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ryn 7d
       +                                +        
        +     ­       +        +
+                                              ­              
      •      +
+          our                  
                 paths ma-    y    +          +
+       meander•in      m-          
  any a thousand    wa-    
ays•our feet may  yet  
find the paired other•
just as long as the
torches remain


ryn Jun 1
It would eternally echo,

the pain that you’d entertain,
and feel...

But if it didn’t hurt,

then it never was real.

ryn May 10
If our family was a tree,
you must be the roots.

Forever planted,
forever supporting,
forever nurturing.

Just so that all of us,
may bask in the amber
of the sun...
And bathe in the silver
of the moon.

ryn May 8
We both
fell in love
with the idea
of eternity.

Never fell for us.
ryn Apr 27
If you stood still,
and depend
only on the earth’s rotation,
the change you sorely seek
will come - but not too soon.

If you could wait no longer,
elect to move along
with the ground,
you’d soon enough find
as your ceiling
- new skies.
ryn May 5
My heels had felt
harsh gravity
of the steep downhill...

My toes suffered,
the vicious bite
of the incline.

My soles had tasted
the everlasting bland
offered by the flat of the earth.

I know the distance.

Alas I run unequipped,
with a horse’s breath.
ryn Apr 25
sore is the wound
that rejects
the salve of time
ryn Apr 18
If spoken words meant the same

and if they still sing the memories of

full breaths and shared palms,

the steady elapsed ticks of the long-sunken

hand will resurface once more to chronicle

the suns of days and stars of nights.
ryn Apr 17
take me into
the darkest recesses
of my existence


stoke the cold flames
of this night’s elegy -
that burns
flickerless and black.

ryn May 1
Even when all
the ruby shards
and splinters
had vaporised,

I’d pretend
to gather
broken pieces

outlined in chalk.
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