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Crystal Freda Apr 2022
Just look at your life,
it is a beautiful thing.
You wake up every morning
as the blue birds sing
and the day is beginning.

You may run into problems,
but those help you grow.
Watch your mind expand rapidly
as you embrace life's flow
and you let things go.

Every mistake is a chance
to show who we are.
We may explode like comets
or shimmer like a star
and we'll see how far.

You are amazing and incredible
no matter how many mistakes.
You were not a misfortune,
you are a rippling lake
to new destinations you'll take.

Embrace all the new opportunities
you'll have in this life.
You may make many mistakes,
but you'll be all right,
just keep being a light.
March 2019
Crystal Freda Apr 2022
rose and sunny blossoms
beckon the beauty of spring.
baby blue skies whisper
winds experiencing what it brings.

growing grasses wander
into the roots of the lime green land.
fields and fields of flying flowers
picture this beauty so far and so grand.

hills of living loveliness
lavish a splendid surprise.
exquisite adventures
marvel and awaken your eyes.
Written March 2019
Crystal Freda Apr 2022
It's over...'
it echoed loud  and clear.
Her mind was racing
and her heart frozen in fear.

It only lasted a brief second as
broken shards sawed her heart in half.
Blood gushed from her emotional veins
unraveling to an unknown path.

Droplets of pain overflowed her eyes as
blood blistered and beated to her brain.
She knew then for a long time her life
and her heart would never be the same.
March 2019
Crystal Freda Apr 2022
Be hopeful,
all things will come to an end.
Somethings may have a new beginning.
Some may be dead.

In this life,
everything is for our good.
We may not think that,
but we really should.

So keep hoping
and keep believing.
You never know
what you might be receiving.
March 2019
Crystal Freda Apr 2022
Wild splashes of beaming

Azure brushing back and forth

Tottering briskly on granite rocks

Enlightening excitement to our eyes

Radiance of teal drops sprinkle salt

Follicles misting up the atmosphere

Activating a rushing rippling of waves

Lashing playfully with each other

Looping to a sensational surprise
Written in March 2019
Crystal Freda Apr 2022
Teal waters awakened the
refreshing the buds, and polished the
Paradise petals softened
the massed, mauve
Hazel hues glimmered
gold brushing the taupe
Morning, glowing dew dusted
the flower's arroyo
Spring's scenery whispering
jewel gardens bursting bonny
Written in March 2019
Crystal Freda Apr 2022
S​​​​​​weet sounds of birds singing

P​​​​​​ungent perfumes of delightful daisies

R​​​​​​ows of grounded, green grasses

I​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​mmensely beautiful, bold butterflies

N​​​​​​ests nurtured in blooming trees

G​​​​​​lowing sunlight shining all with ease
Written in March 2019
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