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ryn 21h
The quakes in my breath when I sleep,
I hear they’re frightening.

Yet I never do wake...

The jerks in my muscles when I sleep,
I hear they’re startling.

Yet I never do wake...

The beats in my chest when I sleep,
I hear they’re disconcerting.

Yet I never do wake...

Perhaps it’s because I was at my most comfortable.
ryn 2d
Do not fear the shifting sand

under the weight of your feet.

For you may not know balance,

without the test of instability.
ryn 3d
I await such time,
my toes would dig.
And spear deep into the earth;
take root and keep me planted.

I await such time,
when my trunk -
my core would regain its strength.
So that I wouldn’t sway
too easily in the wind.

I await such time,
my bark would thicken -
like carapace upon the flesh.
so I may be protected
from scathing lashes
of ravenous tongues.

I await such time,
my branches would reach up
with unwavering conviction.
Knowing the clouds in the sky
would be the cushion and salve
to my gnarled digits.

And I await such time,
my leaves would finally sprout
and green.
Then they could rustle
and whisper the tales and hopes
of my past, present and future.
ryn Dec 3
We must look at
the paths we traverse.

For they meander...

Some would loop.
Some would cross.
Some puncture boundaries.
Some stay safe.

look at the paths
we choose to travel.
Because some may take some.
Others may take it all.
ryn Nov 26
These hands...
Cast of clay.

Had basked in the sun.
Deepened lines marked their faces
and enlarged cracks marred their backs.

Rough and matured.
They spoke the language of old
and hid the ancient ruins of the past.

Held together.
Side by side,
they clenched the fantastical ideals of today.

uncertain and pulled apart...
The future just falls away - a ghost.
A mirage that eludes grasp and capture.
ryn Nov 18
O beautiful sunshine, may you beam
On a dishevelled soul as it may seem
Reach for the deepened crevices
Let light illuminate the darkness

O beautiful sunshine, may you bathe
Upon a weepy morn that wished you’d save
Let no mossful stone be left unturned
Let there be hope to those left spurned
ryn Nov 14
Weakened knees
on firm, hard ground.

Futile footfalls
on sinking sand.

Dazed and confused
by the sights and sounds.

Losing balance
in familiar lands.
ryn Nov 6
There is a song that I sing tonight.
Every night...

A song made out
of the sighs in my breaths.

Words heavy and laden
from the weight of my thoughts.

A tune forlorn - from the wrenching
of the heart.

A song that I’ve taken to.
A song I titled “Melancholy”.
ryn Nov 4
Read between the lines.

You’d find that the words
left unwritten
would scream
the loudest.
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