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Laiba Nov 11
Today Is the day I was born
The day i hate the most
Why was I born
If only to be be hurt by the person who help produce me.
I'm bad luck and a jinx

guess what to the man who hurt me
You ain't worth of being my dad
So i am going to celebrate my birthday embrace it no matter what..
You are not worthy of controlling me at 16!!!
Laiba Nov 9
Why do i have to be this why
Laiba Nov 6
I am not freek
But the question is
Am I dreaming
Or is this my reality
Laiba Nov 2
I'm sorry
I'm truly sorry
To my 9 year old youger self
For enduring what you did
I don't blame you
I feel angry at the person who did this To you
You was so inncocnt
Just looking to be loved
To be protected

Yeh you might of lost your womanhood to your own dad
But that was not your choice
It was forced...

The 15 year old me is just dealing with his actions not yours
Dear 9 year old me
Laiba Oct 26
The reflection of the young girl i can see is haunting your mind

Drowning you in your sleep..

I know your fighting against your soul

Just to be who they want you to be.

Just so you don't hurt your siblings.

But i just wanted to say

You're hurting yourself.

And that is not fair.

You don't have to be who they want of you..

Be you.

You are perfect just the way you are.

I know you blame yourself

For what he has done to you.

For ruining you.

For breaking you.

Let me just make this clear.

It was his ***** hands.

Not yours.

It was his choice.

Not yours.

You were  powerless and weak.

Not knowing your own daddy can do this to you.

You were just a little girl.

It isn't your fault and you should believe it for yourself..

It takes time but you will.

I know so..

You cry in your sleep

You cry whenever you're alone.

You wipe it away just so nobody else sees

You think that you are weak.

You think that you can't do it anymore

But remember your a warrior

And you can get through it.

Your tears are yours..

Value them.

You're beautiful.

You think your bad

Because you still cannot hug your mum

Afraid his germs will get onto yours..

Afraid she will hurt you next.

I know she wont..

She fought against all odds to keep you alive.

You hate yourself with so much pain
You think the worst of yourself
You hate how you look
Because he once told you to become beatuful
Listen your beautful. Inside and out.
Your inner beauty is what makes you
His words are worth nothing
Let them fly away like a bird
Set yourself free from the him crulest of words

Listen child.

You are a wonderful creation

You was hurt by your supposed to be superhero

You were betrayed by somebody who was soppused to love you and protect you from people like him.

But always know he does not define you.

Please find a small place in your broken heart

To be nice to yourself.

I want you to know.

You're struggling..

But you're still alive and breathing..

Your not a failure

You're a blessing.
Laiba Oct 22
Feel like crap
This is not the end
But the start to
The new image of feeling crap
Laiba Oct 20
Happy birthday my best friend
My partner in crime.
My laughter.
My joy.
My life.
My everything.
My beauful sister
My actual biological sister
I love you stay blessed
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