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YoungSymba May 2016
When the corner of her lips reach for her ears
Her aura radiates unto my soul with bliss
And with each word that exits her lips,
She caresses my spine with chills.
With every word she spoke with fire in her eyes, she sure could sing.
YoungSymba May 2016
I'm a madman,I believe so now that I've paid close attention to my seizing the randomness instead of "carpe diem" because let's face it,an honest cliché that sounds much better  is "every dog has it's day". Now that I think about it,these "motivational" quotes sort of seem contrary when you pile them up and question them or perhaps they're just cliché words pieced together to provide comfort in any situation you're in you'd find the perfect "quote" for comfort. But that's unlike me because I don't like a lot of stuff (especially over saturated stuff) but I'm likeable though (I think) I'm actually a funny guy too. Sometimes I'd like to label myself as a regular,normal,average guy. Then at times I'd like to think I'm beyond the mundane. Because although to another person may conclude his observation of me as me being some other guy. I'd like to think I was born for greatness and I start to attach words such as "unique,different,creative" to further describe myself. In all honesty I don't know if that's cool or stupid and I really don't care by the way. Because there's a billion and something people on planet earth,with all different perspectives,perceptions,different tastes,different preferences and to cater to all these differences and receive satisfaction from all these individuals (or even majority) is impossible. So it's best one believes and themselves and trust his word. So yes,I've decided it's cool to believe you're born for greatness and believe that you're different. Although you'd walk the same path as many does not give anyone a right to label you as ordinary because uniqueness sources from the genetic make up(no one has the same genetic makeup as you). So yes of course I see beauty in one being able to acknowledge their differences and perceive them as being unique and beautiful too.

To further explain why I called myself a madman. I don't really take the usual route as most people,following procedures (by that I mean this,what you're reading right now. I didn't plan it. I just started typing out words and now I'm typing this because I love words,it's because of what words can do and how simple words like these pierced together can change someone's life. But I know  as I mentioned our views differ because we're different so that's inevitable. So whoever sides with me God bless you,if you don't side with me..may God bless you too(I guess)...(hahaha see I told you I'm actually funny)

Anyways I called myself a "madman" and that's crazy. Labels are crazy. Words are cool. I mean,it's crazy how a statement like that can evoke different thoughts on different people some will be like "oh god shut up" some will be like "he's probably boring" "he's crazy Haha" "cool *******" all that is beautiful(I'm sarcastic when I like sometimes). People are always going to label you as being whatever type of person they feel like labeling you. But all that really doesn't matter when you turn a blind eye and place importance on what you really stand for and who you really are.

If you've read up to this far. Thank you so much. Because I really wrote this all because of randomness and when I reached this point I hope I touched someone's life. You only got one life. Make the most of it. Feel beautiful. Believe you're the greatest person to ever live.
I didnt even get time to edit this...I just edited forget I said that. Anyways someone might argue since I said I'm different and say "but he eats apples and everybody does that. What's different about you?" See..human behaviour. I like humans though
YoungSymba May 2016
I love when you all over my lips
And it's the same air that you and I breathe.
As I take you to cleanse my soul
With each breath I take you in.

Why would I ever want to leave,
When you keep me afloat when I'm drowning in my tears
And vanish with my fears when I prophesy the future bleak.

I blow you one last kiss,bye,
As you burn,while you whisper with the winds "everything's all right"
Some random *** words I pieced together for the love of ****.
YoungSymba Nov 2015
Why wish upon a star when you can pray to who created it?
YoungSymba Nov 2015
Perfectly you fall to the ground
Without making sound
You're always in harmony with light
Whether it sources from the sun or bulb
You'll always be around with no doubt
Although I question your whereabouts
When I'm in the dark.
Perhaps it's a shelter that you provide,
Instilling sanity in my wild heart
When you become a single entity with the night.
  Nov 2015 YoungSymba
Zaynub Elshamy
What if love was free
What if the sky were the sea
Would that be better for you or me

What if there was no doubt
What if we understood what life was about
Would we all laugh and shout

What if the sun never set
What if rain wasn't wet
Could we be better off yet

What if every cheek had a dimple
What if every move was habitual
Could life really be that simple

What if there was no war
What if nobody kept score
Should that lead us to adore more

What if love were perfect
What if we cherished every aspect
What if fiction were fact
Should we then be more able to connect
YoungSymba Nov 2015
I tend to drip honey on my tongue when I speak to the mirror
I know your tainted soul so I rather paint a picture
Perceive it to be real,
Create an oasis just to clear your tears
Until temporary happiness is instilled.

On this mirror,
With these words I paint dreams.
Just as long as I perceive it to be real.
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