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shashank karn Jul 2017

What a sorrowful life that I own ,
what a trap of innocence in which i got caught,
this is my life in which i don't get anything except crying,
when i got happiness from my loved one, then some one came to make me like a crying dog,
everybody started neglecting me,
there were many people who didn't liked me, and there were also many people who always tried to beat me,
these were some effects of my innocence, that was the innocence that lead me to cry, someone was there who always praised me in my failure,
these were only the story of my childhood but the story continued,
in my contained innocence others blamed me for their black deeds,
someone thought me as a useless fellow, someone thought me as a hardworking guy, someone beated me by thinking me as a powerless one,
then i thought how fast i passed that period, in some of precious period of my life,
i found many people showing to love me,
but i again found some of my very near avoiding me and trying to insult me,
but when sorrowness came in my life then that period became like a year,
when my bad period passed then i found only some left period,
to get refreshment i thought to do some journey,
but to make me cry again someone came, that person always insulted me when saw me happy,
but in my still innocence i didn't did any thing,
that happiness became the worst period of my life,
i again cried a lot from my heart,
but in my still innocence i wasn't able to reveal my feeling,
someone cared me but someone insulted and neglected me,
but when i got a little knowledge than a question came in my mind,
"were they doing so because of less position of my father,
" or "were they doing so to only insult me,"
or "was that a racial discrimination, "
or "was that the thinking of my still innocence,"
thinking so again i cried and cried from my heart,
i always shared all my things with all,
but i don't know why they don't,
why don't the others understood me,
why even they don't try to make me happy, there was someone who gave me all small things to me,
but they were also that person who never tried to give me the things that i wanted from heart,
many people beated me,
but i never cried,
i cried a lot from my heart again,
but not of reason that people beated me,
i cried in my still innocence of questions, "that why they beated me,"
everybody teased my brain,
they always told me dull,
but non of them asked me why are you so,
in all suffering of my life i thought to die,
i wasn't able to collect courage to die,
and again my mind questioned,
"was that the effect of my still innocence,"
and the result was that happiness was only a vision for me,
this is the way in which some starting years of my life passed,
then i thought how will my remaining life passed.
shashank karn Jul 2017
Life is the combination of happiness and sorrownes ,
Life is the period of acknowledgement,
It teached us to live in ourself but for others ,
It showed us path  to discover for comfort of others ,

Life started with the birth,
And starts to do mind make up ,
Life brings failure to give a new inspiration ,
And then it brings happiness to ease the time ,
It is fixed that good time will come ,
And then people will say that we are enjoying       good life ,
Life provides us the unlimited boundary of thinking ,
And educate us what to do for others ,

Life of child look like the growing plant ,
And when the child grows it gets opportunity to feed the world ,
Then they understand life is to live ,
And hence they became able to say life meanings good or bad ,

Life revealed the truth that why do we live ,
And it also revealed why do we feel ,
The time told us that life is passing and we are dying ,
And then the people knewd that life is a suffering and donating game ,
Abd finally one died ,
But others are still alive to live the life.
shashank karn Jul 2017
Teachers are an idle ,
They are a guider ,
They are healthy from mind ,
They are also very kind ,

Teachers are like gods ,
They gives  bless to all ,
They gives us educational diet ,
And they incresaes our minds height ,

Teachers are like parenrs ,
They never have hrassment ,
They are also called sir ,
But they didn't have fur ,

Teachers are reader and writer ,
But they are not a fighter ,
Sometimes they get exhausted ,
But they never get fainted.
shashank karn Jul 2017

What a human race,
That destroys its own living place,
Looking just for a minute comfort,
They flew the Earth to distress,

They cut the trees which are like its lifeline,
They still use the plastic which is leading it to   death time,
They still increase the population which leads water to dry,
They still waste the water which causes many farmers to die,

They try to find new planet to live,
But they don't think to save Earth from being killed,
They don't try to stop nuclear experiments,
But they only try to do sustainable developments,

They increase the global warming like population,
Even they blamed nature and god for its increasing destruction,
They killed all the humanity of them,
They only worked to earn name and fame,

Their activities started destroying mankind,
Then some people kneked that they are destroying human kind,
Even they are the most intelligent animals,
They behaved like dull animals,

Humans behaved like most greedy animals,
They  behaved like each others pradetor,
Love for others died in humans,
Desire to help others is being rear to hear,

They gave a new birth to distruction,
Then the nature started to make destruction,
Water crisis were only starring,
Then an Earthquake came to give a notice,

Other scenes are in front of humans,
If they won't stop then nature will show a big misbehavior,
This is the time to refresh the Earth,
This is the time to save the Earth.                                                                      Written by :                                                          SHASHANK KARN
shashank karn Jul 2017
As I walked over the Himalayas ,
It started to rumble ,
The gunpowder filled the air ,
As the sots were being fired ,
Everybody started to make unnatural desire ,
As the sound of gunfires took over every other sound ,
The land started to tumble ,
As the war was going on ,
No one was able to grumble ,
No one listened the cry of there ownes ,
The citizens were being killed day and night ,
As my soul was not with me ,
No one was able to stop it ,
As the battle field was there where we were ,
Who knows what were they fighting for ,
For religion or land ,
For greed or power ,
Or was it for freedom or to gain right ,
The whole day it was firing ,
And even whrn the night felled ,
It was not over ,
Thats the way that it goes ,
It doesnt revealed who is right or wrong ,
It only made a winner abd a looser ,
It just brought distruction and sorrow ,
And finally broke the heart of all.    
                                                      WRITTEN BY:                                                  SHASHANK KARN
It is the revealed feeling of soldiers of worldwar

— The End —