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IncholPoem Apr 2019
Give  all  sorrows

 to tree.

The  tree  will

  give  it to


The  galaxy  will

  give  to  sea.

The  sea  will

give  to sandy  island.

In  that  island

in  a  swimming  pool

the  rain and  summer

season will  try

to  sink  the  sorrows.
IncholPoem Apr 2019
In  a  sea

  you  will

  find  out

demolished  desires.

In  a  sky

you  may

be  a  dead  star.

But  remember  it

will  have  a

last  satellite

like  moon 

and  that  one

is  i.
IncholPoem Apr 2019
There  is  no  guarantee

    that  you  will   speak

 truth  in  love.

There  is  no


that  you  will


There  is  no

   guarantee  in  life

still the  winning.

you  can  give  assurance

of  victory,

surely  in  love
IncholPoem Apr 2019
The  morning  tried  to


by  crows  to

the  man who

is  sleeping  on  roof

by  touching  each

newspaper's  news  not

  the  sun.

Again  it

entered  into  the  crow

of  walking people  on

foot-over  bridge.

Again  it  face hurdles

with  stirs  by  coming  with

ill  people.
IncholPoem Apr 2019
When  you  were  


then wind  lefting

the  sea-travel

to start  to  walk

on  soil.

    Whenever  you

came  out  from

bathroom  to


the   sun  hug

with its  rays.

Whenever  you

try  to  sleep

on the  bed

at  that  time

the    body  forget

to  take  rest

think  just

about  you.
IncholPoem Feb 2019
Lack  of wealth  grab
Lack  of  free  travel
  to  new  land
enhanced  the male

Which  is   seen
  on  Indian wife  torturing tradition.

To  sleep  with  wife
  male  has  to  be
  flower  at  night
not  rude

To  convince  the  wife
after  a  strong  argument
male  has  to  be  a
  good  partner.
IncholPoem Feb 2019
Constellation  has

Old  star
never  want  to
be  converted  into

Alien  space  workers

  nano  missile
  with  nano  bomb
entered  into star.

Supernova  occurred.

Thousands  black  hole
   were to  create  then !
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