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Crystal Freda May 2020
Say what you need to say.
Write what you need to write.
Pray what you need to pray.
Fight even when you can't fight.

Live when you're scared of living.
Love where you need to love.
Give when you need to be giving.
Hope when it's not enough.

Sing every beautiful song.
Dance with every beat.
Let your body move along,
Do all you can, and repeat.
Crystal Freda May 2020
Her hand brushed the rough edges

of the tips of taupe timber wood.

Burgeoning into barren branches

billowing briskly as the stump stood.

Brunswick green buds

engraved mini mints of mixtures.

Painting pages of profound poetry

reproducing rings of pretty pictures.

Recovering from her inventive imagination,

she released her hand and rotated around.

Shamrock slips of silvery shades

glimmered on the lime lagoon and gentle ground.
Crystal Freda May 2020
Take my ocean's tears.
Mend my broken mountains.
Start my body's gears.
Water my spirit's fountain.

Answer my echo's cries.
Call my heart's ambition.
Color my faded skies.
Lead me to my next mission.

Enliven my brightest light.
Guide me to a clear navigation.
Discover a star in the darkest night
unraveling love to a damaged nation.
Crystal Freda May 2020
I saw you in a hotel room
on vacation with your family.
You saw me with painful eyes
and walked away angry.

My heart sagged like a bag of flour
as you desperately flew by.
I guess you didn't have the audacity
to come and at least say hi.

Later on, you run into me again
in your blue striped polo.
Your hazel eyes breezed into mine
and they did not let go.

His eyes scarred with hurt as he said
"I have really missed you."
We embraced firmly as I inhaled
the soft smells of his polo so blue.

I woke up to my empty and purple room
knowing you are gone from me.
Having to remember every day
that was just a dream, not reality.
Crystal Freda May 2020
A tepid tear thronged tidily
down her crimson colored cheek.
A promising past plunged down
to a future profoundly bleak.

Heated hands held together
sweating stressful strain of its own.
Whipping words withered from her mouth
to her marvelous Master,"I'm tired of being alone."

Calmly cupping her clinched chin,
He swept back the stinging sobs off her flushed face.
He smiled suavely with tender truth
as she entered into a reassuring place.

He sat her beside on His tall throne
telling her what was willingly written.
He held her hurting head and said
"Everything you've ever done is forgiven."
Crystal Freda May 2020
Pedal, pedal
down the carnation rose petals.
Little, pink flowing florets blossom

brightly as the cherry tree settles.

Cinnabar curls wrestled
against her dress's white, linen lace.
A gradient of green grasses glistened
as she pursued on her spring's race.

Lavender and lilac fragrance tingled
her firm senses and her freckled nose.
Easter emblems enlightened her ride
as inhaled the Gardena of a spring rose.
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
You are beautiful.
You are lovely.
You are special.
You're above anything.

You are important.
You are smart.
You can do anything.
You have a good heart.

You are empowered.
You are kind.
You will make it okay.
You will shine.

If you read any of this,
please receive it.
I hope you will now or later
believe it.
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