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Alexander Liss Mar 2019
Funny how they know everything but constantly failing test, life beating them down never reaching their best. Spending all their time constantly at rest.
Alexander Liss Dec 2018
I can destroy this world multiple times with out effecting this world.
I can make the world upside down to
You but right side up for the rest.
You created me but have no control.
             ...... WHAT AM I?.......
Alexander Liss Dec 2018
Why throw me to the wolves?  Why? WHY  have they thrown me away. Out of the village from under the skies here in the dark forest in damp leaves is where I now lay far far away. Until that day when the wolves came for  them. They called for me not knowing I was close watching my wolves eat stroking wolfies ears at my feet...
Alexander Liss Jul 2018
Motivation is a delicious fragrance, even the most disciplined masters can not resist.
Alexander Liss Jul 2018
To say I have been to my deepest inner dept would be a lie, but I can barely remember the shallows..
Alexander Liss Mar 2018
How could we not be if it was not for love.
How could we not hurt if it was not for
How could we not understand if it was not for Love.
Yet we hate and **** each other as if we have never loved.
Fight over colors and sections
As if we don't have the same blood.
Tease and bully each other
As if we won't be judged.
Karma a gun you hear it's firing you know It always catches up. We should start a new by Loving our self first.
To always be loved because we can't Lie to self.
To always be loved was so simple in
Loving one's self.
Alexander Liss Jan 2018
Can we leave the time behind. The time that binds our hearts and covers our soul. That time where we are silent and blind as the present sneaks by.  We must will our self back to where we are. Fold our minds dimensional path and let go of the feelings, vehicles of travel, to the past in the end they don't last. That time behind is what it is behind let's  explore the now and the things we will find not only about self but the world around. Let's not forget the future is the future and a another journey in time.
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