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FMBurhan Mar 2020
I love myself enough
to fall in love being me
without claiming i'm not them
without letting it ruin me
love yourself, cause our lives are in the brim of death
I wear many faces.
Skull-grin stiff and smiling,
they present a kaleidoscope,
a re-fractured, glass-shattered
symbolic representation.
Here’s to piecing it all together,
to the hope that one day
the snake-skin masks
will all shed.
Sept 2019
MA Oct 2017
This has been me
Didn't you notice?
I am not changed
I am simply the same

This has been me
I've always liked black
Wear loose tees
And act like a wack

This has been me
I'm still emo and weird
Nerdy at times
But loves to laugh hard

Yes, this has been me
That awkward person you knew
I haven't changed
Just so you know
Charlotte Jane May 2017
Stop laughing
Stop pointing
Stop staring at me
Can't you see
I'm hurt
Lying cold on the floor
With nothing but guilt
Guilt of having to be me
Guilt that slowly consumes me
Guilt which isn't supposed to be within me

I am me
What's wrong with it
I'm weird
and strange in a good way
What's wrong with being myself
that i get pointed, laughed and rejected at
at the point of feeling guilty to be ME
Me who sometimes wishes to exist among people!
This poem expresses the very experiences that i've gone through in life. Most of the time i've always been invisible to people but when i'm not i've probably been laughed at and teased. Sometimes i wonder what's wrong with me but then i try to think deeply as to what's wrong with those people!

— The End —