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ryn 4d
It’s the silence
that commands the dialogue,
the lull that weighs
bitter and heavy
upon the tongue…
And the darkness,
that hoards every cadence,
reason and rhyme.

Within its robe of

ryn 5d
A shot in the dark.
Spearing into the moonless sky.
Trailing reddish orange.
Shedding inconsequential sparks.


An extension…
A digitless hand
of a troubled mind.
A sinking reach,
amidst troubled waters.

A prolonged moment of grief,
and helplessness…
That echoes into countless sets and rises.

Darkness looms…

And I’m all out of flares

ryn Jun 15
desert rock.

seemingly impervious to harshness.

but it too gets whipped and worn
by relentless winds that lash it
ever so slightly with subtle promises
laced with veiled threats.

again and again.


desert rock.

lays still in absolute.
its body and face wrinkled
with lash-lines.

they tell only silent tales…

that all could see
but did not hear.
ryn Jun 11
Surely I must have felt
the teardrop;
when it left my lashes,
missed my cheek and blot-stained
the ground where I laid.

My only regret is that I had failed
to read the message each carried
before they disappeared into
the ***** of my darkness.
ryn Apr 27
Take me to edge of the world,
and there we’ll sit…
Where the earth had fallen away.
So our feet could dangle
in the splendour of the starlit abyss
- albeit moonless twilight.

We’d have shared no words.
Yet we’d have lived, loved
and spoken for a lifetime.
ryn Apr 16
lay it in the heart(h)
watch with unglazed eyes.

see the blaze play its part.

as it consumes all to ashes
before it
reluctantly wanes and dies.
ryn Jan 16
Let the air
speak of unseen candour.
Let the zephyr
mill, mingle and tease.

Breathe into hearts
so they beat a little quieter.
Resuscitate man
- and ease him off his knees.
ryn Jan 21
Should this story be told,

tell it with the quickening of breaths,
skipping of heartbeats
and butterflies in stomachs;

And not be bogged down
by the heft of weighted sighs.
ryn Jan 11

A tombstone
that lays unseen…
but known to a few.

lies a heart
that beats
in syncopation -
for two.”

ryn Jan 7
Streaks of oranges
and yellows.
Faint traces of violet
that meld with azure.

Swallows fly home,
with chirps
that bear no ill.

Silent breeze flowing
between the blades of grass,
tickling the leaves
into voiceless giggles.


He watches on
and rests his vision,
upon the beauty of weightlessness.

His eyes see through heavy green
and brimming with envy.
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