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Izzy Aghahowa Mar 15
i am now:
entranced by nostalgia
overcome by the memory of your hold
on my then flaccid, unbroken limbs

tyranny, mistaken for tenderness
violent, tough
unrelenting in your hunt, for the chambers of my heart
for with it came my ill-informed intentions
with your empowering destruction

abnormal, rough
you had become
blood loss: our new warm gun
slowly, liquids drop from our impatient lips
slow enough to become love
in all its meanings
in all its polluted forms
If some of you wonder why I didn't just leave, I need you to hear this.
I told him to leave my house, he refused. If I tried to call someone he would take my phone. If I tried to leave he would block the door.

Why didn't I just ask for help? Oh I did. My mom thinks it's my fault and my friends just ignore those texts; they'll answer any other messages I send them, but not the ones begging for help.

He told me not to tell my therapist, but even when I try she tells me it's just a hard time and we will get through it.

I have given up even trying to leave. I will just deal with this. I can't get out on my own and I have no help. Everyone is okay with seeing me like this. So I guess I just won't make a fuss about it anymore.

Don't you dare blame it on me. I did everything that people tell you to when you're in a situation like mine.

"Why didn't you just leave him?"
Why didn't you help me?
Carmelina Jan 21
I’ll whisper in your ear.
Tell you all the things you want to hear.
Sweet nothings.

Last for never.

No commitment from the start.
Your whole world is falling apart.
Jealousy leads to desperately.

You force your way in.
Push and shove.
Say words you don’t mean.

But my love

Has made you into a fein.
You crave my soft hands
And my simple touch.

Screaming at me
“Is that too much”

So I’ll give you what wish.
My very own special kiss.
Caress your hips.
Make love
Though my fingertips.

I’ll put you in that place.
That’ll have you wanting
More. You’ll call out my name.
Thinking you’ve  scored.

When morning comes.
I’ll still be walking
That door.
You’ll be left.
With love me knots.

A love that was once yours.
Is now being forgot.
Yvonne Cutlip Jan 15
Depression is not beautiful
And you let me know
Trying so hard to let go.
I thought it was getting better
Until you gave me that harsh lecture
Destroying my self worth
I still though you were heaven on earth.
Tearing me down day by day
Convincing me I needed you to stay
You didn't know the real me was fading away.
I thought you loved me
I thought you cared
But what happened next wasn't fair
You took my soul
And threw it in your black hole
Begging you to love me
I thought you'd never leave
But you did, and you took a piece of me.
Hope you like.(:
indigochild Dec 2018
i hope to forgive you as easily as it was for you to hurt me
unnamed Nov 2018
I said
we were amazing
while putting bandages on my cuts
I said
I really loved him
while covering up my bruises
I said
I'm glad he’s happy now
while wiping away my tears
Jay Nov 2018
I miss the burn on my throat
From the rope you wrapped around me
I miss the bruises on my wrist
from the way you grabbed me
I miss the gentle kiss
and the violence on your lips
I miss the bitter looks and hard touch
I missed loving you so much
Katie Sep 2018
1 am, 5 months later
I’m wide awake, alone in the dark, the same way you left me
With broken thoughts, broken hopes, and a spirit to match
Who would have thought the cut would be this deep?
Questioning myself, questioning my worth, questioning my ability to be loved
All because you only knew how to question
Only knew how to hide
Only knew how to blame anyone other than yourself

How long do wounds take to heal?
How soon can a spirit be fixed?
How soon can one ignore the blame, the guilt, the shortcomings of an indecisive lover?
5 months later and I don’t want to question my worth
I want to question you
Your views
Your actions
Your way of making people feel little when they only want to make you feel loved

The only aspect of myself I need to question
Is my loyalty to a heart
I didn’t own
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