Gray Jun 2
The heat of the midday sun slowly cooks the top of my head.
I am not bothered by it, for i'm far too focused on the strange sight up ahead.
My parched mouth instantly waters at the sight of this mystifying thing.
“I’m saved!” I breathlessly gasp as i run towards the shimmering blue spring.
I run closer and closer, but the pool goes farther and farther.
The urge for me to drink grows larger and larger.
“What’s going on?” i ask in confusion.
Suddenly the truth hits me, this is nothing but an illusion!
My weak body drops and hits the scorching sand.
I was truly going to die in this unforgiving land.
Slowly my body shuts down due to dehydration.
This allows me to come to a bold realization.
When i first came to this vast desert,
I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that i could ever get hurt.
bret Apr 5
i pay with my skin to sit in this vulture nest.
i pay with my ears to hear these empty dreams
i pay with my time to throw it out on the sidewalk.
from the top floor of the pharmacy
where i learn how to write
from a writer who never made it.
blind leading the blind?
more like
the undead reviving the unborn.
theres no life here.

i am riddled with flaws
an oxymoron with legs
every word, and every fibre
weaving through
every muscle,
every thought,
every emotion.

but through all the fat
a seed of belief
a sprout of confidence
untamed and unleashed.
a tiny tree in my brain
grew thirsty lips
and a big head.
writes a scripture with my name on it
fits a crown for my skull.
i have no choice but to listen
no one else wants to talk.
Curiosity killed the cat
and it's got me flaming
far past the first degree
and her secret’s in the coup d’etat;

Now viewing the reality
of the Gemini’s hereby guarantee

At combat with the Technocrats
because they’re both too headstrong
Her lust for learning might sound
an occasionally lethal song
But for now her secret’s as confusing

as her sense of right and wrong
Nice to meet you, you can call me Catt.
Cyndi Marie Feb 7
He is water
and she is always p a r c h e d
Though her cup runs over
with just one touch
she knows she will NEVER
Ever not able to get enough of someone? Yeah, that's this.
Jenny Gordon Oct 2017
“ good measure--”


I’m thirsty sans aught to, as twere, avail.
You turn the page now back and forth, a sense
Of all we tasted hours ‘go waltzing hence
As twould but trip now off my tongue in pale
Excuse, just begging for a voice as frail
Half silence chews its fingers for intents,
And you just make a small noise, like from thence
We know, yet feign an ignrance in betrayl.
Okay, the sigh’s collective as we stir
Our noggins oer that prompt of water—to
Leave off as time is called.  And you?  My poor
Thought vanquished, we all burst out laughing through
Your lines.  Will tears be salty water we’re
Left to ‘non drink because of “I love you.”?

Beginning this upon finishing that other, what I like about this one is how it captures deliciously a sense of the moment.
Dark Delusion Oct 2017
My mouth's at loss
Longing after your blood.
Celeste Briefs Sep 2017
I seek some solace in the light of day
my veins are thirsty
for the rain of spring
yet the only salvation
that can make me feel safe
is the liquid silver of the moon
that only night can bring

Scent of flowers enters my body
like ecstasy from a lover's kiss
what enters easily will leave me swiftly
nothing gives me pleasure more
than the pain of this

As I walk do I leave
footprints on your skin?
Retrace my steps,
you softly leave my mind
too eager to end to begin
The closer I get to where I am from
the less I can look behind

I speak to you,
I've forgotten what to say,
seek truth in sleepless nights,
often losing my own way
So I seek solace in the light of day
these blessed curses,
cursed blessings
guard me while I stay
Benji James Aug 2017
I’m still chasing girls 

Out of my league

Mumma always said 
chase your dreams

Even with all the impossibilities 

So I'm chasing girls every day

Maybe that's the reason

They don't want to be with me

In fact, it's she who said that to me

How can I choose

With all these fish in the sea

So many girls they're all so pretty

I want them all 

Not just one

Maybe I'm a little greedy

Still, think I'm cheesy?

Nah I'm freakin' seedy

But don't be fooled

It takes a lot to please me

So many cuties in this club

And I want every single one

Because I just can't get enough

Of all this lust

Let's make love, in this club 

Where's Ushers song come on

Girl, I want you, no you, no you

Fuck how am I supposed to choose

I'm so confused

On what to do

Oh well, guess I better make them 

Form a Que.

I want them all 

Not just one

Maybe I'm a little greedy

Still, think I'm cheesy?

Nah I'm freakin' seedy

But don't be fooled
It takes a lot to please me

Hey, little lady,

I think I love you

Nah just kidding

I want to fuck you

In fact, bring a friend to

There enough room in my bed

For both of you

Come on give me all you've got

Because your both so freakin' hot

I want them all 

Not just one

Maybe I'm a little greedy

Still, think I'm cheesy?

Nah I'm freakin' seedy

But don't be fooled

It takes a lot to please me

©2017 Written By Benji James
Just something ridiculous and fun
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