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aniket nikhade Apr 2017
Images and instances from past
A few glimpses from past
As of now,
while in present,
everything in life is about what was taught in past keeping in mind a cause.
Time now to perform with regards to same.

Competition is a part of  life and will remain in life as long as life remains
No one is indispensible
Hence never take anything for granted because tomorrow might never come
aniket nikhade Apr 2017
Deep inside
Somewhere at the bottom of heart,
somewhere in mind
a thought runs,
a feeling remains
There is this thing called love for life,
which ceases to die.

A sense of attachment makes a way for sense of understanding
Responsibilty comes next on the list of priority,
then comes possession,
a feeling that can neither be ignored,
nor can it be denied.

Till now I was part of team,
however, as of now I want to lead the same.

So if you want to be a leader nothing wrong in it,
but always understand responsibility brings along with it a sense of trust that needs to be developed on own,
by one's own experience.
aniket nikhade Apr 2017
The wind that blows
Clouds grow
Trees sway
The sound that they make,
the sound that's peculiar,
the sound is also an indication,
rains are here to stay.

It's a lull before the storm
The storm arrives,
followed by rain
Rains are here to stay.

As of now it's raining since a long time now
Just before a few minutes reached home sound and safe
In nick of time everything changed
Rains are here to stay.
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
Missed a few steps while climbing up,
only a few,
however still felt in the same way like it use to feel prior.
Still felt a stumble is better than a fall

Paused for a while
Thought for sometime
Then continued towards destination with only one change in mind
One step at a time till the destination is reached upon.

Bottom line remains the same,
never repeat the same old mistake
Never do anything in haste or in rush of blood
Slow and steady wins the race.

Few things have changed while in present
Few still seem to be the same
Present is what will decide how to set priority according to available time.

Never think of an uncertain future while in present in terms of short term gains
Often in life it's learnt from one's own experience that success has got no short cuts and hence only one step at a time.
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
As of now everything that comes to mind is apart from what was thought prior
Definitely even after a brief disturbance everything seems to be certain in life with the only exception of future, which remains uncertain.

As of now plans which were been made since long time are laid to rest
Planning takes a back seat as more and more facts get revealed with time that keeps on moving.

Initially what was thought as a possibility now needs to be explored in depth and in detail
Everything is kept on hold, since everything seems uncertain with regards to present and future.
Thoughts of what was planned earlier are kept on hold, since the need of hour is to take the right line of action
By doing so the the next step that needs to be taken can be thought upon and decided correctly and clearly.

Time now to decide upon the right line of action, since need of hour demands the same.
Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken as facts cannot be ignored and truth will remain firm as it is in it’s place,
as it was prior.
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
Disturbed by the fact that future is uncertain,
as of now,
peace of mind is the only thing,
which is need of hour.

Desired since long,
desired often,
peace is now,
also is need of hour.

Everything in life comes at a price and hence never take anything for granted even if it seems to be a part of your life because you reap what you sow.
Hence always it's better to have a firm cause behind each and every effort that is made in life while in present.

Definitely if not now,
then later on sometime.
If not in present,
then in future,
definitely success will be a part of your life,
which will make you feel and understand the fact that outside world is a lot different from what was thought of it since prior.

Even if you have decided to remain yourself while in present,
always remember,
keep in mind and follow the same,
never take anything for granted ever again in life.
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
If this is something that I want from my life,
if I desire of something like this to be a part of my life,
if I want something like this in my life,
then getting it by using the right way is of prime importance.

When intentions are clean and clear, then future is safe and secured.

Definitely this is not a desire and nor it’s a dream,
it’s more of a wish,
an ambition that has got a firm place in my life as of now in present.

The world is a fast changing place and definitely you are part of the race, once you have decided not to give up in life.

Failure is the first step towards success in life, if you have learnt a lesson from your own mistakes, which were made prior.
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