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Kivanc Dec 2019
One said a sentence:
"You won't get her heart back."
Knowing its truth made me
Godless and wretched.
I can't see behind or front
In my scattered life.
Help me, help me, help me!
Help me please Souleater.
What would I do
When things getting vicious?
Is giving up a choose?
Help me, help me, help me!
Help me please Souleater.
I never start and finish
I just watch dreamer.
Kivanc Dec 2019
Değişimi görüyorum
Onu istiyorum
Onsuz yaşamıyorum
Varlığım bir hiç
Bunu biliyorum

Ich sehe die Veränderung
Ich will es
Ohne es kann ich nicht leben
Meine Existenz ist nichts
Ich weiss dies

I see the change
I want it
I can't live without it
My existence is nothing
I know this
Kivanc Nov 2019
Mourning has started since you'd gone
I don't know what to do
In the middle of the people
Losing yourself is too easy
Everything and nothing is same
Everyone I talk remembered me you
What is the question I have to answer
To do not lose you
I'm talking myself so deeply
Maybe I have schizophrenia
My standing against the emotions
Is collapsed in front of you
Oh my impossible love
I'm dying
I want you to be with me again
But I know we can't get together
People won't let us to do
So please go where you want
Please go
I don't want to remember you anymore
Kivanc May 2019
I am a shepherd,
My land is endless wold;
There is a thought in my mind,
Which feeds sheeps with fine grass,
My hometown is as silent as a stork,
Which emigrates to lost worlds,
To sense hotness again,
I see their belief.
I hope I didn't change the meaning for the poetical type.
Kivanc May 2019
The one who worry about today, can't live through tomorrow.
Kivanc Apr 2019
When the tale was started to say
By unconscious birds,
All colors faded away
Except uncolored gray
And white and black.
I hope that I wrote the poem right because I have some problems with using some words which I don't know well.
Kivanc Feb 2019
I'm waiting for you still,
You can't understand me
Maybe for now, but you will.

I depicted you and bee.
I've found sounds of sorrow,
On that admiring scenery!

I saw the pictures you throw,
Didn't say anything but your eyes...
I know what they said me now.

Here reluctantly my body dies
For it can't resist to be alone
Please everyone give me advise.

I've been broken as my bone,
I try to figure out what is stress.
Anymore, I cannot be in that zone,
I'm going to make a progress.
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