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Heidi Franke Jun 2019
Believe what you know.
And may all
the better angels
follow you
        wherever you go
For all those who suffer from cerebral palsy
George Morales Mar 2019
We used to run around the streets in Elmhurst. Play football and bounce the ***** off windshields. Get into tussles and act like tough guys. Somebody on the block always opened the hydrant when things got too hot.

There wasn't a lot of running inside the walls of my high school. It was a train to a bus ride away from home. But it felt a world away.

I'd meet the homeys after school, out on the handball courts in Broadway. Sometimes I didn't bother going to school. I'd skip straight into acing fools on serves.

It's a habit I've kept with me over time. I've had trouble seeing the opportunity right in front of me because I've believed things had to be a certain way. I believed new relationships couldn't be formed as strong as old ones. But I was wrong.

I made it through high school. First kid in the fam to graduate out of college. First generation middle class man from the streets of a lower class upbringing. I don't get to bare that too often. And I don't get to speak my speak all time. Often times I've had to change tongues, dig outside my element to feel a part of something. More often I've chosen not to do so. Out of pride? Out of principal? I probably know as much as you. And that's nothing. But wherever I am, there are places that I came from, people I have met, things that I have been. And without them I'd have no words for you.
Tate Ncube Jan 2019
Dear soulmate
No we haven't met
At least not yet
For all I know you could be a princess,
with a golden tiara and attendants
Or the daughter of a peasant,
uncouth and ill-bred in the sight others, but to me, nothing short of pleasant
No we haven't met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
Last night I dreamt of you again,
a thousand dragons for you I had slain
On my heart you placed your hand,
beaming with joy, oh my fair lady was I glad!
Oh my fair lady was I glad!,
when to the beating of our hearts all night we danced
Fell on our backs and at the stars we gazed,
Oh! their resemblance to your eyes left me amazed
No, we haven't met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
Beautiful becomes meaningless for it cannot describe you
Perfect ceases to exist for it fails to define you
The universe must have been the one that birthed you
Or an angel from heaven must have sent you
From porcelain clay God must have made you
With his own breathe, life, must have gave you

In my dreams I stare in your eyes
In your eyes I witness the sun rise
As the sun sets I picture you walking down the aisle
Oh daughter of a goddess, in your soul I would love to set sail
Oh daughter of a goddess, without fail, by your side i would love to grow old and frail
No, we haven't met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
No, we haven't met
At least not yet
alexander Jan 2019
if we live we live together
if we jump we jump whenever
if we stay we stay forever
if we stand we stand wherever
(a salvation for my then junior high school youngest daughter afflicted with cognitive dissonance, who over the intervening years (mor'n half dozen Earth orbitz  ago), I dashed off this poem witnessed nothing short of miraculous transformation evinced and witnessed by profound learning displaying significant aptitude cognition).

twas spawned fondness
   for above named young lady,
   when she got assigned
   to thine offspring

a glint of genuine virtue grew
   into shimmering orb
   of brilliant radiance
   if accorded sound - would ring

the tune of countless angels,
   which imagined beatific,
   Democratic, fantastic...sounds
   generated via many wing

heavenly music filling  
   cosmos with joy as august aural,
   choral, epochal...tones
   would zippily zing

from across universe
spurring one me silly mortal
   to contrive this verse
attempting to capture her
   aura, charisma, enigma...purse

sue wing dynamic link
   with progeny did nurse
emotional and spiritual value
   dedication she did immerse

latent social services skill
   plus natural radiance
   a blessed hire
at Central in Norristown, Pennsylvania,
   whose visits i miss lyre
plucking voice

   stilled concern for precious Shana Punim,
   who aspires to challenge and grow
   this father may spill tears
his lessoned fatherhood role
   n'er did aye tire

and glad fate that though our paths
   will probably not criss cross
curiosity will gnaw within noggin,
   and possibly rub raw minor loss

viz, the persevering
   maiden USA touch of Kim
   lichened to moss
in her rooted cultivation of care
   toward biological lass a lucky toss

of the genetic combination
   from Matthew
   and Abby Harris our jewel
shimmering facets of luminescence
   reminding me human

   gem stone a kool
aid - priceless staff member
   of human league,
   whose golden presence doth gently rule
without doubt a beloved
   unbridled priceless counterpart
   some lucky guy
   pledging his troth yes – she yule

see stars in her eyes
no doubt disappointment
   felt by other guys
envious of he,
   who snagged Kimberly Hartzell
   so worthy and wise!
it can strike anywhere

like matches,
converting sulfur into flame
and setting fire to the couch

it can come to you at anytime,

you might be
pondering your most
deepest thoughts
about the universe
in the shower,

retaining some boring lecture
from your college professor,

manicuring your lawn
and watering your garden,

wolfing down 5 cigarettes
on your smoke break to
cope with the stress levels,

checking out books at the library,

flipping over your chicken
on the barbecue grill,

in the middle of helping
your kid out with their
science project,

listening to a song
that makes your
little hairs stand up,

in the end of a good book,

sipping a cup of coffee
and staring out the window
from your kitchen,

from the longest trip to the grocery store
to the shortest distance to the sun,

from the worst day of menial work
to the greatest copulations

it can occur,
whenever and wherever
don’t lose that thought
fill pages upon pages
with ink from your pen
as soon as you can

for me,

this one happened to me
when I was walking my dog
and picking up the dog ****,

two teenagers drove past
doing 45 in a 25mph zone
and the passenger hung
out the window and screamed,
“LOSER” at me.

my immediate thoughts
were to throw my
beer can at their car
but I didn’t think it was
worth the waste

and then,
I wanted to throw
the bag of **** at them
but you and I both know
those kids lives
aren’t as nearly as valuable
as the dog **** in my hand.
Creativity and ingenuity can hit you at anywhere, at anytime.
Wyatt Nov 2016
Wherever you go
I hope these words follow.
Carry them into battle
and keep them in your dreams.
I hope they can see what you do
and tell you what it all means.
Let them motivate you and have them
carry you on their shoulders to the finish line.
Empowering, overbearing in all the best ways.
Let them carry you on past all the haze.
The beacon beckoning to you in the dark,
I hope they can pull you into safety.
I hope they can uplift you, and I hope they reach you. You.
Charleigh Huston May 2016
WHEREVER we take our flight,
     Into the everlasting night;
I shall follow,
     Into yet another plight.

Wherever those stars shall fade,
     Into the ethereal plane;
Embrace the Love of my words,
     Into yet another masquerade.
Wrote this free verse earlier.
Cassidy Shoop Aug 2015
Every day the pieces of you that still remain under my bed
crawl closer and closer to the front door
in an attempt to escape, unnoticed
and with one starving hand out the door
I ****** them up and drag them back to the home I've forced upon them
because I can't bear the thought of them dying in anyone's presence
other than my own.
KZ Sep 2014
When the daylight fades,
I'll follow you.
And even when the time comes near,
I'll try for you.
Because your all that I want,
And all that I need.
So I'll go,
Wherever you go.
Birthday was yesterday....a year older now.

— The End —