My love with you will not only be filled with butterfly kisses and silky grips
But it will also be filled with stingray whips and electric lips,

My love with you will not only be filled with warm sheets and bunny cuddles
But it will also be filled with polar ice cubes and freezing tongue muscles,

My love with you will not only be filled with sugar sweet smiles and jelly joys
But it will also be filled with tear soaked shoulders and confusing conflicts of noise,

My love with you will not only be filled with seven star resorts and ravishing restaurants
But it will also be filled with playing various games and nights of movie hunts,

My love with you will not only be filled with heavenly peace and encouraging each other’s dreams
But it will also be filled with running races and roller coasters of emotion on diverse streets,

My love with you will not only be filled with artistic gifts and poetic lines that flutter
But it will also be filled with a collage of master pieces that we have created together for each other.

Ghazal: A short lyrical poem that arose in Urdu. It is between 5 and 15 couplets long. Each its own poetic thought but is linked in rhyme that is established in the first couplet and continued in the second line of each pair. The lines of each couplet are equal in length. Themes are usually connected to love and romance. The closing signature often includes the poet's name or allusion to it.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" has plagued my life
With the expectation
That to be fucked
Is to be loved.

The perfect treachery for a teenage girl

Falling in love with the idea
That pain is pleasure
So the more it hurts
The better the orgasm

The perfect deception for a teenage girl

So now I wait for him to have me
While he leaves fifty shades of purple
Across my face
I still have my virginity…

The perfect teenage girl for a trap.

I wrote this for a friend, not me.

Just come here,
come here and break my spirit,
push me to the ground,
step on me while you're at it,
I know you'll love it, Mr. Evil, you'll love it.

Spit on my face and make me feel worthless,
isn't that your hobby and your passion?
You crush my happiness into bits and pieces,
you kiss me just to bite me,
you fuck me just to hurt me.

Mr. Evil is pure evil,
he loves to give me a beating,
he hides in my closet and comes out at night,
to first wipe my tears but then to make me cry.

It's a vicious circle where he gives,
then takes,
takes it all away,
more than he gave,
I'm left with nothing,
nothing but more pain.

This is Mr.Evil's game and I don't really want to play.

Leal Knowone Sep 2016

The whip kissed her skin like the lover of her dreams
Porcelain skin left red from the touch
A lovelier beauty no one has ever seen
So innocent, yet likes it so rough
Cold steel around her wrist, pull her back to give her neck a kiss
I will guide her, and show her the way
Wither it be with my palm or with my fist

zebra Aug 2016

sauntered down
to the
very private
hurt me hurt you club
the waft of perfume
fragrant in the air
bawdy music
in the distance

the club
a place for hard players
lovers of
voluptuous erotic cruelties

as i approach
the dark glitter lights
of hidden casbah's
dark blood dens
i apprehend
laughing shrieks and tender coos

i hear an old refrain

let me entertain you
let me make you mine
and if your real good
ill make you feel good
and we will have a real good time

trawling hungry masochists
soft furniture girls and boys
holding impossible posses
down side up
embraced by moon skulled sadists
bending bending
oh snap,
blood plumes
again and again and again

popped by
big cocked poppers
arms and legs piled high
soaked in drool
and scum cum yum
silky flesh
habanero hot blood kisses
scurred like a fat lizard
slow cooked
fall off the bone
melt in your mouth
tastes just like chicken

stamina unimaginable
oh the blade sir
as her sweet cunt
convulsed in endless waves
of crimson plush shimmers

she faked death sweetly
made believe she couldn't breath
eyes mute
mouth gapping careless
hungry for silky flesh
goes down like a
butter scotch float fizz

posed on the slab
legs wide
like a bridge exposing
tender flanks inner thighs
pinkish slave feet scorched
tremulous from adorations flames
all rocky horror picture show
wrapped in each other like spools

she writhed and cried
another one across
the mouth please
hard harder harder
i need it sir
her yins edge a yang
bottoming the top
almost homicide
her hearts desire
she groans
like a wind through a canyon

blood mouth saliva
gives way to grateful release
and dreadful tears
that vanquish
like rocks through a window
as she bled and sucked
a creel of cocks
butter butter butter
her mouth a tongue of heaven
hot house girl in a blaze
dancing hell bitch
gorgeous !

have you been
To the hurt me hurt you club
a twisted snarl of desire
a trundle of lust
in Satan's back room party
while a tarnished
dark glitter sign glows forth
in bold grotesque
if you hunger
for kisses that drown
oh so wrong
the sign it self
a neon headless girl on fire
swaying her hips gently
at the arched entrance

a golden voice sings

let me entertain you
let me make you mine
and if your real good
ill make you feel good
and we will have a real good time

My poems remain explorations of the subconscious erotic
If i where a film maker or a novelist  you  would see me telling a story, not judge me, although i admit to my paraphilias  
These poems  are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of transgressive  impulses we all share
Read them if you dare...You might find that part of yourself that you don't want you to know about and then again  you may feel more complete some how if you do....I always loved that dark thing that sleeps with in me
Sian Mathers Jul 2016

They say a dog chooses it’s Master
and i believe a submissive does too.
Because just moments within meeting him,
i swear I already knew.

Set aside any criteria
and any particular credentials.
That something you can’t quite put your finger on,
Is one of my fundamentals.

I let him look inside my soul,
i show him I’m a dreamer.
Already he’s controlling me
and has altered my demeanour.

My logic screams inside me NO!
-Don’t sell your soul to the devil.
But my senses scream inside me YES...
“In his presence you will revel! “

The more we talk, the more I feared
as he changed my personality.
Yet further i delve into his aura,
although anticipating fatality.

Throwing caution to the wind,
i ignored my logic mind,
Ready to give him all of me,
til he suddenly declined.

Confusion strikes, I feel a loss.
Not knowing what I’ve done.
He tells me you’re not serious
and only seeking bedroom fun.

I don’t know how to prove myself,
wondering if this is just a test.
One day he’s here, the next he’s not.
I feel so... Dispossessed? !

I’d usually give up once rejected
but I know I must persist.
My inner sub is telling me
she needs him to exist.

You see jus moments within meeting him,
something was oh so very prominent.
I’m sure he doesn’t know it yet,
but he’s destined to be my

Sian Mathers Jul 2016

I want you to paint me,
and leave your mark.
Use my skin as your canvas,
Make me your work of art.

I want you to draw on me,
make me your personal sketch.
Using implements as pencils,
With each mark that you etch.

I want you to colour me,
in your signature shade.
Rosey pink with crimson red,
Then bid it not to fade.

I want you to hurt me,
as only you can do.
Make me pay for your misfortunes,
Tell me i deserve it too.

I want you to punish me,
show me you’re not weak.
Dispose of your bad luck,
Make my pain your winning streak.

I don’t know how to love you,
if you don’t hurt me too.
I don’t know how to treat you.
I will end up hurting you!

Steve May 2016

Grace was a girl who by nature
Couldn't be controlled by the legislature
She broke the rules
Ne'er suffered fools
No earthly force would regulate her
A devil woman
Who brought no good
Did evil as only evil could
Guys to flys
On a line would bite
Sighs to cries
As time it might
Grace stood above their head
When she spoke
They did what she said
Without thought
Or investigation
Without will
Or hesitation
And when their use was at its end
Their final breath she would help them spend.

Sinai Mar 2015

He's an artist
The way he paints
With bite marks and hickeys
On my goosebump canvas

I am so pleased to be his muse

If you fear they will find someone better,
to them, you will become insecure and unattractive.
If you think they will never find anyone better, your arrogance will push them away.
If you never hold them,
they’ll never know you love their touch.
If you hold them too much, they’ll be happy to get away.
If you hurt them,
they will hurt you back.
If you hit them,
they might like it
you do it the right way.

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