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Q Apr 2020
Strands of glowing hues
Tearing the infinite trance
That no longer serves


Life is more than enduring hardships
Q Dec 2019
ecstasy freed from
the ******* of mind and space
through your giving lips


~I was caught up in the moment of staring into your eyes.~

Q Dec 2019
there is no answer
no statement recorded
no such truth
that answers the souls yearning
other than
what is found within
we too often feel lost
stranded, abandoned
by the cosmic whole
without direction

but we were given everything
we need to find peace
within the being we animate

stop being a victim to life


thoughts from vipassana meditation and mom conversations

Q Sep 2019
what holds most stake in
the cosmic whole, is the soul,
where our power rests


You're an enigma.
Q Sep 2019
how strangers
fill our lives with
endless, heaping love

then walk away


gratitude for those moments of rejoicing and the cycling of event

Q Sep 2019
i will try for us
with all my broken edges
to complete a whole


"I will always be in your corner"
Q Jun 2019
I thought I'd find me
When I touched your soul; sadly
I became obscure


"I'm glad it's you I'm giving my energy to"
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