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  Dec 2014 Alice
i won't tire you
with my constant woes
and misdemeanors
i won't burden you
with my worries
i won't squash you
with my unending need
of confirmation
i won't use you
as a sounding board
i won't turn to you
for comfort
that is short lived
i'll forget you
i'll pretend you don't exist
i'll pack away all my troubles
into the suitcase of my mind
  Dec 2014 Alice
sania opai
Things they don't know,
Side I don't show,
A side that is tightly tied,
The person I've built inside.

She's the one who-
Zooms out the reality,
And also the one,
Who captures the clarity.

Deadly silence,
Claiming emptiness,
When its me who's tense,
she tires to bring some happiness.

I have built her,
She has made me,
We're for each other,
The other side of me.

-Sania Opai ♥
My other side of me  gives me strength when I fall weak for the world out there..
  Dec 2014 Alice
Sierra Scanlan
I found pieces of myself within you and I think that's why I was so fond of you.
  Dec 2014 Alice
rebecca suzanne
I will not be my parents.

For every negative comment they exchange,
I will have something positive to say.
For every door that slams,
I will hold one open.

I will not let myself bring unhappiness to the table, then wonder why supper is so bitter.
Alice Dec 2014
It's only been a few days
But the hurt of losing you hasn't gone away
And no matter what I do,
I always end up thinking of you.
I want to call you and hear the sound of your voice
But the realization that I can't fills me like a blank void.
I wish I can see you one last time to tell you that I love you and know that you're fine,
To see your warm smile again,
And to hold my hand like you did when I was a child back then
But knowing that I can't makes my heart cry,
I never knew it would be this hard to say goodbye.
Or to miss someone you know you'd never see again.
And never did I know pain the way I have these past days,
Since you left that cold night of Tuesday.
I miss you so much I can't believe you're no longer here
But I know you're finally resting after living 98 amazing years
And I know one day I'll be with you again
To tell you many stories and how life has been
But until then I'll hold on to the memories I have with you
And share every one of them whenever I tell someone about you,
You'll always be with me in my heart
Even if you have part
I'll see you again one day soon
Until then know I'll always miss you, mamita.
And I love you.
  Dec 2014 Alice
like a cigarette, ignited and raised to your scornful lips
you made me your addiction
and i let you consume me
Alice Dec 2014
He loves me, he loves me not
I pluck the petals
And watch them drop
I sit and wonder
Unable to take the overthinking any longer
And somewhere in the back of my mind
I hear your voice telling me everything is fine
But deep down inside
I know that everything is not alright
And as the overwhelming feeling sink in,
I feel a tear fall
As I try to breathe in

He loves me, he loves me not
I begin to feel the faint burn
Of your last caring touch
Against my quivering lips
The tears begin to fall
As I pluck the last white petal
Our memories flashed in the blink of an eye
And all I want
Is to hear you say
That you love me
Even though I know
You love me not.
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