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Jul 2015
He said to me once
"Why does no one love me?"
Then be cried upon my shoulder
Begging to know why no one wanted his broken heart

I stitched it back
Kept it from falling apart
He never knew the nights I wasted away
Mending his shattered heart

Then one day he said with joy
"I'm in love! I'm in love! I'll give her my heart! I'll give her my love!"

I smiled for my friend
Helped him woo his lady friend
He gave her his heart on a silver platter
But she threw it away
Far far away
And then it shattered

He came to me once more
He sobbed his eyes to oblivion
Asking why she did it

All I could do was hold him tighter as his cries shook us both

His cries pierced my ears till they bled
So much pain and suffering
The agony, oh how it brought tears to my eyes
So I took my own heart out
Gave it to him

It filled the black hole nicely
Beated strong and loud
He never realized that it was mine
When he cried out to me once more
"My friend! My friend! I'm in love once again! And this time, she's brought to life my dead heart!"

I gave him a sad smile
My oblivious friend never knew that the heart he has
Was always mine

Tis true, tis sad
He loves her with heart that's not even his
I gave up my love
To see him smile

I'm now dead inside
Without a pulse I'm the walking dead
I feel nothing
Can't feel love anymore
But my heart still beats
Inside my best friend who never knew he was loved all along
Javier  Garza
Written by
Javier Garza
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