.

...Like a vampire

Always aware
That I am a special kind,
but a very lonely kind
I found a home with you
But you slept and I couldn't.
You were wholesome and I wasn't.
Your heart beated and I didn't have one.
So I ate you.
From the inside out.
  I'm sorry.
s s f w s Aug 2016
Poet daubed the corporal on the wings of carney
Wanderer dilettante soul lusted wild routes
Counted each the millimiles covered
Upside , unstrained , Unflaggingly.
Yon the valleys , epitome meadows and Hillsides
Beated around the alcoves amok
Ridges passed the marooned trails
Agape the flinged self flew spirited madrigals
Slowly rooted the tints into wilderness
True entity got superimposed to sylvan instincts
The obsolute shadow rigged the shooner
By dimension lengthier the time but shorter by grace
Grazed through and some toxic airs exhaled then pulled
Blinked all the roof to rugs
Remembrance of concrete boxes and intimate sidekicks
Cheap conflict wins to hit the ring
If body wins, wanderlust looses thereby path ends
Simultaneous call by consciousness and objection by eternal shadow
Only the body grazed the maps with pointers
Though insatiably leveed
Kept retention the coursing shadow
Yet remained damp , savaged the sylvan traits
Life was near but the abstainer failed
Wilderness abysm rejected the unfortunate physique
There appeared
Scorched canopies along wilted flora
Container flogged the shadow to a stultifying death
Physique deceived self the core truth
Existence thereafter without knowing the chance with eterna
Several followed the imperishable conflict trail
Roll of honour diminished by fourth dimension
Marked victories of featherbrains over pappus chambers
Only few sticked upto xanthic flowers
Raise up , were the victories thristled down?
Many knocked and still keep on knocking incarnations
Fine array of fossilized saturnine inhibitions
Callous attritions over altruism of succinct shadow
Flip sorties pariance spurts
"The stanchion to revet my sky" voiced the shadow
When it fails to differentiate a forest and oneself.
seamlesslyrics May 2017
descend clothed me
in darkness,
the process of
you giving up on us

it was useless
dawn's ascend
stripped me naked with
that ache-quaked
my being

no longer there

sugary, salty taste
that clung to my tongue
long after our ******* sprung

of your fingertips
were fading fast from my skin

instinct kicked in
summoning daydreams to
pull down my eyelids and project
memorable moments with you


souldeep your absence
abuse my senses

the words,


beated against
my eardrums resounding thoughts of
your scent, I'll never take in again


feel the heat of your kiss
on my lips

taken, led you away
trampling my heart into
unrecognizable rhythm
from the way
it used to beat
for only

the slowing
of your love flow
through my vains and hear the
weakening beeps

our flat line
is just a matter
of time

love's death is near


don't know
rather to let us

rest in peace


do my best
and try to resurrect

Dr Strange Nov 2016
I'm only human
But I feel like the world expects me to be a God
Refusing to accept me because I'm not like them
A puppet with strings sticking out of his broken limbs
A pretender hiding his face behind the white mask of solitude
Walking the same beated path the rest of you slaves do
I'm sorry world but I rather not be a slave to society
Because I'm own being who travels the road less taken
A being who paves his own destiny with every step he takes
Because I'm the master of my fate and the captain of my soul
And I refuse to be a piece of lettuce in another's salad bowl
So instead selling myself out like a ****** on the side of the road
I'll be a king who sits on his own throne
Alexander Liss Mar 2016
It's been a long day.  Better yet along tiresome road from the cross point where I changed my direction. The room was cool from the outside pounding heat and within Minutes was undressed bags resting on the floor. The long fall in to the soft fluffy pillow top caught me in its inbrace like her arms held me to her breast.  I pull the soft brown 1800 thread count sheets up my body getting slight flash backs of her soft Nubian skin brushing against my skin.  Consciously I was fading with my right hand over my heart..  The ceiling fan turned and my heart beat as the fan turned.  Before darkness had it's grasp on me I reached under my pillow for the note they will find.  My heart beated through my chest, the last thing I thought before sleep was how does this heavy broken thing keeps working and if they find the note can they tell I died from my secret broken heart.
Belle Victoria Oct 2015
I think the writer in me died when I wrote this poem
gravity pulled me in, the galaxy was screaming my name
the stars were craving for my sparkle to shine next to them

my life was like a puzzle and there were so many pieces missing
in the search to find all of those pieces I didnt only lose soulmates..
I also lost the most valueable thing a human could have.. I lost myself..

I started to make a home out of all the places I have bin, empty places
the world was crumbling and I needed to get away from here, soon

but you always were the one who was keeping me here, save and calm
this human was the reason of my breathing the reason my heart beated
it was not right to live like this, it was wrong to live like this, wrong

and I never was a person who would wait for the storm to pass
I loved dancing in the rain with my demons right beside me..

the passion for painting faded just  like your picture was fading ..
the writer in me left me alone to die without any form of passion.
Jaspal Kaur May 2018
A stake through my heart <3
What would it feel like.
That beated for you,will suddenly stop.
These eyes, that always longed to see you will close forever.
These ears, that always craved to hear your voice, will never listen anything from you again.
These lips, that always wanted to talk to you will be silent till eternity.
My body that always wished for your hug, will turn cold forever.
still sad thoughts
Allesha Eman Oct 2016
With my feet above the graves
I can see the ghosts of good laughs
And the souls of endless tears
The hearts that beated for each other's arms
But it's the sound of recklessness that swallows me,
Every other passerby looking to be free
To linger in the shadows of evils retreats
I heard them from far calling across the sea
I saw all the faces of hopeful need
Lost in the rubble are all of their screams
I can hear them calling out to me
Because what you can hear is what you can't see.
Javier Garza Jul 2015
He said to me once
"Why does no one love me?"
Then be cried upon my shoulder
Begging to know why no one wanted his broken heart

I stitched it back
Kept it from falling apart
He never knew the nights I wasted away
Mending his shattered heart

Then one day he said with joy
"I'm in love! I'm in love! I'll give her my heart! I'll give her my love!"

I smiled for my friend
Helped him woo his lady friend
He gave her his heart on a silver platter
But she threw it away
Far far away
And then it shattered

He came to me once more
He sobbed his eyes to oblivion
Asking why she did it

All I could do was hold him tighter as his cries shook us both

His cries pierced my ears till they bled
So much pain and suffering
The agony, oh how it brought tears to my eyes
So I took my own heart out
Gave it to him

It filled the black hole nicely
Beated strong and loud
He never realized that it was mine
When he cried out to me once more
"My friend! My friend! I'm in love once again! And this time, she's brought to life my dead heart!"

I gave him a sad smile
My oblivious friend never knew that the heart he has
Was always mine

Tis true, tis sad
He loves her with heart that's not even his
I gave up my love
To see him smile

I'm now dead inside
Without a pulse I'm the walking dead
I feel nothing
Can't feel love anymore
But my heart still beats
Inside my best friend who never knew he was loved all along
David Gonzalez Jul 2014
His heart beated to the rhythm of her high heels against the faded red floorboards.
Ormond Dec 2015
( Haiku )


She told me with tears
How others had abused her
Our hands knotted tight


In whispers we feel
Breaths' suture of souls entwined
Long sufferings bare

Red Haired Wonder

Little pouting face
You hate me now but please wait
Never say never


Your breath so giving
In the springtime of our love
Eyes uncrushing souls

Purple Waking

Her lips were pure bread
And prince woke up as beggar
Lone in lost kingdoms


Breaths underwater
In rivulets of her hair
Man could surely end

Stars Clustered

Heavens orbs breasted
Up her laid body
There is Milky Way

Innocent Aphrodite

She dominates day
Even light in garden frays
Her little sun dress


Moisted air belies
Nothing is fair beside her
Wetness on *******


Into beated air
The soul without any flame
Grasps identity

Red Siren

Her skin a tableau
Layers of light and starshine
Freckles dizzying
Anna Marie Apr 2014
We walk and talk  
We laugh and smile
We pretend ...

But ...

I hide behind these walls
I fake the laughs and smiles

And this pain comes in bottles!!!

It ****** and probes
Until it is gone

But the truth is
It will never go away

Because ...

Behind these walls hides all the pain you caused

But you ...

Don't seem to notice
Cause you believe it was all my fault

Even though you were the one who left me
Even though you were the one who beated and yelled at me

But now they now ...

I hide behind your walls
Walls I will never escape
Javier Garza Jul 2015
She was once a ruthless Amazon
She fought for pride and honor
War was the norm
The battle was always raging

Then a liar came along
Disguised as a lost prince with a dark past
He won her over
Made her believe she was a Queen

The once Amazon warrior fell for the fake prince
He dazzled her with kisses and touching words
And the heart she thought to be dead
Beated with a burning passion
Her love burned for the "prince"

With a wicked smile he told her the truth
Told her he never loved her
Told her all he said was lies
He ripped her heart out
Laughed when she began to weep

The poor Amazon Queen fell to the ground
She clutched her old battle ax
Saw the warrior she once was
With an agonizing cry she slammed her ax onto the ground
Through the broken ground ****** tears spewed out
She drowned in her crimson tears
As the fake prince woed another innocent heart
YoungGentleman17 Apr 2014
Out of all the things you faced
Even things you can't replace
No matter how wounded you were let it all erase
I know ya struggled at times
I even know you cried some tears
But look you still here
For all the people who mistreated you
Abused or even beated you
Being wounded never defeated you
But when tbey look at you now
All your doing through range
My sis Christian CaliYork said she came for a change
Gotta admit I'm real proud
Some people don't understand
But your not only my sis you also a good friend
My sis said she gone make
Regardless of the past
Nobody will never take it
Cause she has toom off like a blast
Remember this at the beginning
I dedicated this to you cause when they said you losing
At the end now you winning

— The End —