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-elixir- Feb 23
She stays in her sacred lair,
with the miles of skin hidden from the stare,
as her words fill up the void of peace
while they have their timely feast
of the untold tales of despair,
that erupt from tounges with much flair.
Feb 5 · 827
the night before dawn
-elixir- Feb 5
The bedsheets roll over,
as you pause to hover
over miles and miles of my skin,
that tangle with yours akin.

You spill the pearls of desire,
as I intently glow, like fire
that burns the dark meadows
into the forgotten shadows.

Our breaths stay still,
as the night slowly fill
the silences that once stayed.
Then stars burst all at once, a grenade.

The wind roams flirtatiously,
as we grow voraciously
high in the night, to drown
in the drunk sheets, before dawn.
Jan 29 · 108
.the inevitable destiny.
-elixir- Jan 29
My days go on uninterrupted,
yet all this while this soul's disrupted,
  by the silence that roams
   around the lonely tombs
    that decorate the corners of m'mind.
     Those to whom my love was blind.
      The echoes of your mirage,
       still resonate from within at large.
        Your dried tears adorn me,
         as I relish this intense decree,
          that embodies my destiny.
-elixir- Jan 26
You worry,
Yet you hurry
The inner thought
Which meant to be sought.
The peace stems from the solace,
in finding the lines to your worries.
it's been a while
Jan 10 · 150
-elixir- Jan 10
The walk's difficult,
along the strings of trust,
as you almost throw me over
into the chasm of ghosted waters.
My tears assimilate into the salted
waters as the strings almost snap
with each step.

While my heart, your heart,
an apocalypse
-elixir- Jan 6
I am writing my life,
amidst your strife
that thrives within you.
O ye who beget me, you never grew
from the miseries of the society,
as you are riddled with anxiety.
The myths of honor haunt you,
as you stop me from reaching the new.
The gilded cage you built,
is a prison for your guilt,
as you ****** my flight
even though I fight,
with my demons everyday.
Vehemently on my words, I stay.
Dec 2020 · 196
to better days
-elixir- Dec 2020
The untimely mime ends,
with the final credits,
as the smiles and tears,
bear witness to my soul,
throughout the whole
Happy 2021 to all !
Dec 2020 · 179
dear mr.postman,
-elixir- Dec 2020
The wind getting cold,
his words are getting old,
yet they keep me warm,
a step away from harm.
The letters I posted
stay lonely and ghosted,
in the icy wind frozen,
amidst the lies, brazen.
Your arrival bought me joy,
but just to hear you tell his ploy,
as you held out his resignation letter.
I turned into my own abettor.
mind's frozen in time while my reality is far into future.
Dec 2020 · 87
of the worms of the soils
-elixir- Dec 2020
The eagles will pick on us, my child
while we nurture our soil,
they will confine us to the unwanted,
but you must rise, my child.
They will spill our blood and feast,
while we weep under the fog of the ceased.
Keep your head high my child,
before their curse falls upon you,
Our skies remain blurred,
but never stop clearing them my child
for the boiling spilled blood rages among us
for their cries were unvoiced.
Let the soil worms rise again to the surface,
and make their soils fertile again.
divides that crush the original and build the cruel must end
Dec 2020 · 184
..the rose you planted..
-elixir- Dec 2020
You planted me, a rose
in the wet soil, loved.
You watered me with your love,
yet you forgot the next day,
and the next day.
You don't know me,
what I need, the fertile love
that fuels my love to bloom.
The days pass as I reread
your voice of affirmations,
yet I feel you're not ready to
see me bloom and spread,
the scent of my adoration for you.
My leaves dry off and the petals
get torn on the thorns,
as I await your nourishing words,
that ought to last till I part from all,
to be moved to the next soil, lifeless.
Dec 2020 · 201
-elixir- Dec 2020
Once again,
I dance alone
in the dark rooms
of my mind,
while I hold on
to time as it drips
off my eyelashes.
My heart won't
let go of you
but my mind
stops me in
my steps,
as I see your
Nov 2020 · 150
inflamed insecurities
-elixir- Nov 2020
They've become cumbersome
as I hang my head, ashamed
for insecurities are inflamed.
Once again I succumb.

The inflamed bouts of worry,
keeps my mind in a pause
as the devil draws its clause,
of feeling happy in the sorry
Nov 2020 · 272
the giving hands
-elixir- Nov 2020
When the heart's hurting,
their smile's comforting,
as they nurture from my giving
and remember this soul,relieving
me of my impending scars
and to recover what's ours.
it is such a great feeling to know that you have bought a smile or the hope for a better tomorrow to a person
Nov 2020 · 157
IF I..
-elixir- Nov 2020
If I held on, would you have stayed?
If I never stopped the talk,
If I never stopped waiting,
If I never stopped believing,
If I never untrusted you,
If I never stopped dreaming,
If I was never in the uncertainty,
If I never was scared and insecure,
If I never feared the strings of the bond,
Would you still hang up on me?
Nov 2020 · 169
in the parallel reality
-elixir- Nov 2020
The winds blow through my hair,
as I dream being held near
as we dance to the strings of love,
in the gardens of our minds.

Swaying to the mystique tunes
of our hearts, while our eyes
wander along the outlines of the unknown
entities of the universe.
Oct 2020 · 101
a little night thought
-elixir- Oct 2020
The mundane creeps into me,
as I try to wade away ashore
with my precious sanity.

The rooster's asleep too,
like me at daybreak.
Yet I drag along, nevertheless.

The screen's my public now,
and home's my ever-morphing
dreamland, that never ends.

My limbs yearn movement,
lungs yearn the breath of freedom,
minds crave the travels.

The dreary present dawns into me,
as my heavy eyes drift into
the lands unknown, unvisited.
Oct 2020 · 51
Dream's a sin
-elixir- Oct 2020
Grown to embrace life,
but made to curb for unsaid toxins
of the boxes, you created nevertheless
without my consent nonetheless.

Dream's a sin without a cause,
for your blind thoughts
that will obstruct you from
the unknown glories yet to come.

While the walk's riddled
with dreams unfulfilled,
while souls wait hidden away,
for their pending justice one day.
nobody belongs to your type or boxes that you create. We're free thinking humans who have the right to take decisions for ourselves. Gender, race,past emotions etc, are never a reason to confine them to a stereotype. PERIOD.
Oct 2020 · 118
destined lives
-elixir- Oct 2020
Destined to rot away
in  woeful echoes that stay,
the promises left behind
burn my guts ,unkind
like your words for me
as I fade away the tree
of the dreams that I build
to be just be slid
into the pigeonhole
that they earnestly patrol.
stereotypes can ruin people
Oct 2020 · 332
mystique dreams
-elixir- Oct 2020
The night lit with red lamps,
oozing musk into the air,
the moon's drunk in the rhythm
of the dancer's heart,
as he twirls his partner.

She smiles through the night
as the jasmines on her hair
fills his heart with rivers
of passion of the heavens.

The mystique of the night
grips time as it stands still,
as they get engraved in time .
Oct 2020 · 275
all I want
-elixir- Oct 2020
All I want is unsolicited rays
of the sun in the break of dawn,
the rain in the arid soil, a long
awaited peace in chaos.
The stars in the night sky,
the wind that soothes my eyes.
The rare in the common,
the unexpected prize for
a phase of silence.
It's not much actually
Oct 2020 · 68
distorted reflections
-elixir- Oct 2020
The distorted reflections of hopes
turn golden with an air of dope
through each line I inscribe
on the face my life, alive
through sickness
and by darkness.
Oct 2020 · 87
the sacred pangs
-elixir- Oct 2020
The pangs of hunger engulf
the sacred body,
as the heart raises its call
for the feast,
of the dancing stars that
collide into
a million pieces and
drowning in
the waters of ethereal love,
Oct 2020 · 177
blades of grass
-elixir- Oct 2020
The lush green blades,
pierced me with shades
of heaven, as they swayed
in the wind. I stayed
to see their dance,
and with every glance,
my heart rejoiced
as they carried on, poised.
so this is something that I got inspired as I was drawing for the Inktober challenge the other day. The prompt was blade, so I took blades of grass as my take on it.
Oct 2020 · 135
a wish upon a star
-elixir- Oct 2020
Let's write our future in the stars,
as it will shine eternally among
the dark clouds of our storms.
Let's both assimilate into one
like the soil that holds on forever.
Let the winds blow between our hair
to remind us of what we are in this entity.
Let's perfume our minds with love,
as we silence our flaws within.
Let's leave a mark on our future,
as they look up at us and reminisce through us.
Sep 2020 · 737
take away everything
-elixir- Sep 2020
Take away these brick and stones,
that we seek shelter in.
Take away the promises you once
pacified us all with.
Take away the blue skies above us,
and replace it with grey clouds.
Take away the land that your fraudulent
minds apparently amass.
Take away the nature which grew
it's roots deep into our souls.
Take away our property, wealth and trophies
that still reek of our sweat of ages.
Take away the media that we see
and blindfold her with injustice.
Take away but you can never take the soul
that keeps this land alive.
Take away but you can never take the knowledge
of your people.
Take away but you can't wipe the smile off
our children of soil.
Take away but we don't forgive nor forget.
Sep 2020 · 207
clothes that hide you
-elixir- Sep 2020
Hops and giggles echo in my mind
as I tread towards my inner self,
I take off my clothes that once
hid me.
I become the source of childish giggles,
as I run around the eternal fire of youth
that flush the wilted lilies with life
once again.
My hair's entwined with the scent of jasmines
that cleanses my lungs of the storms,
that once posed as my inevitable
natural calamity.
Sep 2020 · 226
stop it at least now
-elixir- Sep 2020
Stop holding me back for once,
see the fire burning in every ounce
of scribbles and words of mine.
Stop making me guilty for my flight,
and look into the horizon so bright.
Stop making me resent your roof,
while all this time you stay aloof.
Stop shaming me for someone's fault,
and let them go into the devil's vault
of sins, see the virtues in me that I lock
from the fear that you might tear and block.
Stop thinking my life for your honour,
and save this human in me from this horror.
Stop it, with your words that shatter my esteem
and do make me drift away from your team.
Stop the assumptions from the lores of the devil,
and look into my dreams arranged in levels.
Stop it , Stop it, Stop it,
When will you feel words I write
and stop linking insanity with my fight.  
Stop it
Sep 2020 · 174
when did I go?
-elixir- Sep 2020
Take me away to the time when
my innocent smile played on my lips,
when thoughts remain untainted,
when the tears never fell.
Why did it go, leaving me
to live in the lies of demons?
The mundane crushes the curiosity
into life of numbing smoke.
The skies no longer pink with life,
It's grey from blurred tears.
Sep 2020 · 182
teardrops on windows
-elixir- Sep 2020
The teardrops on these windows
of my soul, blur the view
of the pristine tomorrow.
My lungs choked with anxiety,
as the lasses tread gaily across fields
and soak the sun.
These tears block the sunrays,
binding me to the darkness
as I smash those windows.
The tears laugh as it tries to pin
me down in the gutters of despair,
as I beseech the sun to dry these drops away.
Sep 2020 · 205
amidst the rambles
-elixir- Sep 2020
Don't live to love, love to live.
Said once a wise man who
dwelled in the depths of my soul,
as I threw the blade away.
Sep 2020 · 241
..heavenly collisions..
-elixir- Sep 2020
I dreamt of the stars colliding
from the intense love within,
as you held my hands
and walked through the
voids in both of us.
We flushed as our hearts
beat in sync.
The stars collided all around us
into red, blue,pink and violet.
The heavenly collisions.
Our words bring on,
the impending collision
as we burst into a million starbursts.
Imprinted it is in me ,
your words that made me see
the colours of the heavens
Sep 2020 · 465
Sacred Scars
-elixir- Sep 2020
The ashes of your fire that burnt
me adorns my heart,
like a sweet laced with poison.

Among the vultures that lurk
in the shadows of mistrust,
I seek out my missing pieces.

The days that were broken mirrors,
left the scars to last an eternity
as I fixed them with the gold of silence.

The scars heal, yet they remain
to scare away rays in the dark
as my blood runs cold.
The scars that remain speaks my resilience and strength I gathered to come back to life from the pile of ashes.
Never be ashamed of your ashes , the ashes that made you.
Sep 2020 · 141
changing skies
-elixir- Sep 2020
Why do these skies seem clear,
while they hide rain clouds
that house the impending thunders?
-elixir- Sep 2020
My smile was my flight,
while it was your fright.
The year of ambitions piled on,
as you prayed it begone.
My foundations of hope,
was beyond your tiny scope.
My soul and mind that governed me,
was the threat to your state of monarchy.
The steps I took for higher success,
made your mind filled with abscess.
The thought of my mind's own executions
was beyond the apparent permissions.
The sky's a limitless flight,
unlike your pitiable plight.
I have risen from your filth,
and left you with your myth.
I hope you grow out wings,
and fly away from your strings
of insecurities that taint your soul,
that once to me you sold.
Aug 2020 · 48
-elixir- Aug 2020
The walk's difficult,
along the strings of trust,
as you almost throw me over
into the chasm of ghosted waters.
My tears assimilate into the salted
waters as the strings almost snap
with each step.

While my heart, your heart,
an apocalypse
stop pushing me over the strings, leave.
Aug 2020 · 99
<the distorted utopia>
-elixir- Aug 2020
The distorted utopia swallows
me in into the bed of ghosted souls
among the thorns of lies that
pile on with twisted smiles
and words of sugar.

The deserted lands that once saw
joy lay parched with fear of pain.
The permanent is the new flaw,
That drives the winds of pleasure away,
as I hide in my shadows.
Aug 2020 · 230
..perfumed gardens..
-elixir- Aug 2020
The gardens of perfumed bliss
make me stop and stare as the
fumes run through me,
igniting the odes of passion
that once died in the drought
of the wilted roses in my dreams.
the perfumed musk wraps me as I stop in my tracks
Aug 2020 · 199
Getting Older
-elixir- Aug 2020
The mirage of the naive sunsets
dawns upon me as the debts
of an unknown world
presents the swirled
twists that lured the mature
to manifest its charm to endure
the gnarly waves of emotions,
the winds of commotions,
the thunders of  freedom
for executing the wisdom.

The veils of innocence
revealed my ignorance,
that remained hidden
as I explored the forbidden.
The roots remain nurtured,
for I shouldn't get weathered
in the calamities of the times,
that may wipe off smiles.
Aug 2020 · 125
lost fireflies
-elixir- Aug 2020
The fireflies lie in their graves,
immortalized for their glories
that paved the path for the tired
souls that yearned to live, wired
to the immaculate truth of life
and to take one's soul off the knife.
Aug 2020 · 211
the deceptive normal
-elixir- Aug 2020
I wish you'd all see the person
in me beneath my insecurities,
layers of locks into my heart.
Why'd you leave me before I speak?
am I not as normal as you?
what is normal if there are many?
Am I crazy or are you blind to see the
normal in me?
I wonder what's missing in me that
forced you to leave.
As you remain blind to the eons
of hope that remains in my heart for you.
As I redefine my normal for the next layer of lock
that encapsulates my heart.
It hurts when your friends and those you held close to your heart ignores you and turn their backs on you. You feel as if your opinions are not normal and you question your sanity.
Aug 2020 · 152
today's last sight
-elixir- Aug 2020
My eyelids close as I see you
tell me lies,laced in sugar that I fell
into for a blotch in time,
For the last time today.
Aug 2020 · 113 abrupt awakening..
-elixir- Aug 2020
The familiar child I was
spanned across the gardens
of Eden with her stocky legs,
And laughed with all her
childish glory unwashed.
As she came and started a
countdown to go into
a deeply long sleep.
"..3,2,1"she said,
as I woke up with a start,
to find my heart beating.
Aug 2020 · 209
Lonely child
-elixir- Aug 2020
The lonely child waits,
For her parents with a lolly
In her hand.
As she can't wait to play with papa
And bake cookies with mama.
She asks why they are asleep
to her uncle.
As he watches their bodies lower
Into the soil with tears that roll
Down his face, as he hugs her close,
to obliviate her future despair
Aug 2020 · 137
[old habits]
-elixir- Aug 2020
The old habits set in
like the moss on stones,
clinging to my brain.
                                    Waiting to inhale my
                                     remaining soul that I
                                     grew last summer.
Aug 2020 · 121
until the stars collide
-elixir- Aug 2020
You peer into the universe,
As I see the constellations.
I seek to reach the universe,
As you float in imagination.
I wish you saw past the clouds
That drapes my mind
In your fascination.
Aug 2020 · 150
..their last ride..
-elixir- Aug 2020
The plane was her last ride,
back to her home
from the deserts of dreams.
The modern plague of her times
drained the last bit out of her.

The ride began as she huddled
her child and spouse close
as if the she knew it was their last
embrace and warmth.
They fell into the indefinite slumber.

The rain lashed it's fury and
winds howled death.
The pilot's last breath was put into
stopping the airborne casket of hopes.
As it skid and crashed them.

Their hopes to live remain immortalized
in their indefinite sleep,
as we mourn their loss,
through the tears of pain that
tear out our folly.
My soul grieves for the families of the plane accident in Kerala. The stranded children make me cry as they try to find their parents. The landslides and floods add up to the worries. Not to mention the covid-19 virus.
The blast in Lebanon was also another terrible mishap, a huge number of people have lost their home and belongings and have become homeless in a matter of seconds. My heart is laden with sadness, is there any hope at this point? where is the world heading to?
Aug 2020 · 125
.catch me if you can.
-elixir- Aug 2020
Catch me if you can,
Among the innocent clouds
Of the skies of my mind;
Before the looming darkness
Thunders them down
With cages.
Aug 2020 · 294
-elixir- Aug 2020
The time will write history
through the lines on my body,
But will you write the story
of our beating hearts,
an untold story?
Aug 2020 · 300
dose of caffeine
-elixir- Aug 2020
The early dose of caffeine
dons the costume of
fuel amidst the sleepy
blues of oblivion.
As I huddle up
in the balcony
to observe the rain
wash away the nights'
miseries away and shine
the light on my soul and the
dreams that remain a mystery.
Jul 2020 · 637
...porcelain shells...
-elixir- Jul 2020
The porcelain shell of his,
Hid his vulnerabilities
As he went on to only find
Cracks that expose him
To the storms that
Rage over the cracks.
While the devil plays
His trill with glee.
He then realised the shell wasn't enough for his mind.
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