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seamlesslyrics Sep 2018
your eyes
and smile in
passing strangers
and hear your voice in the songs
you used to love to sing.
of you play like
picture-shows in my mind
and my heart
loves you even more
than before.
only keeps us
physically a part,
but spiritually we'll always
be together.

Happy Heavenly Birthday,

Mother, daughter bond
seamlesslyrics Jun 2018
loved a lot
in my lifetime
I've loved
many, deeply.
But She, aside from God,
is the greatest LOVE
I've ever
Love for a child
seamlesslyrics Jun 2018
morning breeze,
gently tickled my nose
today, with the scent of
sweet honeysuckle
reminded me
seamlesslyrics Feb 2018
Though they are silent
Their tear trails tell vile stories 
Of abusiveness 

Black eyes hid behind
Rosy colored sunglasses
Hope, where there is none.

Invisible bars
Of willing participant
Codependent life

A lifetime sentence
Only they are capable
Of extinguishing
seamlesslyrics Feb 2018
Little did she know
The sweet nothings he whispered
Were exactly, that
seamlesslyrics Jan 2018
He finger painted
Undeniable colors
Of Love on my heart
seamlesslyrics Jan 2018
There it is... the road.
the road to a new year
ready for us to take our
first steps into all it's
possibilities Of prosperity

Yet, we must keep in mind
spectators await by the roadside
Some to root us on our way and
some to pretend as they hide obstacles
in the pathways of our journeys

We'll travel mountains of trials
and valleys of tribulations that will
build our faith and strengthen
our determination

There it is... the road
the road to a new year of
lessons to learn from and
opportunities for us to forgive
and be forgiven and to mend broken
families and friend's fences

There it is...the road
The road to a new year with
twists and bends and dead ends

Loved ones we'll gain
and some, sadly we'll lose.
but with authentic love and
understanding we'll help each other
get through.

There it is...the road
the road to a new year
less than a day ahead of us

There'll be choices for us to make
that'll lead us to chances to Do
and Be better, than we were
the previous year.

I pray we all make the right ones
and be blessed throughout the year.


Happy New Year!
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