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Hannah Gaines Aug 2018
Through these past four years that I've known you
I've come to realize something.
I don't truly know you or know if you still do care about me.
I know I mess up, and I can be an idiot at times.
I know that I'm annoying and a bother.

I'm sorry for hurting you, and I'm sorry for hurting everyone.
I don't mean to cause harm or trouble, I just simply want to help.

Maybe its because I feel helpless at times.
Maybe it's because I feel like I have no worth to my loved ones.
I feel like everyone is just annoyed by just my presence.
Maybe thats the reason why I've tried to distance myself,
I don't want to hurt my friends anymore.

Everytime I look at her, I feel as though we are growing apart.
I know that I might be wrong, but it feels like it,
I'm sorry.

I know I'm sorry about a lot of things.
I'm sorry that I made you mad.
I'm sorry I've hurt you.
I'm sorry if I seem like a total *****.
I'm so, so sorry about many things.

I shouldn't have good friends like them.
I should be alone.

Do you still think of me as a friend?
I'm just so worried that something bad between our friends will split us apart.
You can take this however you want.
I'll always be here for all of you.

I'm sorry that I'm not the bests of friends...
Hannah Gaines May 2017
Don't you see,
How you hurt me?
How you're breaking my heart?

Don't you see,
That I'm sad?
That it's different without you?

You say that you've moved on,
But what about me?
Do you still love me?

Don't bother trying to get me back,
You've hurt me countless times,
Don't you see how much I've cared about you?
Hannah Gaines May 2017
Who am I?
A girl who tries to be the best friend that she can be?
Am I a girl who gets sad too easily?
Or am I just a girl with a fake smile?

What am I?
A girl with the greatest friends?
Am I a girl who is just like her father?
Or a selfish girl with no feelings?

Who or What am I?
Am I just a disappointment to my family?
Am I just a girl who just cries a lot?
Just Who am I?
Hannah Gaines Apr 2017
So many secrets I’ve kept,
So many lies I have kept away,
I’ve tried to be the best,
But I keep being a mess up and a mistake…

I can’t tell you..but I’m having enough of keeping so many secrets,
Secrets, secrets, secrets,
I can only hold so many secrets, I can only hold so much,
Please help me

I’m slowly going mad with these secrets…
Secrets, secrets, secrets.
Hannah Gaines Apr 2017
How can I be fine?
When you tore my world apart.
How can I be fine?
When you left for her.

How can I be fine?
When I was foolish enough to believe you?
I will never be fine...
You've took my heart.

And broken it beyond repair.
Hannah Gaines Feb 2017
Hello? Can you see me?
How are you?
Oh’re not looking at me.

I’m sitting here,
Watching everything,
Hearing everything.

Everyone isn’t talking to me,
But I try to talk,
Looks like I’m a gust of wind.

Can’t you just talk to me?
Tell me that I’ve been noticed,
Tell me that I’m here.

Looks like my words fall on hollow ears,
Oh well….its fine,
Even though it hurts… I’m use to it.
Hannah Gaines Feb 2017
That's just a label for me,
A simple stereotype.

Am I a ****?
No, not really,
German is just in my blood.

You haven’t met me,
You never understood,
So stop calling me that one label.

I’m more than just a label,
I’m a human,
I have a heart.
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