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Cristina Quebral Feb 2021
My mind is like a Sunday morning in a weekend farmer’s market. Alive, chaotic and beautiful.
Mike lowe Jun 2015
While she wants you to fall in love with her skin, be more focused on the stars in her eyes. Connecting the constellations to her heart, and falling in love with her mind.
Mark Lecuona Feb 2015
What storms exist in a beautiful mind,
   never to pass us by?

Drawing the sun from looming shadows
To separate what is to be known in time
Portioned among swirling ridges of worry
By horizons that never forget to remind

He found the way was not the winds,
   but to walk within the eye

Drawing the calm from looming concerns
To separate might be from once was
Portioned among flower beds to be saved
By those who decided to live just because

Which doors did he lock, trapping forever,
   the Furies that make him cry?

Drawing the good from looming terror
To separate his soul from flesh that breeds
Portioned among those who have not given up
By those who are willing to plant new seeds

Which door remains open within his heart,
   knowing not to ask God why?

Drawing reason from random acts of evil
To separate destiny from forgotten lives
Portioned among those with the will to live
By those who carry on after silent goodbyes
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
You, dearest, has perfected my constellation of beautiful things long been held back since a star was missed. You connected beauty into me, out of me.
To the God who made me, creator of good and beautiful things. Nothing would ever make sense without you.
Q Aug 2014
Beautiful mind, you have succeeded
Expel all hate and accept all feelings
Time and time you have been beated
Life has now handed you more timid dealings

Play your cards right and the roads will be smoother
These ups and downs may wear you out
But these bruises and scrapes are battle scarrs
Each day set out to learn from their shouts

You've come a long way,
The progress is still endless
Clear troubles and exhale,
Inhale all that is painless

Of course you can conquer all that you've failed before
Walk away when hooded death's at your door
Sighs of relief released and begotten
Come, let's sit and drift to a world forgotten


— The End —