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David Gonzalez Nov 2015
Chastity is sexually immoral, suitable only for the awkwardly insane.
We ****; then, we wait. We **** again.
Sometimes in between *******, we get a college degree or a job.
David Gonzalez Nov 2015
There is nothing more I can ask for. She tells me go on, forget, advance. But how could I? I ought to tell the world about her - about her elegance, beauty, & joyous demeanor. She marvels me. Nothing ever does. Her long, shiny hair. The paleness of her pigment. Her dulcet laugh.The splendor of her freckles. The perplexity in her eyes. Oh, how they gleam.
Never will this fade.
February 8, 2015
David Gonzalez May 2015
Dawn has its verdict. It no longer awaits. The waters lie still. Ripples no longer permitted. The trees have spoken. They choose to wither.  It's a sad sad world and I lay my body on all there is that exists undetected. Gently but firmly the soul moves on.
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
Posthaste after I begin to ruminate and induce myself into surmising that I've finally ran out of thoughts, you appear in some obscure form. Straightaway, a cascade of endless, unfathomable emotions and indiscriminate memories pour into my pool of thoughtlessness.
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
We spoke eternally, yet there was something left unsaid. Something words could never deliver. Language is finite. How abhorrent.
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
Unremitting prattle doesn't scratch the surface of message-deliverance.
David Gonzalez Mar 2015
We went to sea without sails. We were called insane, unhinged, mad, unbalanced, wreckless, bottomless, demented.
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