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I don’t give my plants enough water.
I don’t give any to myself.
I don’t know how they’re all still alive.
I don’t know how to ask for help.

You always go and leave.
You never ask if I'm okay.
You just leave me to rot.
You let the bad habits stay.

I can’t seem to ever fill my cup
without your hands holding me up.
f3u1n May 2021
I’ve come to realize that I’m falling,
drifting away from your love,
crashing into a wall of indifference.

Burning in pain
because you said:
You’ll never love me like she did.

I’ve come to realize that I’m sinking,
drowning in an ocean of agony,
descending into your waters of envy.

Burning lungs of asphyxiation
because you said:
You’ll never smile like she did.

Why do you fixate over my shortcomings,
my inherent flaws and stupid mistakes,
my unprecedented hardships?

I can’t be her; I can’t replace her.
I can’t change what happened to her.

You should come to realize that I’m hurting,
internally screaming from your toxic affection,
mentally bleeding from your insensitive wounds.

Burning with animosity
I should’ve said sooner:
I wished that you never loved me.

M. 5/8/21 @ 12:16 a.m.
I read a stanza of an unfinished poem from a long time ago, when I was a teenager. Slightly revised, I expanded the verse into an entire poem.
Em Feb 2021
There she sat in front of me with her red lipstick on and a smile that showed off her pearly white teeth that always seemed to light up a room
but something was off
Was it the sweetness I felt, disappearing when I looked at her?
Only the tingling on my tongue after eating too many sour candies was left as I saw her smile slowly curve down each day I saw her
She had a lot of sour moments now that I look back.
I miss the fresh peppermint laughs we shared
what's left now is a silhouette
a wrapper of what we could have been
and now as I sit here looking through her
I begin to crack from the way she makes me feel
She doesn't know
She'll never know about the red stripes she left on me
can a shattered candy cane be put back together?
it might seem impossible
some parts may be lost
but with some time
I'll be back on my feet again
and she'll move on to someone sweeter
maybe a gumdrop this time
Without losing her
I would never have found my marshmallows friends who I know I can always fall back on their soft embrace
They will be there supporting me till my expiration date
I rewrote my last poem because I've changed a lot since 2019 and thank god I did. The ends kinda cringe lol
eva-mae coffey Dec 2020
Don't forgive his crimes just
because he can kiss them better.
I see his stained hands
every time I close my eyes.
I can’t escape the whispered lies,
they ring in my ears like a constant-
Hush! You wouldn’t want them to hear us.

I still feel his hands wrenching my wrist.
Remember how I wished his grip
Would loosen, if only a little.
Thought of the tenderness love
Was supposed to connote,
as the blood dripped persistently
into my throat.

It was then that I realized.
With nothing left in me,
that anything is better than
Being worshipped, forcibly.
one day you will regret this.
Ahmad Attr Dec 2020
You think you deserve,
everything I do for you
you got such a nerve
to expect me to serve
for me it’s love
but you are so used
to people at your feet
the money talk, get them confused
so used to get use out of us
and think you deserve
to get sub-served
such a nerve, such a nerve
you got a ******* nerve to expect me to serve
Voahirana Nov 2020
I knew that you didn’t love me back,
that didn’t stop the pain that came with the words,
“I’ve never thought of you that way.”
I cared for you,
you cared for yourself.
I was never good enough to be loved unconditionally,
never good enough to be your first choice.
You were the rain,
creating my river of tears.
Not one conversation ended happily,
yet you remained a bolder in my path that I refused to move.
I locked myself in a cage with your name on it to impress you,
you didn’t even notice.
Flirting and leading me on was a game,
a punishment,
in your words “just a joke,”
In mine,
the final straw that pushed me into my suicidal hole.
And, I still loved you.
Theanm Ankh Nov 2020
The manic pixie dream girl wouldn't fall for you
So you fell for the poisonous girl in the red dress instead,
Thinking they were the same.
And they're quite similar, really, all mad and free.
But the difference between pixie dream girl and me
Is that she is sweet.
She'll do what she wants: She might love you, she might leave you.
Gently. Softly.
I am not so sweet, not so gentle, not so soft.
I will leave you, I won't love you, and you will come crawling back.
I want you to love me until you cry
And I want you to cry for me like a dying man for breath,
A starving man for a meal,
A soaked man for the sun,
And a deserted man for rain and
Even then
I'll leave you again, crawling through the sand.
All that, just because I can.
bess goldstein Oct 2020
my bed sits, empty as my pocket
bearing nothing more than your old promises
collecting dust, waiting to be heard again
by someone willing to listen.
it breaks me down, every time
I feel you near me
haunting my empty bed
with your sharp teeth.
my body knows your words
can still cut me at my throat
so I wait
patiently, for your blade
to appear beside me
without your hand to hold it.
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