ryn Jun 9
Let’s swim with our heads above the water
but our bodies defying the currents of the sea.
Let’s care not, the wants of others
and indulge in who we want to be.

Let’s drown in ourselves
and for once, forget the needs of others.
Because it’s been too long
we’ve cowered and cried the nights,
unfound beneath the covers.
ryn Apr 19
Fleeting moment...
It was peace.

It was a brief moment
that seemed like
it was meant only for me.

It was a moment that saw
a sliver of a sickle moon,
accompanied by a band of stars
that never did twinkle.

It wasn’t dark.
The sun hadn’t completely left...
But they asserted their presence
with such eagerness and fervour -
bent on letting me know they’re there,
in that moment...
Seemingly just for me.

And I drank it up.
In a single gulp.
Because that was how brief
that moment was...


In that fleeting moment...
I was happy.
ryn Apr 11
These days
is a race.

Just wished
of all days...
I’d come in first.
ryn Apr 11
Confide all you want
But listening ears bleed too
If only you’d see
ryn Apr 9
We will walk
this crumbling precipice
with the kinks in our backs.

We will pay
no mind and no heed,
the darkness that encroaches
from unassuming cracks.
ryn Apr 8
Most times,
I wished these fragments...
These fractions of a whole
would come together...

Forming the most astute of thoughts.
Illuminating the darkest of corners.
Piecing together and revealing the grandest of pictures.

But such is the nature
of a convoluted mind
because often times
they do not.
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