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Mathieu Jul 2021
Tonight is a Terrible, Silent Respite
From The Cruel, Cruel March.
The Brilliance of Sunlight's Beauty
Begins to Scar With Cracks of Dark .
The Echoes Of The Universe
Are Few And Far Apart,
And In This Of All My Treasured Moments,
I Wonder Where You Are?

The Pillars And Foundations Sometimes Fall
From So Many Things That Were Beautiful
And Tears I Weep As Light Escapes,
Kneeling Before The Fireplace,
To The Flames, Whose Soul Burns to Embrace
The Many Broken Parts Of Me,
That Can No Longer Be Replaced.
To Love Lost.
To The Friends, Now Gone.
To The Good In Me, Eroded.
And To The Man I Want To Become.
Where Are You?
I Need You.
and I keep dreaming of a simple admirer,
someone of whom I will never tire,
gentle, kind and sweet like a toffee,
with eyes, made of coffee.

- gio
Zack Ripley May 2019
I wonder where you are
I wonder where you've been
I wonder if I'll ever see you again.
I wonder if you miss me
As much as I miss you.
I wonder if you dream of us
And all that we've been through
Stella Apr 2018
You used to be there for me,
You used to be my rock,
You used to be the one I trusted,
But where are you now?
Where have you been these past few years?
I don’t know,
But I wish I did.
You abandoned me in my time of need.
You made me lose hope in everyone.
When you left,
Everything went downhill
From taking the abuse from a loved one
To being bullied for something I couldn't help
I was suicidal,
And you weren’t there to help
Did I do something wrong?
Was I not good enough for you?
Or did you just not want me?
A broken little girl who tries her best
To not let anything affect her?
I was broken after you left,
Nothing could put me back together,
Only my one love could.
I told you everything
How I feel,
How I think
How I just needed an escape.
I told you my deepest fears,
My biggest dreams,
You have seen me at my lowest low,
And at my highest high,
But where are you now?
You left me,
No note,
No nothing.
You disappeared,
I always wondered where you were
And I guess I’ll never know
I just miss you,
My sister
My light in the darkness,
Why did you leave?
I wrote this for someone who left me, I just miss them. Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it.
soliana Mar 2018
I wanted to scream
till my lungs needed air
till my throat ached
till my tears blurred my vision
just to see
if the sound was louder
i'll see you
come back to me.
11:50 PM 11/8/17
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