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Justin Harris Aug 2015
She fell for me
When I tried escaping feelings for another.

She made me feel, and the feelings turned to melted medal which fell on her.

It stayed melted until all fell from the other, and SHE was my saving grace.

It formed a cacoon around her; thus the day I finally, truthfully told her I loved her.

She loved me from the start.
Now she's mine.

Our two was one incredible, inescapable fireworks display.

Our love was boundless.
....buts that's always the beginning.

We continued like a dream created married pair.
But married couples fight. Married couples also overcome hardships.

For silly, selfish reasons we broke into two.

But married couples are magnets.

Anger tore us apart once more.
But the sorrow from being in love is too powerful.

So we were drawn back to each other.

Every relationship has a list of fallouts that tests your strength.
But trust is too a straddle.
Trust we almost completely had.

I could always feel our downfall in me. But with a love like this, I chose to believe otherwise.

She started to ignore me. She loved me, but always ran away. She'd cry for me but never want me around.

She pushed me away.
But I didn't flee. Oh no. I love her too much.  

Then she made me face the facts.
It's just how she is. I just have to deal with it,...

...she says.

I was her first true love. I want to be with her as her last. Her one and only.
But it's only natural...
...that she treat me like a friend.

"I treat everyone that way", she says.
I'm no better than a friendly stranger.

Maybe even less- considering she never stood by me satisfied.

She's alone and I'd take the hurt for her. She's sad now. I should do something.

No, that's just my love speaking. Crying out. Coming forth.

It's hard to ignore it. She's always around. But I have to try my hardest.

The worst part is..
she still has my jacket.
This was based off the relationship I just went through. I just needed a way to let it out. What I'm feeling that is. I feel so sucksh now. It'll blow over. Please, blow over.
Justin Harris Jul 2015
This isn't just poetry
But a cry for help
Yesterday I lost my love
Through lack of symmetry inside myself.

I tend to overthink things
Because my imagination is alive and well
Unfortunately it not only can help me show I love her
But believe in an instant that she doesn't love me.
It's simple, see.

The trust I have in her is whole and pure; without fear.
But my imagination twists things just like the devil.
Now I am without my love.
On a mission.

What I believe is
My active imagination is the cause
for my enthusiasm.
The same enthusiasm my love fell for.

So riddle me this.
How can I STOP overthinking things,
realize it when I am(Quickly),
And shape myself in who I should be..

..without misplacing my enthusiasm
with a bore, who would begin again  overthinking from being insecure.
Why am I such a effing PARADOX?!

It's me. I know it is. She knows it is.
She is perfect. I am crippled with imperfections.
She was fantastic... And you know what, I was crap.

She doesn't know that I am still trying. But I will fix me. For us.
If heartbreak reemerges. Then I shall take my punishment. And respectfully let her go.

I just have to find balance. A controlled mind. Then I will be freed from myself.
If you have any ideas or answers to this. Help me.
Justin Harris Jun 2015
I saw you for the first time
Behind a screen
Dressed in grey.
Brown and beautiful,
and a wearing a beanie
It was your crown

You smiled at times
And I stared in awe
My screen screamed snapshot
But I was to grasped in the moment to think
My heart beated furiously
Intoxicated by a fiery passion

Then on one faithful day
I saw you
You experience me
I layed down my lips
On thine lips of my craving
Two heart beating for you

For only one that satisfies me
I am facing you
And you, my shoe
Blushing and cringing
I lift up your face;
exquisite; a light in the dark.

I kiss you one time,
and I say to you these lines,
Come with me
Your hipster man
and hold on tight
Grip my hipster hand

Stand close to me
My hipster bride
As you my love
Swiftly hug me tight.
Our hipster heaven
Is sealed off tight

A world unknown
In my hipster mind.
Your sweet hipster lips
Press against oh me, oh my
This is where feels come from.
Shutting you up one kiss at a time

With hipster might.
Your hipster lips
Wage war with mine.
The freedom of my hipster mind.
We are conscience now.

We love; ebullient.
Perfectly written
To excogitate.
I love you more than
Your hipster mind can comprehend.
It can't ever be put in words.

You're my hipster wife.
I'm your one true love and..
..your hipster husband.
You hipster lips.
I hunger for, i'm starving.
My hipster source of hipster life.

I feed you love.
You are always first.
Living like mitty
Means nothing to me
If you aren't happy.
Living mitty with me.

— The End —