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Close the curtains
The stain within claws outwards
Death a hidden desire

Preach I'm fine
Hollar I'm ludicrous
Yet death is all I seek

Peace within my clasps
Stolen from moral
To die is a sin

Freedom a sinful wish
Agonize life
Agonize virtue

Peace is sought out for sleep
Yet is peace seen as war
To be forgotten as a relic
Javier Garza Feb 4
Why should topaz be cast aside for a sapphire?
Is saphire more precious than a topaz?

Name alone
Which is more precious?

Should you hate the shine of topaz,
Quiet yet deep
Should saphire be chosen
For boldness and color

Topaz yet another gem
Yet unwanted
Tossed aside
For the dull saphire
Javier Garza Jan 26
To live is to sin
When tender orbs witness truth

Denial is to be caged
Alas, will you ignore reality?
When dreams are of innocence intertwined with sin

Should you deny nature for divinity
Where do you stand?
Upon a heaven unknown
So desperately grasped at from purgatory

Through sin can you defy purgatory
Though will your soul be tainted
Mind clouded from reality?
Should you reject the innocent and divine

Oh these tender orbs
They witness it all
However, which will you choose?
Heaven on earth or perhaps the celestial realm beyond your reach?
Javier Garza Jan 26
Lights flickering
The bulb ain't broken
Powers still surging

Hope, love, what is power?
To shine through the dusk

A crack or two
The bulb's still holding
Flickering though it may be

Is it the sun within
That keeps it lit?
Or perhaps the beat inside that keeps it pulsing?

Though there is no source
Perhaps that brings upon the flickering
A purpose or possibly even a sin
What will it take to keep it steady?
Javier Garza Nov 2019
It hurts your joy
Have you forgotten of me?
The dates and lies

To substitute creation
For the god who refused birth

Demon or devil
Am I evil for choosing life?
Am I condemned to choose a new path?

You chose your scapegoat
Am I wrong for choosing fate?
For new life
For new fate
Should I be condemned

Please God, do not make me choose
Between desire and fate
Who will survive
Suffering or dignity
Alas, I'm a failed star

Do not reject us
The love unfed
The hurt with no beginning
The rejects to birth
Javier Garza Oct 2019
I was hurting, I tried to prove myself
I suffered the weight
I toughed out the burden
Yet tossed aside was I

Too weak
Far beneath
The help was not enough

To please the leaders
Bear your whole
Show your burden
For disgrace to acclaim
You're nothing but a waste

Fight, run, struggle all you wish that's not a man
That's not a warrior

Do all you will
Sacrifice all you have
It'll never be enough
Alas, you were never enough
Javier Garza Oct 2019
Thousand of words within a single drink
The laughs, the yells, the screams, the cries

Tight lip while in the uniform
Wear it right, bark right
Do not disgrace all that which is

We ate the protectors
The guardians
The warriors of the land

Yet who will save us?
Who will combat the darkness?
Who will defeat the demons within?

Begging for salvation
We're worthless in the end

Pawns that couldn't even fulfill their duty
To be tossed aside
When the king needs saving
The rook will rise
The knights will roar
And the queen will awake

With a single drink we'll be locked away
With a single drink will we be mourned
With a single drink will we fulfill our duties
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