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Javier Garza Apr 30
I'm a fraud
A liar
An utter mess

I keep on walking, smiling, trying
Yet to what end is this all for?

Hope, dreams, and aspirations are of no worth to those dead inside
It doesn't matter how hard one tries, that twinkle will never return to our eyes

In our solitude are we with kindred souls
Through tears, we smile
For the remembrance of our precious beat do we trudge on

I'm not alone in my suffrage
Though not my intent, do the lies spout
For those who still have that twinkle
Whom still have the beat of life within
For the love that tethers me to them

Such are the lies told;
Of excitement for the next dawn
Of aspirations for the future
Of hope for tomorrow
Javier Garza Feb 16
Dark misfortune may gather up above,
Bleak clouds that shower and beat the oblivious earth
Dread, Pain, and Despair soak and pool together

Yet know that this will pass, though the trials are rough and unbearing
It's essential for life

Wrath may strike across the heavens
And as hope is overshadowed by Anguish
There's no escape from the dark days

This too is essential for life, for rebirth

In time the heavens will be pierced by the rays of life
The pools will fade, the winds will settle, and the silence of peace will return
The storms will concede, the sun will shine once more
The stars will still be there twinkling and gleaming

The reward for endearing the dark stormy days,
Is the profound beauty of life all around;
Life isn't only joy and sunlight
It's also endearing the hard times
Javier Garza Jan 28
A gem multifaceted
Different avenues, different worlds?
To fail is to succeed, to succeed is to die

What do you do when both heaven and hell reject you?
Do you cry indignation?
Do you beg forgiveness?
Or do you do nothing?

A gem upon the heavens, one that shines but only in the night
A star that shines only within the shadows?
To be reborn is to forsake, to stay is to condemn

What do you do when there is no way to move?
Stay stagnant and a relic?
Risk it for rebirth?

A celestial being with potential tainted
Too bleak to shine upon the heavens
Too bright to shine within the cesspool
So do you fade away?

You shine upon the heavens!
Purify the cesspool!
Rise or descend upon it all!

A Fallen Star answers to none but helps all!
A Fallen Star is what we are!
Failure and hope in one

The children that neither HELL nor HEAVEN saves
The children that shine through it all;
Dust, darkness, hail, or sunshine
The Fallen Stars shine bright, not for the sake of Heaven nor Hell
But for themselves
That's what makes us Falling Stars
Javier Garza Jan 28
What makes an angel?
Is it virtue?
Is it faith?
Or is it divine judgment?

But what makes a sinner?

What makes a demon?
An *******?
A desire for self-justice?

What makes a fallen?
Those that lose faith?
Those that seek faith through sin?
Those that make us human?

What makes a human?
A cruel world?
A life of paradox?
A world of forever wonder?

What makes you feel alive?


What brings you peace?
Or living how you choose to live without restraints
Javier Garza Jan 18
Dear Hypnos,
Why must you torment me so?
Your malicious abandon leaves me starving,
On the verge of desperation and madness
Crying and begging for salvation

Though much desired, your embrace is anything but salvation
The sweet sensation of peace is shortlived as you exhume long-forgotten corpses and demons
To ravage and feast upon my sanity, corrupting and devouring the last of my innocence

My beloved Hypnos,
I can't help but loathe as much as I love
What choice am I left with but to embrace this wicked hell
So I'll accept the droughts and starvation, the demons and torture
All to simply have you, my cruel love
Javier Garza Sep 2021
Abandoned and abused
Forsaken and betrayed
The toxic cycle of the broken

We strive for greatness
We aim for brighter futures
Yet we cannot leave behind the smudged ***** past,
To allow the wounds to heal with time

Neglected and rejected
Hated and resented
Such is the perpetual hell we live in

We aspire to break the chains
We prepare for success and the dreams that gleam in the dark
How can such dreams become reality when we can't let go of the nightmares?
How can we walk ahead when all we do is look back?

Desperate and hopeless
Nihilism and Cynicism
Such are the foundations of dying hearts
The very poisons of the soul

We scream and cry, bleeding and struggling
We fight for the light at the end of the tunnel, for a brighter horizon
How can such determination not be commendable?
How is this not the difference between Living and Surviving?

Desire and hope
Faith and love
Such is the duality of humanity,
The redemption of Man
Javier Garza Sep 2021
They're nothing but empty words
A faux smile that even you fell for
It's nothing but lies

The internal screams
The blistering hate underneath
You want to cry, to scream
You do not know what love is
All you know is power and survival

Embrace the devil within and succumb to the truth
You do not want acceptance
You want annihilation

The guide and savior of the Lost Lambs
But who saves you?
The comfort and messiah of the broken
Yet who shall liberate you?

Your strength is nothing but a weak reflection
Your true might lies within the shadows
Cry and scream! This too is fine
Abandon the smiles and gentle touch
You need not lie to yourself
It's fine

You preach love and try to live by the word
Yet you cannot deny the self loathing
Beneath the surface smoldering, suffocating you
Embrace the pain, the hate, the rage
This too is love
But above all else, stop lying to yourself
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