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LycanTheThrope Jan 2018
We're all born without bones
But I believe you lacked more
Than a passerby on the street.

Maybe that was because "fragile"
was labeled on your wrist
And the one you called lover
Stole each and every one of your ribs
every time
you woke up
covered in lead.

But I don't miss hearing my name fall from your mouth,
I miss listening to your heart murmur it in my sheets.
I don't want to put myself in your life anymore. It only brings you pain. And maybe that was why I never sent you that birthday letter.
  Jan 2018 LycanTheThrope
I've been homesick,

It's been a long time since I've last given birth to gods in my poetry; so to the old truths and the new: 'hallelujah'

My tongue was a slave to lovely things---I'll admit it was easier that way, but now I've been writing it down again; turning spiders into stories and cancer into planets

who was I to begin with,
who was I.

I'll say it now. I will never escape the wolves. Those wolves with their chalk outlines and their lakota moons. They'll try to teach themselves how to walk back into your life again and don't you dare forget the ruin, oh don't you dare forget how the fire kissed you

she was moonlight sonata,
but he was clair de lune.

He fed me to the bullet feast when he saw fit and I left his ashes on the sidewalk; daybreak can have it for all I care now.

"I don't know if I'm in love with you anymore"

I remember my body as a garden of stars disguised as flowers; my roots merely empty spaces dismantled by the light. I remember the bullets in the soil he planted, and the wars that grew in it's place. I became a walking example of death; a soul in the process of decay.

Who was I,
who was I to begin with.

Dear all that has haunted me all these years: I am ready for you. I have always been ready for you.

Tell me where to sell my soul, and I will meet you there.

---Swimming in the moonlight
you wanted to fix me
you lied

© Copywrite Skaidrum
LycanTheThrope Jan 2018
I am starting to think
that we were written lovers

and nothing more.
I am sorry darling
           our paths part here
a bell's loud toll
              encourages pace
              it sets me free

It's been a long day
       the suns set
              my eyes can rest
                in light embraced

hold on to my fragments
without lament
               for the night is generous
                      quieting the rain

I am sorry darling
          we must part ways
remember eternally:
                    you are part of me
           it's til I see you
                    that goodnight I bid
my heart stays whole
and with you remains
To all of you, I hold you dearly. My journey here comes to and end this rainy Thursday - I leave the poetry and take yours with me.

I am indebted for your eyes, your company, your hearts which I know through your poems. Thank you HP may you keep giving the gift of writing.
  Sep 2017 LycanTheThrope
Gabriel burnS
I don't wear smiles
like clothes,
like you wear makeup

I don't choose in aisles,
in stores,
just for the occasion

You can try
and you'd fit right in my shoes
but I'd never fit in yours

I don't wear jewels
but I'd love
to wear your denial
your scent for awhile...
If I admitted, that you still hostage my love
Now if I admitted, would I turn into the one that you want

No, this is something I doubt

If I released, all of my inner thoughts
Yeah, if I told you, it was you I picked out

No, I doubt, that that'd be enough

If you were to come home, with a smile on your face
Oh Kali, please come home, another day I can't take

..."No, I love you more from far away."

"I love you more -"

"Like I said, from far away."
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