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Stan Jan 2020
School used to be a fun place
A place I’d meet with my friends
And we would have a good good laugh
Until the day and week ends

In school we used to have sports or PE
And the changing rooms, small and smelly
And I was scared for them to see
My big big belly

To that point were we close
And as best friends is how others would see us
But to make fun of me they chose
“Laugh with them and hold back your tears”

Now you ask why I would try to hide it
And not want to go to the pool
Well, they made me suffer and provided
For my lifetime depression, such fools

Only if you knew that I was skinny years ago
You would have thought I had no parents to feed me
But I got ill, and medicine changed me
So imperfect to you, but perfect

Years later and love is lying next to me
Saying “I love you, my bear”
I’m imperfect but perfect for love
Only if you knew, my dear
Stan Jan 2020
I say sorry to the people
I have questioned for their sanity
When they have broken their phones
Over a lost relationship

I say sorry for taking you for weak
For exploding because of a breakup

Now I lay in my bed, only with my books
Because my chair is broken
My laptop is screenless
Our photos burnt
And my phone in pieces

Same as my heart
Stan Jan 2020
You didn’t like the smoke
So I quit smoking
You didn’t like my writing
So I stopped dreaming
You didn’t like my singing
So I was left with listening

Now you have another fool
To demolish the dreams of

I can breathe again
I smoke
I write
I sing

And I’ve lost you
But I love myself again
Stan Jan 2020
Year - 365 days
Decade - 10 years
Century - 100 years

I love you - 6 months
Stan Jan 2020
You are
The damage that I needed
To open my eyes
To not trust so easily

But here I am
Months later
Calling you
To damage me again
  Jan 2020 Stan
Poems aren't written,
they're found,
Somewhere in your head the words are waiting,
They're sprawled across the floor,
You just need to pick them up,
Make a path with them,
Let your path guide observers,
And if you can't write,
Walk down somebody's else's path first,
First poem I've written, to anybody who reads this is hope you enjoyed it and it made you day a little better
Stan Oct 2019
Do you think that
In 300 years
Will think
Or remember
What you have done



Who you were
Who you loved
What you were
What you loved
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