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Mar 2016
It's been a long day.  Better yet along tiresome road from the cross point where I changed my direction. The room was cool from the outside pounding heat and within Minutes was undressed bags resting on the floor. The long fall in to the soft fluffy pillow top caught me in its inbrace like her arms held me to her breast.  I pull the soft brown 1800 thread count sheets up my body getting slight flash backs of her soft Nubian skin brushing against my skin.  Consciously I was fading with my right hand over my heart..  The ceiling fan turned and my heart beat as the fan turned.  Before darkness had it's grasp on me I reached under my pillow for the note they will find.  My heart beated through my chest, the last thing I thought before sleep was how does this heavy broken thing keeps working and if they find the note can they tell I died from my secret broken heart.
Alexander Liss
Written by
Alexander Liss  37/M/Indianapolis
   Vanessa Gatley
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