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Justus May 13
Everywhere I turn, I'm accosted
with noise pollution from the over-sharers
and the insecure
But I still listen
No matter how much emotion is withdrawn
from my expression, the ramblings continue
But I still respond
My words are curt, sharp
And they feel relieved
People don't want an in-depth view of their
actions or opinions
Just to be heard is more than enough
So I listen
                 then write about their stupidity
All my buddies say that I'm a special kind of
It has some merit
My ma thinks that I'm a great listener. You have to find entertainment in the little things
Sometimes I sit here and wonder if I was wrong
But I always ask myself did we even belong?
Because there are things in the past that I wish I could know
Like was it even worth it?
Did you ever love me?
Or was it just a show?

My heart was in tatters
You where a ******* ****
But none of that matters
You didn't want it to work

Now I'm left to pick up the pieces
Everything I had has gone
But now I know what peace is
Because I've finally moved on.
Aurora Jan 11
My eyes are drowning And my soul is burned
How can I tell my heart to stop hurting for a ****?
Amanda Dec 2018
I wonder if I will ever understand
You destroyed everything good
You sit there and blame the world
Claiming you are "misunderstood"

You whine that no one gets you
Yet don't bother to explain
You won't let anybody in
You have zero right to complain

Do not say nobody has tried
To open doors to your mind
I personally wasted years knocking
Genuine thoughts I have yet to find

It is hard to accept what someone won't give
Even harder to listen to words they do not share
I tried but it is difficult to love
A person who's presence isn't actually there

You act like I am the one in the wrong
As if I would have jumped ship if you told the truth
My loyalty has proved to be enduring
Been dealing with the same ******* since our youth

It's unfair to make me feel guilty
For taking the course I thought was best
Know I'm sorry for hurting you
But I will not apologize for all the rest

You excel at playing victim
Done it so much you really believe
The universe is conspiring to get you
In denial of the fact you deceive  

My biggest frustration with your fake facade
Is the time you spend fooling yourself
I'm powerless to flip your tired ways
Expose flaws you forced to hide up on some shelf

Fairytale you began fearing is finished
The easiest failure to flee
Freedom pushes frantic fingers further from you
Life to you is but a fading foolish fantasy

Satisfied spinning us round and round
Still I followed your dizzy path
Sedated souls stumbling over obstacles
Sickening secrets revealed without a polygraph

Our twisted relationship takes the most room in my heart
The bitterest sweetest disappointment was you
Though fleeting, this beautiful love was rare
I just wish I knew reasons behind the pain you put me through
I guess I'll never really get it
Everytime I let someone to close,
their pain his what hurts the most,
Should have closed them out before they walked in,
Should have known,
Should've known,
Should've known,
Should've known
Forgot what pain felt like,
I was just alright,
But you shut me down,
pushed me out,
Tour me down,
Took a wrecking ball to my face,
I had dreams, but,
you cut them down,
chopped all their meanings up,
Should've known,
but I forgot what pain felt like,
You pushed me down, ........
Do you know what?
I had enough and... I got up,
Growing up is hard..., but never let the ones that hurt you keep you down.....
Hello :D, keep in mind this is a work in progress... I was going to make it more solemn, but as the poem says... I got up ;). So, this became encouragement for others.
Best of wishes,
~Summer Shellhamer~
Amanda Aug 2018
You used me and took
Everything you could until
There was nothing left
So many people confuse being used with being loved
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Dear Donald, wait. strike that.
You cattle rustler in a black hat,
You cheated and you lied to us
On just about a daily basis.
You made a list of promises
Of what you would do for us
But you did the exact opposite
Meaning not a single word of it.

Half of us settled on you to be
The man with enough responsibility
To make our country great but yet
There wasn’t much wrong with it.
We can’t say that today, can we?
You and your cabinet detest reality.
You make claims and even worse
Most of what you say is in reverse.

Now you’re off kidnapping kids
With no shame for what you did.
You steal babies and fly them away
And charge voters a thousand a day!
And if that wasn’t far enough off track
You charge parents to get them back.
Then you insist someone else is to blame.
**** man, why no sense of shame?

You have taken our country down.
You went from an political clown
To an arch criminal like we’ve never seen.
For decades you smiled in glossy magazines.
Now you’re applauding dictators and
Your cabinet is a robber baron’s band.
You deserve to be put into a prison
If any of our lawmakers had wisdom.

So, this is your Dear Donald letter
Bad motor scooter, and a worse go-getter,
Telling you a ferocious goodbye.
Take it as a fact, and don’t lie.
If there is a bit of integrity remaining,
We’ll **** on you and tell you it’s raining.
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