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Brian Turner Mar 20
Blood spelt sweat
Poisoned stick at my throat
Rush of adrenalin as I stand at the edge
Here's to being at this place again

The place, a false flag of declaration
The place, a false red light when it's green
The mind is detached from the body
And declares harm and evil is on it's way

The battle begins and I push against an invisible enemy
The first attack leads to no victors
The second like a punch in the gut
I kneel in pain, but the body is not hurt

Rotten forest leads to rotten homes and rotten people
Passing through the swamp of social deity
I cross a bridge with breaking timbers
Suddenly light breaks through a small gap and the toil ends
toil, struggle we go through it sometimes, is it real or imaginary?
(With regards to International Workers’ Day)

Who said workers are only workers?

They are a gift of heaven

They come for social good;

But return with lots of deterrence

You may treat them like engines

But always remember

There is also a worker

Somewhere within you

Who is keen to protect the dignity

Of these outdoor workers.

Workers are not only workers…

Above all, they are humans

Just like you and me.
Workers are not only workers
Our Mother
With our care - we now cover

Rebuilding your soil
With intention and toil

We are sorry
To make you cry
And drain your rivers dry

Our Mother
We now strive
To help you to revive
That all can prosper
And survive

Thank you
For teaching us
That every drop of water
Every blade and leaf
Every creature
Makes a difference
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I've been studying Geology lately so I've been learning a lot about Mother Earth and her intricate workings.
Steve Page Jan 2021
Seed and soil
Water and light
Toil included  
Day and night

Time and patience
Rise and repeat
Hope is planted
And Hope is reaped
You need a seed and you need to find good soil with toil
Fraser Wiseman Nov 2020
What we did not see
From the dark fathom
Now a moment in time
Survived as proof
We can survive
-elixir- Sep 2020
Take away these brick and stones,
that we seek shelter in.
Take away the promises you once
pacified us all with.
Take away the blue skies above us,
and replace it with grey clouds.
Take away the land that your fraudulent
minds apparently amass.
Take away the nature which grew
it's roots deep into our souls.
Take away our property, wealth and trophies
that still reek of our sweat of ages.
Take away the media that we see
and blindfold her with injustice.
Take away but you can never take the soul
that keeps this land alive.
Take away but you can never take the knowledge
of your people.
Take away but you can't wipe the smile off
our children of soil.
Take away but we don't forgive nor forget.
Guntang Jun 2020
so banal
endless and mindless toil
for a lord
with no head
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