It's amazing how I call myself a poet
A master of words
Able to bend and warp them in ways you cannot even begin to fathom
But when I look at you, my mind reverts back to that of a toddler
Unable to comprehend what is happening right before his very eyes
It is as if your beauty transcends reality
Trapping me in this dream state with only one goal in mind
Making you mine until the end of time
So even when I open my eyes,
I could relive the moment your smile lit up the night skies

ryn 2d

crescent in the sky be my hammock

I watch with shut eyes
the twinkle trail of fairy lights

let my past be laid and lined in chalk

to usher the magic of following nights

ryn 2d

in the soundtrack of my story,
there exists a lone percussionist...
and he plays to fit
the demands of passing moments.


to the calm he plays steady.
in uncertainty he hastens.
he matches the ticks of seconds
when all is quiet,
and he thunders
to crescendoes and climaxes.


in the symphony of my life
there exists a lone percussionist...
and he resides unseen in my chest.

We never seem to have enough
So we gaze upon the forbidden skies, lost, confused
Unaware we are desperately clinging onto silence
Waiting, for when time meets its tragic demise

So I don't have a title for this poem yet and open to suggestions
ryn 3d

Clutch tight the tail of the sun.
Shed your tethers
and take that ride into the next.

Redeem the possibility
of limitless tomorrows.
Because today was meant to happen
and yesterdays were never meant
to weigh you down.

ryn 6d

The night was young.
The moon had traversed,
but only a minuscule fraction of the sky.

Between the stars was quiet...
And the breeze gentle.
Waves weren't angry
and they caressed the shore
with unspoken affection.

Ripples in the water took their time
riding the surface -
harnessing, carrying each piece of the moon.
Whispering to each other in a silent pact.
With plans to spread the shards of silver
as far as they could;
before gifting it to the next batch of carriers.

If the moon exploded into a million tiny pieces,
that was what it would look like -
confetti of silver and white
strewn over a large black cloth
that's gently flailing in the wind.

A spectacle of unwavering continuity...
Beauty and grandeur in such
tender unrest...

Rose 7d

⦁                                                        I
                                              ­         just
 ­                                                 someone
        ­                                      to talk to. All
                                          I need right now
                                     is a shoulder to cry on,
                                a kind word, a loving smile.
                            The kind of silent understanding
                          you feel with someone who knows
                         you inside and out. I just want to be
                         loved, not for what I can give some-
                           one, not for how hard I can make
                            them laugh, but literally just for
                                 who I am. Someone who
                                    loves me despite me.

               Despite my flaws and cruel words and harsh
                          thoughts and lonely feelings. I'm
                                    tired of feeling like a
       ­                                             I'm
                ­                                  tired
                         ­                           of
                                   ­              being
        ­                                         what
   ­                                                to
     ­                                           you
                  ­                        deject me?
                             Why do you neglect to see
                    that I'll be on this shelf for eternity?

© Rose 2017
I'm confident in myself and in who God created me to be... but it would be nice to have a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

"It's time for me to leave.
They say if you love something..set it free..if it comes back then it was meant to be... I love you with all heart..But this is a goodbye"

He loves you so much that he's willing to let you go
He's taking a huge leap of faith right now
But you're to blind to see that he cares about you,
He truly loves you
He puts you're happiness above his
He's the most selfless person you've met
But you're too blind to see it...Too blind to see his effort
You don't realize that you have to take that leap of faith too..
if you truly love him
No matter how badly it might hurt
No matter how scared you are
Sometimes when you truly love someone you just have to jump
And trust you'll fly with them

So I jumped.....
ryn Sep 11

It's an ungodly hour.
And I've been kept awake.

The world beckons.
And it didn't call with melodious
chirps from the birds in the trees.
It wasn't the soft, calming pitter patter
of raindrops upon the window pane.


Sneaky, almost sinister thoughts.

Like fine-grain sandpaper that gently rubs
against the quiet skin.
Like a fine-toothed comb that jabs
lightly and repeatedly into the scalp.
Like a tiny paper cut that is invisible
yet you know it's there.

Slowly abrading...

Eating away at the thin veil
of silence and peace
that barely blankets my being.


I am now awake.
And I have been awake...
Thinking, doubting and second guessing...
At this ungodly hour.

ryn Sep 11

Let us hunker down...

Let's submit to each other's embrace,
and may our arms form
our very own private sanctuary.

Let us be shielded
from the debris and shrapnel
of malicious intent.

Let our fingers be free
to wipe the dirt and tears
from each other's eyes.

Let us be afraid together,
for in this cocoon,
there may yet be some mettle.

Let us still be sheltered...
For the storm is not yet over.

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