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Sunny 1d
The eyes are the windows
to the soul
So I stare
Deeply and intensely.

and analyze you from the outside, in
Figuring out all the components that make you whole.
through those little windows.

Love was feeling our first touch
in that dimly lit room
where it was just me and you
hearing the sound of soft charms,
your lips meeting mine,
and the way you gazed at me
Love was having you there
just the two of us
and our delicate touch

Love was not the way
we just abandoned ship
but the way we got through it
making room where we see fit
Love wasn’t even supposed to be like this
Love was to be around you
With how I fit with someone
I barely knew
All this Love was meant for you.

Are resting your eyes,
but I can still see right through
those little windows.
Misplacin’ entitlement,
bannin’ visitation
Crime ridden, broken windows,
lack of education

Survive the death of the soul,
a sole survivin’ nation
Shatterin’ family cores
and forcin’ new displacement

Wanderin’ hand is a force
we simply can’t escape from
Evil is bought and endorsed
through coded conversation

Don’t be afraid to show emotion
when you least expect it
It’s simply proof of your devotion
doubt is intercepted

Minutes turn to hours
as I savor every part of you
Sharin’ in the power
doin’ favors just to start anew

Demons fly to start a feud
Easy just to call a truce
“Betray your excellence and
your defeat will surely follow suit!”

So keep your head up
Don’t you let up ’cause the city beckons
The hourglass has been broken
as hours turn to seconds

Just let it bleed
and cut the ties that are bindin’
Feel the size of the lapse and write
’til your thoughts are unwindin’

Lace your mind with your talent
watch how the synthesis rises
Paint the ink with your truth –
the one that your demon despises

Start your count from eleven, writer
It’s down to the wire
Final hour requires shunnin’
your pain to the fire!

(***** the hourglass!)
Never take for granted a single minute
(***** the hourglass!)
Spend your days ascendin’ beyond your limits

(***** the hourglass!)
Don’t let a single second go to waste
Invest in your expression
Believe in yourself and keep the pace.
Christina Dec 2018
from my window i see you
alone and quiet
the tv is a soft blue blurr

from your window you see me
with them, afraid
the bruses a soft purple haze

my window shows your happiness
siblings and friends together
sharing the moment

your window shows my pain
me alone with my blades
creating more pain
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
windows open windows closed
water pours out of the sky from the window
cities are melting around me
I sit quietly all somewhere

windows closed windows open
today is a new year
tomorrow is already the first tomorrow
first time opening new curtains

Jon Thenes Nov 2018
clean the Windows
adapt a right feeling view
note the messages received
decide actions
based on consciously sensed illusions
clean the Windows
Danielle Oct 2018
Shoot down those stars!
Their time of ending has come.
No bitter words,
Or tears shall fall,
From the bright windows of heaven.
For their time of ending has come.
On swift arrow’s wings.
Daniel H Shulman Oct 2018
I wish that all mirrors could be windows,
Having had quite enough introspection.
I want to live in the world the world knows,
The world that is more than my reflection.

Trapped behind walls seeing nothing but me,
These mirrors have cost me my perspective.
If I’m all there is, who am I to be?
Solipsism is no man’s objective.

I peer through the glass right back into my face.
I don’t even know if I’m seen behind.
Windows are mirrors to the human race,
But the reflection in mine makes me blind.

I wish that all mirrors could be windows,
But scared the world won’t like what I expose.
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Sam Oct 2018
Glue my eyes closed,
Board up the windows to my soul.
Sew my eyelids together,
Ignore my heart's growing hole.
Robin MacCuish Aug 2018
It sticks to the back of my throat
like peanut butter
It sits back there like a frog
and I croak croak croak,
but it never escapes my quivering lips
It never leaves me
It never makes itself known
But it hopes like every little insecurity I've ever owned
that you will see it one day
accept it one day
read bedtime stories to it
feed it food from your dinner table
cloth it as it wants to be clothed
support it like you are the keystone
to my door
to the world, I deserve to belong in
yet I still only manage to look at it
from the blurry red plexiglass windows

I hear voices from beyond it
Be brave.
Be brave.
It gets better
little one.

But when I look out that window
I hear the depressions and suppressions of a people
gunshots and violence
and somewhere off in the distance
I hear the singing laughter and joy

Be brave
Be brave
little one

but they are as far as my voice is trapped and away from me
and as tangible as the frog in my throat
Stuck in Pandora's box
with a million others just like me.
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