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Late night stars Dec 2016
And just like that her whole world came shattering down

And  just like that she fell into the arms of the devourer of beauty.

And Just falling to get back into the same old routine.

And yes she knew about the master

And yes, she was too naive to care.

And just like that the beautiful world that was once an aura of colors, is shades of black

And just like that the color of his eyes seized to exist.

And just like that she realized the love she'd always wanted in solitude.

And somehow being in black and white brought out the true beauty being alone
Late night stars Sep 2016
The Faster I run
The Slower and slower you walk

The Faster I fall into you
The Slower and slower you drop me

The Faster I call
The Slower and slower you pick up

The Faster I drown
The Slower and slower you jump in

The Faster I sink to the bottom
The Slower and slower you gather me up

I slow down and i'm ready to lay
but you pick up the pace ready to stay

The faster you move on to me
The slower and slower I move on from you
1 am
Late night stars Aug 2015
I keep falling through
This black Void I thought I once knew
I used to be a joyful girl
But that was long before I met you

I keep on walking through
This black void that was you
Maybe it was your comfort that made me smile
And it made me feel at peace for awhile

I keep trying to run
From this monster and it's not fun
And i keep trying to escape
You're more deadly than fate

But when I finally escape
I just get pulled back in
Maybe I will never stop because
This viscous cycle will never end
Second poem woop! I've been in a writers block lately so this is a poem I wrote in early December
Late night stars Nov 2015
The rain drops are falling
For I'm still  here sleeping

You turned my world around
Just for it to be shattered

It's been three months since we talked
But it feels like a enterty

Maybe if you leave me be
I'll eventually be happy
Sorry it *****
Late night stars Dec 2015
"If your ever lost and feel like you need to come back home lay on your right side and know I'll always be  next to you on my left"

You were my home until it got wrecked by a hurricane of emotions
Late night stars Mar 2016
I am leaving this totally raw, not edited out parts. If you feel this may offend you, Please don't read. I needed to just vent to somebody so here we are.

I keep trying to forget about you. Not the moments we shared, just you.

I'm trying to forget the way you smelled after a quiet night of dancing.
I'm trying to forget how your eyes twinkled when you talked about your family.
I'm  trying to forget the way you cared for me when I told you my darkest secret.
I'm trying to forget how your arms wrapped perfectly around my waist when we hugged.
I’m trying to forget the way you became a emotional wreck when I said I tried to **** myself.
I’m trying to forget the way your beautiful face was illuminated by the fire
I’m trying to forget the love I still have for you.

Everywhere I go I swear I see you. I was walking down the street and I prayed to god that wasn't you in the yellow 2005 punch buggy. When we talked, you only ever had the truck I helped design. Who knows though, You’ve changed since we talked last. But that look the passenger gave me, It was only a look only you could give me. I want close enough to see the two telltale signs it was you, your eyes and your scar. But that look gave me nightmares for many weeks to come. It was haunting and regretful. I could of seen things, But I swear the person said my name.

I thought I saw you today. The gas station that's right in the center of town. I saw someone in the distance and my heart beated out of my chest. I don’t know what I would've done if it was you. Cry, panic, hug you, ignore you, who knows? It’s funny how after all this time, I still can’t seem to get rid of you. What do you want from me? People used to say I was obsessed with you, I'm kinda starting to believe it. Maybe this is love, how would I know? I’m only nearly fifteen. Never been kissed or loved.

I can try and try but I won’t forget you. You’re too much of my heart and soul. You were my best friend. I told you everything, everything. When I think about you all I wanna do is cry. Why I have to go and wreck things i'm not sure. I just wanna know how you are.

— The End —