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Late night stars Dec 2016
And just like that her whole world came shattering down

And  just like that she fell into the arms of the devourer of beauty.

And Just falling to get back into the same old routine.

And yes she knew about the master

And yes, she was too naive to care.

And just like that the beautiful world that was once an aura of colors, is shades of black

And just like that the color of his eyes seized to exist.

And just like that she realized the love she'd always wanted in solitude.

And somehow being in black and white brought out the true beauty being alone
You said you loved me
But you let me go
Didn't stop me as I stormed out
And slammed the front door
I waited outside
Hoping to see my baby chasing me
But you never showed
And it killed me
Broke my heart
As I sat outside
Not knowing what to do
Should I yell or cry
Go for a Sunday night drive
You said you loved me
But you let me slip from your grip
And crack a smile
As you let me go
Her hair was scattered, the wind blew it all over the place, she hated that

She often covered her eyes with locks of her long brown hair to avoid the attention her deep blue eyes bring

She covered her long enchanting legs in thick wool stockings, she thought her legs were ugly

I watched her from a corner, this beautiful piece of art hiding behind her fear of public opinion

Her long brown dreaded hair, her deep blue eyes, her long legs, her deep brown skin....all made her a goddess

But she never knew, because she was always afraid of the way it made people look at her

They worshipped her and she didn't know.

She didn't love herself the way i loved her.

Late night stars Sep 2016
The Faster I run
The Slower and slower you walk

The Faster I fall into you
The Slower and slower you drop me

The Faster I call
The Slower and slower you pick up

The Faster I drown
The Slower and slower you jump in

The Faster I sink to the bottom
The Slower and slower you gather me up

I slow down and i'm ready to lay
but you pick up the pace ready to stay

The faster you move on to me
The slower and slower I move on from you
1 am
Late night stars Sep 2016
His eyes
The way they were shaded like a sea of waves cascading down on all of your worries and they could seep into your heart and make everything okay again.

His hands
The way they were calloused and how I wished I grabbed them and never let go on that quiet peaceful night.

His voice
The way how his voice was quiet and beautiful but could fill an empty room with cries of joy

His laugh
The way he laughed and how it pulled my heart strings hundreds of ways every time

His smile
The way his nose would crinkle up and thin lips would spread across his face. How just one smile could of solved all my problems.

The way he made me fall in love with him every single ******* time. How I would give up everything just to be with him again.
  Sep 2016 Late night stars
I am a villain.
You can’t escape my touch.
I will burn you.
But I am your savior.
I keep you warm
Without me you would have died long ago.
I will gain your trust
I will help you
I am sitting patiently.
Always in waiting.
For someone to leave me burning.
So be wary.
Be careful
And always put out the fire.
This is one of my early ones. Hope you enjoy!
  Mar 2016 Late night stars
And so I fall asleep
waiting for our paths to cross
and us to find each other
because it’s been quite awhile
and it seems that you’re lost
or maybe
you took another way
and found someone else,
not knowing that
I am waiting
waiting for you
to wake me
with that kiss
that will fix me
and lift me up
and you’ll take me
away from my misery
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