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Road to glory is
bumpy lumpy.
Gory to walk 🚶
in glory.

Road to
always seems
obscure but an
makes it obvious.

focus  with a
positive behavior
makes the
ride go on.

Wish y'll
a lucrative
ride as time
goes on.
I bloom every morning,
With messy hair and yawning,
With all my thought start aborning.
At this time the enthusiasm is always high,
So, for a beautiful day to all lazziness should say bye.
A short morning story.
Kashfiya Ahsan Apr 2020
The wind howled against the glass
Threatening to break it down
Mighty sky covered the clouds
In color grey, black and brown
Gush of wind blows out the candle
While darkness consumes it all
A thunder cracks through the sky
As if to answer darkness’s call
All the trees bow down to the wind
Maybe asking for mercy or kindness
The fallen leaves fly in the sky
Perhaps to win an invincible race.
The heavy rain drenched it all
Drowning everything pure and good
Looking at the weather I was sure
It was a perfect representation of my mood

The wind tapped at the glass
To inform it’s arrival
Mighty skies growled to let me know
That the future wasn’t my rival
Gush of wind blows out the candle
Maybe to tell me to take a break
A thunder shows me a glimpse of outside
The future, which is mine to take
The trees danced in sync with the wind
Happy again to be fresh and green
Or maybe they were simply thankful
As now the streets were sparkly clean
The heavy rain drenched it all
To wash away everything sad
Looking at the weather I was sure
That in this reality I am glad
This shows how the representation of a particular situation can completely differ based on two different types of minds even if they’re witnessing the same circumstances
Tommy Randell Apr 2019
A bowl of Skittles and I have to take one
A tray of Peppermints my hand reaches out
That painted bench is begging to be sat on
Being told to be silent I urge to shout

Wet cement and i need to write in it
A baby's cheek and my lips are pursed
A puddle of rain and I make a line for it
A bad boys' party and I'm the worst

Door handles come off in my hand
Zips fail just when I'm rushing
And even this poem isn't going to plan
Thinking too fast my brain is gushing

I can't hold back, I have to be Doing
I won't be patient, can't bear being last
I'm the one who wants to get in there
Stand back, stand back - I'm an Enthusiast!
Enthusiasm & Depression are Light & Shade, I know. I do see my enthusiasm as a force in itself now and not just a result of energy. It creates my energy, it is the beginning of my curiosity and my urgency in Life. It is a flame that has to be nurtured consciously daily.
Michael Briefs Apr 2019
She enters the room
and her ambient light fills
the darkened corners.
Where once there was sadness and doubt,
her loving favor cheers all our mourners.  
Where the world, each day, hurls cruel
barbs at our hearts,
she brings exuberant joy, levity
and the seeds of a new start!
Her warm, voluptuous beauty and
style inspires all who see her.
She generously shares
her sparkling smile and
luminous eyes,
revealing a soul that is pure.
In these troubled times,
her overflowing enthusiasm is infectious!
We need her expression of love, friendship and cheer
to show us a new direction.
Thank you, darling, for your spirit and light.
You have given me a new strength to fight!
This is dedicated to my friend Tish. What a wonderful lady! I am so grateful for her giving heart and kindness.
SR Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Neophyte enthusiasm
Petered out
Flash floods
Put down your podcasts, pause all your shows
You've gained all the info you can from the pros
While Oprah is smart, and Jordan is wise
The words that they share are but words, not the prize
You can't be successful, or all that you dream
If you can't overlook all opinions mainstream
Some people will curse you, while others cast doubt
To be all you can be, you've got to crank out
Ignore all the fluff, get down to the work
Rise above all the slime and the dark muddy murk
First set the intention and just go from there
Your mind is a blessing with thoughts rather rare
To be all you can be, there is no more try
The doers will do and the others will sigh
You're destined for more, now this much I know
Just put in the time and you'll reap what you sow
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
Passions, pleasure now feel like a chore,
making my life a bore
and my mind sore.
Tick, tock
Time is valuable
panic rises,
for there is a mental rigid routine to abide by.
But now my soul wears a dress,
which is stress.
Watching shows, self care and reading books
which once upon a time used to be relaxation,
have now become a cross off a to do list.
Losing interest in my mundane life,
I find my breath meaningless,
waking up pointless and have  
life just drag my corpse with time.
There are mountains;
burdening my mind and scraping my heart.
A soul of a robot is what I have,
except that I have a voice that complains
and ears that hear commands,
creating havoc on my mood and mind.
All what I loved, became
‘have to’ and ‘should do’,
a daunting tasks
requiring more effort than it did before.
Life seem drudgery and draining to wake up to.

But It was all about approach and perception.
Digging deeper with why,
I found reasons and meaning behind my life.
It was about relishing in the process,
rather than completing them.
In the errands for others; I searched for joy of my own.
Unleashing creativity in daily mundane activities,
it did not seem robotic no more.
Rediscovering happiness and enthusiasm,
making it interesting by sharing and snapping,
I set lose from the chains of my routine by reinvigorating spontaneity.
For what felt like burden, wasn’t meant to be felt like a burden.
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