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Javier Garza Jun 22
A Demon, a Dream
The one I long for till exhaustion
The one I fear

You evade me even in the sea of shadows,
Mocking me with your ever close hand in the world aflame
Why must you torment me so?
Your sweet embrace is what I crave
Though cruel and vivid,
You're all I want

As I fall into despair your abusive grip comes out of the shadows
Forgotten stories to torment my weakened spirit
Or perhaps hidden desires that will fade as soon as they're born
You taunt and punish me
Chipping away at my soul

A Demon, a Dream
The one I always chase
The one I resent

At the bottom of dejection when reality and nightmares convene
You piece me back together
Deep hibernation to repair the soul
Finally, this vicious cycle comes full circle
At long last, I feel your embrace
Javier Garza Nov 2020
A forgotten relic
Only recalled through fear
The anxiety and terror is it enough?

To establish power
Fear, weakness, and hopelessness is essential

Fear salvation
Fear hope
Fear the light

Tis all a lie to give a false God
There is no salvation
Nor any hope

What is integrity
What is honesty
What is honor??

A lie
A dream
A false illusion

Cry from the nightmare
Cry from reality
Cry from life
Javier Garza Oct 2020
They're cruel and mocking
Lying deep within
Cracks that shake my very foundation

They push everyone away
Lock my hope
Lacerations in abundance

They're not what define me
I choose to be and do better
I choose to smile

When everyone's gone
The foundation isn't left empty and alone
For that which plagues me comforts

My demons though wicked and sadistic
Love me and refuse to be denied
They're not what define me but a part of the very foundation itself
Alas, even when I'm all alone, I never truly am
For my demons though cruel keep me company
Javier Garza Jul 2020
I rather chase that which I can obtain than a dream that I'll never claim
Javier Garza Jun 2020
Inferno filled glasses
They seek and search
Shinning upon the broken and deceitful

They burn with a hunger but are never fed
These passion filled eyes
Searching with a painful optimism

To sedate the lustful avarice
They seak and search
For the one worthy
Javier Garza Mar 2020
Close the curtains
The stain within claws outwards
Death a hidden desire

Preach I'm fine
Hollar I'm ludicrous
Yet death is all I seek

Peace within my clasps
Stolen from moral
To die is a sin

Freedom a sinful wish
Agonize life
Agonize virtue

Peace is sought out for sleep
Yet is peace seen as war
To be forgotten as a relic
Javier Garza Feb 2020
Why should topaz be cast aside for a sapphire?
Is saphire more precious than a topaz?

Name alone
Which is more precious?

Should you hate the shine of topaz,
Quiet yet deep
Should saphire be chosen
For boldness and color

Topaz yet another gem
Yet unwanted
Tossed aside
For the dull saphire
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