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Crystal Freda Jun 18
Glimmered warmth
congealed on the wintry rice.
A sumptous surprise
melting apart the frosty ice.

Twilit timbers
radiated rays of sunny soils.
Rooftop thunders
swirling and softening snowy oils.

Phthalo pastures
engendered the energy of dawn.
Spring's riant arrival
among winter's mix forgone
Crystal Freda Jun 18
d r i p p l e, d r I p p l e,
her toes echoing the ripples..

s o o t h I n g s o l I t u d e,
her tensions slowly spawns to elude...

w h I r l I n g w I n d s,
swift saplings of the crisp crimson...

l I m e l i l y p a d s,
citron circles luring the lags...

s w a y, s w a y,
her leafless legs basking the bay.
Crystal Freda Jun 18
God is my lifesong, my lovesong,
every song I have sung.
He is the oppressive orchestra
strumming life through my lungs.

He broadened my voice
to praise Him across the biosphere
up to the uppermost obstacles,
but a whisper beckons Him near.

He'll elevate my voice
caroling to His sweet symphony.
I'll proceed,overcome, and overflow
in the puissant Psalms He put in me
Crystal Freda Jun 18
every wandering day left in agony
searching for spots to go,
decifering how to feel
thoughts like powdered snow,
everything is too real.
oceans misting down my eyes
and psyche plundering ice
quickly melting down my skin,
nobody encounters the misty  lice
anchoring from the emptiness within...
Crystal Freda Jun 18
I could have wallowed up a million
reasons for us to stay.
I could have given up a million
things, but it wasn't this way.

Instead my heart took a million
whips and cracked apart.
One lash of beating bruises
crinkled down to a million shards.

I could have said a million
I love you's, it wouldn't have changed.
I could give have kissed you a million
times, but my soul  still estranged.

Action could not be restored,
my brokenness has no pace.
Beaten bruises remain a million times
nothing bounces in place.
Crystal Freda Jun 18
Some choices have to be made
even if it's pain is so severe.
You can't go living with something
that leaves you everyday in tears.

Take a deep breath and
clear your cluttered mind.
If you relax, think a while,
you will soon feel fine.

The problems may not go away yet,
but starting the process will help.
Just take your time, breath,
and learn to love yourself.
Crystal Freda Jun 18
Every place you go
has destiny.
That's why it's
called a destination.

Everything you think
is a dream.
All you have to do is
use your imagination.

Everything you create
is a part of you.
You just have to let go
to see what your hands can do...
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