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Zack Ripley May 2019
I wonder where you are
I wonder where you've been
I wonder if I'll ever see you again.
I wonder if you miss me
As much as I miss you.
I wonder if you dream of us
And all that we've been through
trixie444 Jan 5
...with Father's Day just around the corner, I'd like to thank Trixie, my mom AND my dad. I used to feel sad during this time of year, what with my dad off on the other side of the country - until I grew up, matured, and realized that you really don't need a father. I was fortunate enough to have my mom play both parts for more than half of my life - and I couldn't express my appreciation and gratitude for everything that she's ever done for me - we've stuck together through thick and thin. Happy Father's Day, Ma! *** the h8rs

I've learned that you're not a father if you're not apart of your child's life. So, here's my message to all the ******* fathers out there who flew the coop (including my own): You're an absolute disgrace - it's you people who've taught me to be the best **** father I can be and to NEVER follow in your footsteps.

To all the single moms and GOOD fathers in the world, keep up the amazing work - your hard work is appreciated every single day whether you know it or not....
Stella Apr 2018
You used to be there for me,
You used to be my rock,
You used to be the one I trusted,
But where are you now?
Where have you been these past few years?
I don’t know,
But I wish I did.
You abandoned me in my time of need.
You made me lose hope in everyone.
When you left,
Everything went downhill
From taking the abuse from a loved one
To being bullied for something I couldn't help
I was suicidal,
And you weren’t there to help
Did I do something wrong?
Was I not good enough for you?
Or did you just not want me?
A broken little girl who tries her best
To not let anything affect her?
I was broken after you left,
Nothing could put me back together,
Only my one love could.
I told you everything
How I feel,
How I think
How I just needed an escape.
I told you my deepest fears,
My biggest dreams,
You have seen me at my lowest low,
And at my highest high,
But where are you now?
You left me,
No note,
No nothing.
You disappeared,
I always wondered where you were
And I guess I’ll never know
I just miss you,
My sister
My light in the darkness,
Why did you leave?
I wrote this for someone who left me, I just miss them. Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it.
Phoebe Mar 2018
Tired of waiting
Every day a new sorry
You forgetting me
soliana Mar 2018
I wanted to scream
till my lungs needed air
till my throat ached
till my tears blurred my vision
just to see
if the sound was louder
i'll see you
come back to me.
11:50 PM 11/8/17
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
I don't exist
I feel like nothing but mist
Even at work
They look right through me
I'm not a mystery
I want to love
I want to care
But how do I dare?
I keep messing everything up
I'm nothing but destruction
In the eyes of the people I love
I miss you
Please tell me
You miss me too.
Help me.
YourNightLight Aug 2017
I wrote a song for you.
I play it on the strings of my heart.
I crossed a line for you.
It will never be crossed again.
I loved all of you.
I fell for your soul.
I want to hold you.
love you.
You don't love me.
You don't want me.
I needed you.
Where were you?
Why did you leave me?
*I love you.
Axion Prelude Jul 2014
i remember a secret i was once told
of all the things you tried to hold
but they slipped away into the night
fading between the shadows cast by the mornings light
the next day they were merely a memory
but you never forgot that pain in reverie
trying to grasp what was lost
in the hopes that when you find it next
it will not rot

but when i saw you there, i knew
what i found was something that drew me in
what i found was an idea lost
ill-begotten by my own memories, past
of all the people that gave up on my heart too

we all become broken at some point
feeling so lost and empty, disjointed from the world
our very bones and heart aching alike
and sometimes when our worlds are shattered
all it takes is time to pick up all the pieces
the little things that mattered most
sometimes lost to the gentle wisp of breath we exhale
a sigh of relief that at the very least
we can finally have the chance to let go
and begin anew

but when i heard your cries and felt your tears
when i saw you smiling with empty fears
that all good things i have to share are fallacies to endure
i knew then that you already had my heart
you were the one i was looking for all along
and i just wanted to embrace every quality of your person
every scar and every bit of pain, i intend to simply take away
and replace it with a warmth to set you aflame
so you may shine brighter than the sun

i know we all sometimes forget who we are
and in those times we fall harder upon our knees
whispering ill omens of fate or fates which can not be
but trust me dear they're right there, for you
from me, they're all i wish to give you, please
just to find a place in my heart that will never let you go
and never let you down, with open arms
i just want to finally give you a place to call your own
i want to give you all my heart, and call it home
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