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ryn 7d
A flow so eloquent,

it almost explains the reasons

behind unspoken meanings

and blaring untruths.

A voice for the mysteries of my universe.

Even though it trips in gait,

and speaks in babbles.
ryn Jan 9
Peer into the keyhole.

And seek what you may…

But with your eyes
you will find not,
what it is you seek.

For it must be the heart
that commands this salvage.

ryn Oct 2022
I breathe in deep.

And yet you keep
having me chase
the next as if a lungful
wasn’t enough.
ryn Oct 2022

just as his cheeks
and tongue
tasted salt,

the porcelain
tasted warm crimson

ryn Oct 2022

no words could quell
the throbbing turmoil
that lay siege upon the chest.

no action could silence
the persuasive whispers
that show only darkened paths.

but there is this...
a seemingly empty hand -
with nothing to gift,
except the companionship
of another imperfect heart.

and the open hand will remain,
seemingly empty...

until you fill it with yours.

ryn Sep 2022

Nights don’t change…

Perhaps just the stories
they weave in infinites
from the fires of stars
and embers of hearts…

Or perhaps it’s the way
they were captured
and deciphered;
Reworded and retuned
to the song and dalliance
of the hand-wielded ink.
ryn Sep 2022
Molten stories smelted
and poured like ashened gold.

We turn to paper
as coffers for lesser ingots - old.

In hopes to lessen;
nay, diminish thy gaping hole.

In hopes to relinquish
and set free caged memories stole.
ryn 5d
If the feeling is pure,

unbiased and untainted,

why then does the heart

                            bleed black

ryn Jul 2022
We hadn’t realised…

That we spoke of love
that was enshrouded
by child-like naïveté.

We had then,
fire in our hearts,
sparks in our eyes
and clouds in our heads


marbles in our mouths.
ryn Jul 2022
Bent to a slouch,

That we walk
never unladen.

And perhaps only later,
by the wreaths
around our necks.
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