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s s f w s May 2018
There appears expressions
On your face
Which actually are alien to you,
Which weren't meant to be bloomed any now or then.
Let the tales Bloom
s s f w s May 2018
We never respect those people who don't value their own words , Si?
Ain't that so?
Those people lack soul.
So this one for every soulfull mates.
Kisses and hugs , let the shoulders share the heat forever.
For Ever Mates
s s f w s May 2018
In a pornographic poem
ee cummings wrote
may i feel ,
Fell the nicest of the rhymes into
Brooks of sholas
Untidy caveman and lady in water
Heard the words in the streams
Though evaporated few from the stream
There stood ee Cummings on the banks
With the inks for liquid state
Somewhere he again stood
With the inks for gaseos state
Aftermath of reading the verses of sanity. And the Cycle continues liquid gas liquid gas liquid. Poem verses are heard by many , are being heard live and many to be heard. Embrace the moments Past, Present and Future . Prosper
s s f w s May 2018
Erased from ancestral DNAs
Now they had forgotten violence
Above lines reffers to the tigers of nest in bhutan. Erasing Innate Traits are legitimately seen there.  Are they true creatures now or did they shedded down their truest trait . May be someday in ancestry they got the soul tormented to behave carnivore perhaps they never possessed those sharp canines in their fossils. For them atleast Hein hunger was the reason , so now tilt the mirror on us.....
s s f w s May 2018
Tormented souled
Ripped off
Heart wrenching
Torned out
All got
Beaten up by
Cheer lined
Bug fixes
If you were given an opportunity to live back your previous day Will you live it much warmer and happier? How that would be dealing the Same stressful insane moments in a light way.
s s f w s May 2018
Brook met brook.
Do you feel freedom mate.
Yeah much brighter freedom said the brook from halal chop-house.
Non-understandable to those who race for freedom. This verse can written in N different ways.
s s f w s May 2018
There are pleasant waters.
There are unpleasant waters.
The way you drink can interchange the feel of consumption.
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