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Robyn 1d
Cover, hide and close
your eyes
a treasure
a door

with one look
emotions revealed
a past no longer concealed
a story unfolds

like a thief,
a glance is stolen.
oh my soul
so vulnerable.

With every blink
every tear
a piece is sold,
a piece of my old soul.

My eyes, so young
so blind
a window
wide open

a free pass to any thief who enters.
Black box baboons speak.
Window lookers, people of screens.
Input character.
Jennifer May 10
sadness that sweeps the eyelids
into a lead-heavy lethargy,
an awake weariness that
flicks through every bad thought
and pulls me from sleep;
like heavy curtains being dragged
across the threshold of
my vision - where all conscious
thought is a bleeding burden.
i just lie here waiting;
waiting for what? i do not know.
all i know is that i
cannot sleep.
Donna Apr 16
Loving the sunshine
Everything looks beautiful
Even the windows

Just looking through the windows and being able to see this wonderful weather is truly magical , most defo uplifts the mood , loving spring/summer my fav seasons **
Speechless at Auschwitz
by Ko Un
translation by Michael R. Burch

At Auschwitz
piles of glasses
mountains of shoes
returning, we stared out different windows.

Published by Brief Poems

Original text:

Ad Auschwitz
pile di occhiali
montagne di scarpe
sulla via del ritorno
ognuno fissava fuori dal finestrino in direzione diversa.

(da Fiori di un istante, 2001)

Keywords/Tags: Ko Un, Holocaust, translation, speechless, Auschwitz, glasses, shoes, windows, silent, tongue-tied, wordless
Amanda Mar 6
The eyes
Windows to the soul
When it's dark
Mind awakens
Always whole
In the night
The only spark
Two sparks on an otherwise blank living canvas
Rajinder Feb 11
Some windows 
shut memories 
open wounds.
Windows7 is no more
The house is dark, the drapes are drawn

In the gloom I hear viral typing
I fear Terabytes will bust my piping

Will the Malware Spammers come?
Will I be saved from Logic Bombs?

Will the Hackers beat a pathway
Straight to me down the Super-highway?

Oh Microsoft what a fiasco
So casual and so so de facto

We Siver Surfers left to our own devices
Becalmed upon a blue screen crisis

Citizens of the Cyber Nation
Cut short in our prime by Defenestration!
monique ezeh Feb 1
if you zoom out a little, the stars disappear.
a scattered array of backlit windows take their place, illuminating a world of their own.
if you zoom out a little farther, even those disappear.
how far must we zoom until there’s nothing?
if everything is quantified by our perspective,
what exists beyond our sight?

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