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-elixir- Mar 2022
Razor-sharp tears that make way
out of the delinquent hearts,
wrecks havoc in the sunlight
and mourns in the darkness.

The neglected alleys of society
becomes the pitstop for life,
yet the tears never stop flowing;
like the vows for life,

in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health
until death do us part.
-elixir- Dec 2021
Empty roads and hearts of stone,
show the leaves left unturned.
The blank canvas yearning for colours
left waiting endlessly on the easel.
The tides that once were high in spirit,
now lay flat on the shores of the land.
-elixir- Dec 2021
My heart yearns for the touch
of your divine mind, lush like
the meadows of fragrant flowers,
that drown me in the rivers
of your warmth.
-elixir- Nov 2021
The leaves fall one by one
of past regrets that I atone
as the seasons go by.

This fall's witnessed many falls
and none but you have made me sprawl
into the pile of this blithe bliss.

Thy essence enchants this rusty soul,
to live a gay life, lest I turn a ghoul.
Yet my hands tremble as I stand;

waiting for you to come in.
-elixir- Nov 2021
The grass's turning green,
amidst this splendid dream.
As I relish in this free paradise,
before it turns into a franchise.
I fill my lungs with the air
that's soulfully enriched, before it turns rare.
-elixir- Oct 2021
The voyage to my soil is long ahead
while my fire still burns in my mind.
Pirates that dwell in the murky waters
sleep with one eye open,
to loot the treasure of
my destination they can never reach.

To the oceans I sail on, I have a last wish.
When they shoot their canons
towards the timbers of my ship
that I sought to build with all might,
swallow me in with my ship and all
before they shiver my timbers.

Lest they get hold of my honour.
-elixir- Sep 2021
The eyes have made their way back
once again, to pry on what I lack.

The eyes open wider as I undress
the layers of old skin that I won't address.

The eyes skim on each hair
that stands up as I lay bare.

The eyes that once died have resurrected again
to see what's in store for them to gain.

The eyes drown in opportunities,
as they fail to see their inner mutinies.

Yet, their eyes never dry out
from their bed of lies from which they live out.
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