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Nov 2013
Old lover,
It's been years
Since I've last seen your face
Covered with tears
And a frown
As we began to part ways,
I heard you softly whisper
"Darling, I'll always love you."
I turned and replied
With a heavy sigh
"I loved you but your love was
Just a game of lies.
You said your heart beated for me,
Like mine only did for you,
But your heart had actually
Always beated for two.
So don't you dare
Blame this on me,
When the fault is all on you."

You stood there quiet,
Then walked away
Right there I knew
And without a word
I turned and left
Without looking back at you.

Old lover,
It's been years
Since I last saw your face
I start to think
As I light my cigarette
Under the old willow tree
Where we used to always be.
And as I traced my fingertips
Over the carved heart
Where you imprinted our names
That one hot summer day,
I think to myself,
How stubborn are these scars when they don't fade away,
And how stubborn is a heart
When it continues to break.

As I stood up to leave
I turned to face the old willow tree
Remembering all our old memories
If you were only here too see.
I reached for my lighter
And stared into the flame
And looked at the old willow
As I set it ablaze
Burning the last bridge
To those memories we once made

I watched it burn
Feeling my heart
Fill with relief
Of finally letting go
A long dead memory.
#love #heartbreak
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