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ky Jul 2023
Let me guess...
She's your favorite person;
she helps relieve life's burdens;
she's the one you text late at night,
and you think she's absolutely perfect,

You made up some metaphor
to make her blush more than ever before.

And she's the one you'll dream about
because it's her whom you love now.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2022
I'm angry with you
I am sure you don't care
If these words were spoken I'd be wasting my air
My feelings not even an afterthought in your brain
You are too selfish to consider my pain
It was so abrupt
Like a string being snapped -
Like a door being slammed -
Like a voice being shut -
An unforeseen slap
It was
a ledge too short
a goodbye too soon
a sudden break -
- **** -        
my heart aches.
Being frozen in shock and then frantically looking for answers - that's how it feels when something we care about ends so suddenly.
We all need closu-
Whatever your devil whispered to you
About me that night
Doesn't represents me

Come and talk to my devil
When you have the guts to
No baby, you're not a ****

Just a coward
The handsome one
Still my favorite
GaryFairy Aug 2020
you are like a big toe
you're ugly and you smell funny
i really need you though
you balance me out
AestheticAbi Apr 2020
im not sad
nor mad

just disappointed
since im the one youre avoiding

I understand youre hurt
just dont make me feel like im the ****
Cole Mar 2020
I'd rather be hated than lied to
I'd rather be lonely than "Loved" by you

Just a song/poem I'm working on
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