She needed him
Only to heal herself.

She never loved him,
she never needed him,
she never really did.
Illona Feb 8
CAN'T be
And some CAN'T
There's a THING
That you SEE
And you DON'T

People do Try Their Best
Don't Compare
Somebody's Chapter
They have
Their Own Story
In those Chapter

Can't hate that brown orbs i still need to see the stars in the daylight
Juni Notte Jan 30
I wanna let you know

that I don't need you no more

That I'm okay

without you

I don't need your chapped lips

scraping against mine

I'm happy

without you

I'm getting by

without you

I don't need your bony fingers

being a trespasser on my body

I just wanted to let you know

I no longer need you

to be able to breathe
Henry Mich Jan 10
Catching sunlight in my hands,
Burned and scarred by searing brands.
While cherry petals fill the air,
My joy, a diamond a brightly burning flare.
I cradle my meager golden prize,
And lift the gilded treasure to my eyes.
To see the memories I have made
Over lost years and forgotten days.
A spark catching in my heart an unquenchable blaze.
A light through the endless dark of life
ky Dec 2017
We tell lies
to reveal the truth
which in itself is too honest
to be revealed.

We trick our minds
into believing false realities
so that we can feel at least
the slightest bit healed.

This is how the broken heart beats;
this is how we get on.
And to protect my own fractured heart,
I told myself to move on.

Pick up the pieces he shattered,
and allow him no excuse.
Leave within a timely fashion,
and no further conclusions shall you deduce.

Let things be as they may
before you get even more hurt.
Take your heart with you in its entirety
and leave him to be with her.

I know this is a task among tasks,
a trial of great tribulation,
but without following these careful instructions,
your heart will require ventricular fibrillation.

And I guarantee some hurt will remain,
but that is surely a good thing,
because if you did not feel at all,
then your heart would not be working.

So continue to be a warrior.
Fight with lack of speech rather than word.
And let the silence speak to him
louder than a piercing sword.

It may take some time,
but in his mind will your reason be sealed,
because if you walk the path of the broken,
you will at last be healed.
Shay Moore Nov 2017
No sweeter smell than your perfume
my winters end and my springtime bloom
Full of love, my hope and joy
You have saved this once lost boy
To my lovely girlfriend
frankie Oct 2017
microscopic turmoil
a distruption in the ripple of time
somehow the stars have aligned
a chaotic miracle, a change of destiny
the love story of two starcrossed lovers
with an ending never here before witnessed
the inmorata and inmorato no longer have to hide their amour
starcrossed lovers have become star aligned
oh what a waste of a beautiful time.
Jada Chanté Sep 2017
I've contracted a disease of the heart.
Thankfully it can be healed in time.

heartache - J.C.
Sha Sep 2017
It will come soon.
When joy is etched on my skin
And death will tremble when I laugh
Because the devil cannot tease me anything anymore
For I would want nothing from him.
Written on 27 April 2017 at the height of my anxiety.
larissa Sep 2017
i remember how you forced me out of my
pure and happy self.

when i had so much happiness to begin with
and you became all that it was.

and when you left, so did all my happiness
and i was left there
to grieve
every single day
pleading to god to heal my pain.

and he did.

i don't savor your name through my lips anymore.

and the memories are no longer my world.

i don't give two shits what you think about me

because your opinions are no longer priority.

but you see, now all i feel is love for myself.
because i remember all the pain and dying i went through
just to get over you.
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