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Feb 2014
I'm just sitting looking at the people
Praying for the ones who out here tryna be illegal
Lifes like a game but its one we shouldn't play
Its people out here dying in my city everyday

For the ones who got a loved in the jail
If I had the money I'd pay to let them all bail
I'm keeping it real this is how I live
God made me as a person who don't mind to show and give

I just want this world to know
Judging a person doesn't mean there true feelings will show
They hold it deep deep inside there hearts
Crying cause they see yall tryna tear them straight apart

To those people all they tryna do is hate
So put a smile on your face and move at your own rate
I pray for the young people going crazy
Hoping that young girl make it with her baby

I pray for all my people in the streets
Hoping in the future we ll have statistics beat
Main they say us black people been beated
The only reason they won is cause the racist people cheated

Gotta admit this world can be a shame
They say we living in a world of the cools and the lames
Ha who ever said that your a joke
Why cause that lie has been broke

But sadly our people dying off lust
Which shows in relationships we can't even have trust
Looking at world all around in range
Just be real I hope one day it change
Written by
YoungGentleman17  Millington T.N
(Millington T.N)   
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