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Whatever your devil whispered to you
About me that night
Doesn't represents me

Come and talk to my devil
When you have the guts to
No baby, you're not a ****

Just a coward
The handsome one
Still my favorite
Gary L Aug 2020
you are like a big toe
you're ugly and you smell funny
i really need you though
you balance me out
James Study Jul 2020
Here is a song and poem of mine
I will play the tune for you
Also sing the words that rhyme
Lucky you are the one I do
Give valuable time and talent to
To be in love how lucky you be
For me the day a total loss
I share with you my love for me
I may never know the cost
I do forgive you the time lost
With you some would change places now
As you find with much regret
But I don't believe I know how
There is anyway you could forget
My compassion and humble mindset
AestheticAbi Apr 2020
im not sad
nor mad

just disappointed
since im the one youre avoiding

I understand youre hurt
just dont make me feel like im the ****
Emily Mar 2020
I'd rather be hated than lied to
I'd rather be lonely than "Loved" by you

Just a song/poem I'm working on
Danica Dec 2019
How can I manage not to punch you in the face?  
When all you can do is to put me in disgrace
Roses are red Violet are blue
Move away you *****!  I'm not talking to you.

Yow *****!  Don't be a snitch!  Mind your own business you nasty witch.
Hey Big headed!  Don't you have friends?
Telling all the gossips?  Oh!  You're Insane.

Oh my!  Don't be so pure,  acting like innocent who the hell are you?
Oh geez! Are you Insecure?  Making yourself ensure? How can you be so sure?

Keep your **** together my little butterfly.
Time is so precious so try to be nice
Clock is ticking  pray for you life
Karma will be a bigger *****
Than I'll ever need to be.
Just trying to be cool
Alex Sidebottom Jan 2019
Sometimes I sit here and wonder if I was wrong
But I always ask myself did we even belong?
Because there are things in the past that I wish I could know
Like was it even worth it?
Did you ever love me?
Or was it just a show?

My heart was in tatters
You where a ******* ****
But none of that matters
You didn't want it to work

Now I'm left to pick up the pieces
Everything I had has gone
But now I know what peace is
Because I've finally moved on.
Aseel Jan 2019
My eyes are drowning And my soul is burned
How can I tell my heart to stop hurting for a ****?
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