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Afreen 21h
The petals fall off
as I gather
the fallen petals
of my hope
and swoon to the
beat  of my
heart, as I shower
in the rain,
the woes of the
hopes now
tranquil, amidst the
To seek the distinct
my heart desires.
Amidst the cracks
in the reflection
of my memories.
Sometimes the only way to find peace is to move on and leave the problems behind
Afreen 2d
Observe my emotions,
as they cascade in motion,
contrary to the notions
of the cultural potion.

As it changes like seasons,
and you call it treason
against the potion demons
who never won.
The emotions misunderstood lay buried in the conventional society norms
  4d Afreen
Erin Riley
If I
show you
my wounds,
the ones
not yet
will you
to our
growing pains?
Afreen 4d
Become the beast,
look in the mirror,
stop hiding,
observe the splinters
of the lies burrowed within,
embrace the bitter pain,
as you accept the hypocrisy
of the lies, listen to the
howls of your hunger
for the vicious revenge,
as you lead the pack,
of the hidden fire in
your soul,
Let the beast strengthen your soul
Afreen 5d
Red like the regret,
lying around as ashes
from the blaze of the
fire that caught up
in your lies, deceit.

Red as the sky bleeds
her despair raw,
as the wound deepens,
into her veins.

Red like the memories,
spilled like the blood
of the innocent.

Red as the regret
consumes the sanity
away from the sane.
Afreen 6d
The conversations go on,
With the four walls,
As it dampens the silence
Of the isolated winds,
As I dive into them.
How long till it ends or just begins?
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