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The life's ride unravels
new visions yet to travel,
through the eyes of the old,
who lived through his life, bold.
Through the odes of the heroes
that survived the rain of arrows,
the blood that spoke in it's silence,
outliving the brutal violence.
The swords that reeked of cynical intent
that left the voices of the needy distant,
into the mundane walk of evolution,
into the urbane solution
of living through a window
of technology due to a limbo,

caused by a uncanny cough.
-elixir- May 22
Your arms reach out
for my lost breaths,
as you breathe into me
the soul of  Gaia,
the colossal womb
of rebirth.

I'm alive again

as her soul embraces me,
as I convince the lost
to grow out again,
with the rains
from heaven.
-elixir- May 21
The curtain rise,
as the eyes peer
into my hands,
for the dirt
they want to see.
-elixir- Apr 26
Your indigo eyes,
show me the fire
deep within you.

Of the skies that hold
the untold storms,
hidden away safe.

And the salty waters of lies,
that help you stay afloat
in the ring of tears.
-elixir- Apr 19
The walls seem to fade in colour,
the ones that held on to my valour.
The rain breaks out wild,
as my thoughts revile
the dubious washed walls.
Till then I seek refuge in the lost halls.
While I count my marbles,
to the evergreen warbles.
-elixir- Apr 11
Ambitions rise up,
as I near the cusp
of adulthood,
where I am often misunderstood.

My mind's in the clouds,
searching for better grounds,
while they stay in their reverie,
as they plan my identity in brevity.
your ambitions are the fuel to your mind
-elixir- Mar 29
As I close my eye the soul awakens
as the travel begins into the unknown
visions of the path ahead.
Waltzing to sonatas of Mozart,
Down the alley of the lake of swans,
Where I float to Tchaikovsky with the
ballerinas, twirling to the rhythm
till my heart get fulfilled.
I have a huge addiction to classical music
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