/   \
/      \
in a time
of pain &
□there is□
hope, there is a way
there's a place to go
in hardship□there's
a space for us today
Jesus stands as our¤
High Tower□He has
been there all along
□if you but ask He'll
let you enter□a fortress built
so high and strong □ on the □
mountain□in the valley□when
the pushing comes to shove□we
are safe forevermore□□□within
the Tower of Your Love/how can
we when troubles find us□keep
our hope□in patience wait?□
when all mortal strength has
left us□we will rest in walls
so great□help us, Lord, and
be our shelter□we'll find□□
□quiet in the storm □let the
sturdy Rock around us keep
us safe from all alarm□could
we ever find this peace? How
should we ever find this vale?
could we ever find this joy□□
□if the Tower won't prevail?
□may it ever be that we □□□
in faithfulness now tried and
true□□□find with gratitude so
deep□□the High Tower that is
You□ we will e'r find victory□
□□□the might that's sent from
heaven above□we'll stand□□□
within God's mighty Fortress

The High Tower of Your Love

(C) 4/6/2013

This is something I wrote a while back. I just wanted to create concrete poetry from this particular piece. Thanks for reading!

Here's something you don't see everyday. Although I've seen it a few times before on my street... A homeless man pulling a bicycle which is attached to the most astounding construct! Made of bicycle wheels and plastic webbing, chicken wire and aluminum piping, this huge mobile container for tin cans, and whatever this homeless individual can scrounge to resell, is almost the size of a garbage truck! And carries probably hundreds of pounds of aluminum cans.

In constant danger from cars and trucks, this is an outstanding testament to human ingenuity and dogged determination. The man marches on, stopping occasionally to take a container to dumpsters looking for cans. Whatever he can find.

I asked him if he needed something to eat or drink. He just smiled and shook his head. "I need to move on." And I realized he probably takes advantage of the nighttime to do his searching, as it is too hot during the day to do so. I smile and wave and wish him blessings.

If I ever feel like I am put upon in this life, I should feel ashamed. This man has shamed me utterly. I've invited him up to my porch in the past. Giving him food and drink. He is a believer. And I've never met a more cheerful brother in the Lord Jesus Christ! But he doesn't take any credit for his outstanding ingenuity and Drive. He gives the glory to God. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. He was also an addict and finds it very difficult to find a place to live due to his past. So he sleeps on the streets and does what he needs to do to survive. And survive he does!

I say a prayer for this stalwart. His name is Ben. Will you join me in my prayers (good thoughts)? I think he deserves them, don't you?

♡ Catherine

I haven't been on site because my father had a new procedure done. He is also in need of prayer, good thoughts. I come on occasionally to check my messages and do a little reading. But I honestly don't have a lot of time. Thanks for understanding.

ryn 2d

We were unravelled
so we could see.

We were unbound
so we could feel.

We were untied
so we could flee.

We are undone
so we could heal.

ryn 4d

A hiatus I believed...
To be well deserved and timely.

For too long I've spilled
copious amounts
upon non-judgemental paper.

For too long I've relied much
on the soothe of the written word.

A hiatus I thought...
Was necessary for I,
strive to go crutchless.
I strive to stand on my own.

But my legs are not yet strong.
And my fingers are jonesing

because my heart still bleeds ink.

... physical and emotional,
my constant companions,
cannot rival Jesus Christ
my eternal lover and


(C) 7/15/2017

Something I read tonight really disturbed me. And I feel it is necessary to explain why I am not on site as much as I'd like to be. I am reposting this on Twitter and Facebook also, as I have not been on those sites in many months. I have friends there I have almost literally abandoned, except in prayer.

I'm afraid to say I am in constant pain, my friends. I have severe arthritis in my knees and feet. My feet are literally deformed. And walking is extremely painful. I am not in a power chair. I don't want to go that route. I don't want to lose the use of my lower body entirely. I can't get surgery on either my knees or my feet because I have a problem with my weight which was brought on by medication I was given which I never needed.

I am also a targeted individual. I have been singled out by the Church of Scientology for extreme mental torture. They do this to certain people who are vocal against them. I am one. I was put in the mental health system because they wanted to discredit me. They have almost completely tarnished my name. And I have no recourse because I am labeled mentally ill.

I live in a house that should be condemned. The electrical system has not been fixed since the 1920s. It is a beautiful old house, but in great need of repair. I am constantly on guard for fire.

My father is in the hospital. He is in a deep depression because of his physical condition. He was always very active in his life. He is a Master Gardener but now cannot do the things he loves. He is completely deaf, and nearly blind. Now he cannot speak. He has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube in his stomach. He considers his life a living death. I don't know what to do for him except to pray.

Yes, I have many troubles. But I consider none of them a comparison to the glory I will experience when I get to heaven to be with Jesus. What he does for me even in this life is nothing short of miraculous. Even with all these troubles above I am joyous. I cannot do the things that I wish to do. I find it hard to follow my friends on the various sites mentioned above. And I do feel sorry for that. I have thought carefully about which site to follow. Because I love poetry and the poets on Hello Poetry, and they are my oldest friends, I have decided to stay here. I'm not able to read as much as I'd like, but that is no fault of theirs. I want to thank those who follow me through all this from the bottom of my heart. You bring me a great deal of Joy to my life.

My life is actually very full. I have friends who I talk to, and pray with, on the phone. Because I am essentially a shut in, this is very important. I can't go to church for the above reasons. Everywhere I go my name is being slandered by this nefarious cult. But my friends, who I've had for many years some of them, know that what is said about me to be lies. We talk and we pray for hours. I pray for all of you. Usually I would not mention my prayer life. It is something very personal to me, as it should be. but I just want you to know how much I love you all.

I say none of this for sympathy. That word is between s*** and syphilis in the dictionary. I simply say that Jesus Christ is literally saved my life. There is no way I could endure any of this if it weren't for Him. I sincerely hope that some of you can find the joy that I experience. It is only through great suffering that one finds this kind of happiness. Please read the Bible quote below. Thank you all for reading!

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

2 Corinthians 4:16-18
Steve Jul 8

An old man lives in a tree
He's sat there for eternity
He and the tree see all
Winter, spring, summer through fall

Leaves fill the air
With the breath that we share
Roots fill the ground
And the world turns around

Without ever leaving his tree
He sees all there is to see
In the time it takes you to blink
He's heard every thought that you think

Leaves fill the air
With the breath that we share
Roots fill the ground
And the world turns around

The Old Man closes his eyes
A wind in the tree softly sighs
The universe senses his pain
Then he opens his eyes once again.

Steve Jul 6

For one night only
We got him home, alone
For one night only
Dark voiced and fully grown

For one night only
His room came back to life
For one night only
Next day he'd take a wife

For one night only
Our son came back to stay
For one night only
The house was loud and gay

For one night only
We were mum and dad again
But for one night only
And now only memories remain.

Our son came to stay the night before his wedding.

... are like seeds.

They are meant to be scattered!


Inspired be Oh Henry cried she

My thoughts are best scattered anyway...

I MUST go to bed! G'night all!


First big summer storm
Clouds flowering, & sending
Out roots of white light


The hills glower, but
Lightning flashes show they
Actually smile wide


Fires which have hurt them
And displaced the animals
Put out in the rain



Nightowl poetry.
Enjoying the storm!

Going to bed soon.
Dr Strange Jul 11

Dear Society,

When I was younger my momma told me, I was destined for great things
Then you came along and said fuck that crushing all my dreams
Leaving me to cry blood tears in a street that wants to see me killed
Now you stereotype me saying from the beginning I was destined to fail

Wait what?!?!

In the beginning, I was strong and ambitious ready to stand up to anything
But of course, that was before you came around and shot my dreams in the head
It was an accident you said, but this “accident” cost me my mind
Besides, we both know that bullshit excuse was a lie
What you really did was brainwash me so I could never come alive
Forcing me to wear this white mask so I would fit in with the zombie crowd
Well I don’t want to be a zombie I want to be free
So, fuck your reconditioning and let me be


Doctor Strange

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