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Dr zik Apr 11
Smoke suffocating, screams letting deaf
babies’, moms’ and, old ones are helpless

Blood spreads everywhere, from the bodies.
Stop lynching, and give up hatefulness

look at world from Warsak Road, O man
Palestine, Kabul, Iraq, leave them

spirit is one, dialect is not same
His devotee doesn't accept defeat

think in hurry, when you find, morn, eve
your slaughterhouse, tactics are useless

they will not be able to withstand
and will welcome as the Berlin wall
Dr Zik's Poetry
Book: Thirsty Words
Poet: Dr Zik
It is a translation of a poem written in Urdu, " JAZBAT" from the poetic book "Rah Takti Ankh  راہ تکتی آنکھ" of the poet Dr Zik.
16 دسمبر 2014 ء میں پشاور کے المناک واقعہ، اورمعصوم شہداء کی یاد میں
In remembrance of tragic event occurred by the cruel terrorist's attack in
Peshawar Pakistan since 2014. There were blood splashes, dead bodies of innocent children, sounds of crying persons everywhere in school in Peshawar on Warsak Road.
16 دسمبر 2014 ء میں پشاور کے المناک واقعہ، اورمعصوم شہداء کی یاد میں

متھے اَکھاں، بے حِس مُورَت، پتھر دل وِچکار۔۔
نفرت بھانبھڑ ورگی بھڑکے، لالچ دے بازار۔۔۔
اَگاں بھڑکن، دھویں اُٹھن، مچے چیخ چکار۔۔
بچے بِلکن، ماواں تڑپن، بُڈھے نے لاچار۔۔
ہر پاسے رَت ڈُلدی ویکھی، لاشاں دے وِچکار۔۔
من جا جنگلی، شہری دی گل، نفرت چھوڑ دے یار
وارسک روڈ توں پوری دنیا، ویکھ لے دنیا دار
فلسطین، عراق ہووئے یا ہووئے کابل کہار۔
لکھاں بولیاں بولدے تد وی اِکو جئے جذبات۔۔
اُس دے رستے چلن والے مندے نئیں اُو ہار۔۔

اَج کل چھیتی شام سویرے کر لے سوچ وچار
تیرے سارے حَربے، ناکے، مَقتل نے بیکار۔
ٹُٹ جاوَن گے جَھل نئیں سکدے عشق دی اِکو وار
منہ دی کھادی جیویں شوہدی برلن دی دیوار۔۔۔۔
شاعر: ڈاکٹر ظفر اقبال کھوکھر
کتاب: راہ تکتی آنکھ
Poetic T Feb 7
I was plugging your woman,
            see she was the socket,

And I was the one that gave
          Her the charge.
She was the amp, I was the watt..
Arching her back,
  like I'd electrocuted the g spot.

You were a one use battery,
         dead on the first use.

I'll recharge her when you at work,
               earning the bread.
But I'm buttering her with my tongue..
                                       spreading it even.

She needs you.

            Wants me.

The reason that you don't
                   have a florescent
             bulb in your bedroom.
It would be like shooting stars
                         across the sky.

I'm the javelin thrower,
   you the tap drip,
dripping in the bedroom.

A Rottweiler growing, you the poodle.
                                      But don't worry,
                 not here to ruin you bro.

  Just to ruin her wet spot,
                    And I'm already thirsty.
Kivanc Jan 22
Loving your mouth
Makes me thirsty for blood
In my cold-cold veins
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
T'was the night before leaving
And all through the flat
All the creatures were creeping
Especially the rats.
The food was all stored
In the fridge with great care
For all the Cockroaches
Crawling 'round there.
The paint was all peeling
The mattresses stained
The children kept silent
For the Neighbors complained.
Their parents despairing
For what they would eat
No help from the landlord.
No family to greet.
For they were evicted.
Left out in the cold.
They'd sleep in their car
Which was rusty & old.
They are broken hearted!
Should this end as it aught?
Does this sound like
Your Christmas?
Of course it does not!
Please give to the homeless!
They live in all lands
But their Christmas is brighter
Due to your Helping Hands!
Your time's of great value
As is your wealth
But it's better by far
To give of yourself!
Pass out food to the needy
So they can sup
But don't give a hand out
Give a hand up!
The Bible sure tells it
It'll give you a clue
Follow the Christ
Do what Jesus would do!
But keep it a secret!
Don't broadcast to all!
God will reward you
For heeding His call!
You will have pleased Him.
Spread cheer all around
You will find up in heaven


Catherine Jarvis
Danny Dec 2019
Do you think you can riddle me this riddle
Do you think you can help me cross the river and not leave me in the middle

Do you think you can stand it if I pierced your heart with a needle
Do you think you can wait till it's over and not wriggle

Do you think our night calls can be more than the usual jingle
Though It's hard for me to dive in deep but I would if you make it simple

This frown on my face is not becoming and neither is the wrinkle
But when I'm with you like an ironed shirt I lose the crinkles

Is it possible for me to get your right  dimple
I like them and I'm wishing we can mingle

How would you like to remake the ****** *******
Can you go all night or you will fall into a deep sleep like the little

I'm bad at this and I'm pretty sure it will brickle
I want a lot, I've become so selfish that I won't even let you nibble

Touch down before take off thank goodness I'm not shiftful
Hope I won't kick it the way I was born and bred, single

I'm a thirsty soul but I keep breaking my water bottle, it's so brittle
A little desperate, would drink from a brook that has shrunk into a mere trickle

It's sure that we're going to crash if we cruise in this 2007 beetle
But dropping a stone in the pond is the only way to see the ripples

We'll never know what happens in Seattle, downpour or mizzle
If we don't tempt fate, what we think will always be fickle
If you don't start here you'll never get there
Gem Palomar Sep 2019
You can make the sun burn bright and bold,
leaving my skin thirsty for your touch.

You can make the hurricanes and storms bow down at your feet.

And I, a disaster you have created,
you continuously create havoc within me.

Go on.
I wouldn't stop you.
For I would never not want to break and fall apart, over and over again for you.
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