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Atlas Gruene Mar 2017
In one piece of earth existed an infinite celestial wonder that floated in the intricacy of binary brilliance that were your eyes.
Atlas Gruene Mar 2017
In that curved moment of beautiful distortion
I threw my juxtaposed  s e l f  into the explosive randomness of melting time
And never came back
Atlas Gruene Jun 2014
This wilderness,
                I aimlessly wander through.
A deep breath
               The air, it holds a tangible primitivism
I follow a beated path along the brook
               As it guides my directionless saunter
Stillness of mind and habitat coalesce.
Dragonflies dance with my eyes
               As I ponder their surreal spirits
Loneliness is liberated from every definition
Identity is lost in the harmonies of every root and leaf and songbird
Begone to all the names and labels,
It comes in the abstract waves of shades and colors,
This wilderness,
               One organic tellurian phantasmagoria.
This wilderness,
               A warm ablution for the cold comfort of my reality

As it humbly sits
Just beyond my backyard picket fence
Atlas Gruene Jun 2014
And so, we continually wander beneath these wavering empty skies, setting forth down each new road with even greater uncertainty than our last.  By ourselves alone, experiencing life's staggering madness.  Causing us to go so completely insane, that we ask for nothing more from each other than a shear taste of one's uniquely charitable good company as we carry on through this incredible transient adventure.

— The End —