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Lying low on the beach of the lake,
small as a snake,
a naked leech.

Its body deflates as I bathe—
as I dive in the wave—
it bakes in the sand.

I rise to a sea of them, boiled,
spoiled black in the sun—
bloodless beasts.

But I’ve a few bottles of beers
to elicit some cheers
on my day at the beach.
It’s convenient to ignore suffering.
rob kistner Jul 29

from rippled sinew black as midnight
bores a stare of molten gold

a furious but calm inferno
searing deep to burn your soul

unyielding is this panther's pace
held captive in this foolish zoo

cold eyes rivet snarled contempt
unfathomed pools of quiet rage

on this panther paces paces
turns and paces back he paces

graceful stride of brute resolve
presses on to test his bounds

proud this captive soul just paces
frustration turns anger retraces

this brutal prison of false environ
does not fool this mighty beast

observe how he continues pacing
instinct certain this is not home

his piercing gaze fixed well beyond
his suffered fate of cruel confine

see the panther pacing pacing
his nature steeled his spirit strong

relentless sorrow wild longing
drive on and on his constant stride

this will not break his fierce resolve
he tracks freedom he stalks life

imprisoned he will forever pace
and he will pace

and he will die


rob kistner © 2010
The shiny black coat on the powerfully muscled body, and the deep golden eyes of a wild panther make for one of the most beautiful visions on earth.

I detest zoos. It may be one of humankind's cruelest form of arrogance.
Terribly dangerous is the hollow soul that believes we somehow possess dominion over wild animals. I admit to being conflicted when it comes to domesticated animals. But kidnapping a beast from the wilds, and caging it for our amusement, is simply wrong. And claiming it is done to study and understand its nature, is bullshit. If they are to be observed and studied, then in must be done in their natural habitat, with as little disruption as possible. The minute you capture and imprison a wild beast, you change its wild nature, and any observations are invalid and useless.
AS Jun 13
In deep,
to the point some days I struggle to sleep.

The essence inside begging to be free, to dance together with those to this cosmic beat.

Something no-one can see,
it's something for those who deeply feel.

Once the sense is attuned,
it's like finding a side old but new.

Sensing bringing along intense yearnings,
burning to play with those alike.

When unattuned and blind to what is inside,
the dark beings take the opportunity to pounce.

Dependent on the darkness inside, sometimes there is light inside.

These unthreatening types.

But for those who make you shiver with fright.

They have something older and darker than even the darkest skies.

Seeing people radiating light a tasty morsel, that spiritual type of food.

Caution and awareness,
maintain what needs to be kept safe.

Undisciplined types prey to these beasts,
sucking dry each part of the light they seek.

Discipline brought with age,
is the only way I found to keep away the depraved.

A clarity and a safe way to keep away from these essences craving barbarity.

No Saint be I.

Having to welcome a little darkness inside.

A layer that protects and chimes the bells inside with warning.

Providing a force that no essence can suck dry,
as many those monster have tried.

Be aware with who you share,
with who you leave your soul bare.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
You are my very breath
The beat of my heart
We are one
Yet I feel we are apart
You are the Earth beneath my feet
In everyone I meet

Why can't I see You
Make my dream come true
That I see and feel only You

You are the rose with sweet perfume
Every flower in beauty bloom
The birds and beasts
All a reflection of You

Why can't I see You
Make my dream come true
That I realize there is Only You

You are in my friend and my foe
Differentiation created by the ego
You are the 'tramp' in the street
The 'criminal' and the 'sweet'
The 'saint and the 'tyrant' too

Why can't I see You
Make my dream come true
That I love everyone as You

You are the moon at night
The stars shining bright
The planets and galaxies too
The whole universe is You
PoserPersona Jun 2
face of the moon,
rapturous cratered wink.
full prowess witnessed, in cycling weeks

ocean's tides swoon,
halted beasts chorus hymns.
furless monkeys impart, fire metal ships

celestial light,
vague guide to heaven's stars.
Sol's envious gaze, blazes afar

Terra glows bright,
yet forgets your dear gift.
for seditious moments, solar eclipse
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