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I have always felt inferior to her.
She made sure of that.
She always made comments that shattered my confidence, but then complimented herself and built up her own ego.
I have always struggled with my weight and I’m practically starving myself to obtain a figure that she so effortlessly has.
I look at my stretch marks with wet eyes filled with embarrassment and shame.
I work out and eat healthy food.
I deprive myself of the foods I crave and barely eat enough calories to get me through the day.
She gets to eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and she’ll literally lose weight in the process.
I work so hard to keep my job and can barely afford to put gas in my car.
She stays home doing whatever she wants all day and spends money on her daddy’s credit card.
I bust my *** to have good grades and struggle to keep them.
She does all her schoolwork while she’s drunk and high and she still makes the dean’s list.
I try so hard to keep what little I have and she so effortlessly has more than I do.
I just don’t understand how that’s fair.
Why does she deserve it and I don’t?
Toxic best friends are the worst kind because you don't know how to get rid of them.
Strung Oct 2020
Inferiority perched ready in the waiting misty lake.
Like magic, she floats atop a rippling plain.
Rest in water, breathe deep - the fool.
She flutters above, air bubble out of reach.
Drown drown in the void you create and breathe deep.
"I pity the corpses who lie in the water," you say in the grasp of dead hands.

You are a force and your mind is the block, so do as you wish, but lay still.
However long you gasp for air, you will die regretting free will.
-elixir- Sep 2020
Stop holding me back for once,
see the fire burning in every ounce
of scribbles and words of mine.
Stop making me guilty for my flight,
and look into the horizon so bright.
Stop making me resent your roof,
while all this time you stay aloof.
Stop shaming me for someone's fault,
and let them go into the devil's vault
of sins, see the virtues in me that I lock
from the fear that you might tear and block.
Stop thinking my life for your honour,
and save this human in me from this horror.
Stop it, with your words that shatter my esteem
and do make me drift away from your team.
Stop the assumptions from the lores of the devil,
and look into my dreams arranged in levels.
Stop it , Stop it, Stop it,
When will you feel words I write
and stop linking insanity with my fight.  
Stop it
Sanjali Jun 2020
Differences built us up so high
We see the world from the sky,
Clinging to the topmost branch,
The way down is to fall apart.
Jana Pelzom Jun 2020
All the thoughts that go through;
I know less,
I know more,
I may actually know nothing at all.
The gnawing voice,
That I know is my own,
Keeps repeating
That I am wrong.
How I live,
How I act,
How I chose to be,
How every little thing,
Seems to be hurting
people who are not me.
Maybe they see
Things much differently,
Maybe it is me who
can’t really feel.
Do they really see
What I am trying to express?
Or has it been repressed?
No words enough,
No action good,
Always seemingly misunderstood.
Inhale and exhale
Then it repeats.
Second guessing ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
C Shortovski Feb 2020
When I had nothing, I had nothing to lose.
I lived freely,
blown by the breeze of the night,
ready to go wherever it may take me.

Over time I’ve accumulated so much,
so much now to lose.

I built my walls high,
locked all my doors
and boarded up my windows.

I sit inside,
cradling a gun.

Never sleeping,
I just sit
and wait,
hoping nobody comes to take what I have.
C. Shortovski
Val Vik Jan 2020
How ignorant I felt -
Suffocated to fill your cup -
How I tried to get inside your head -

Until I finally realized. . .
You're the one who can't understand
for which I am simply lesser.
Therapeutic write
Tizzop Nov 2019
we're from the

we're coming for

we're giving you
the wrong address in order to hunt

don't you worry about it
don't you feel intimidated it's
fine being inferior
don't ya think bro?
Today is a good day.
Alexis Sep 2019
for you being the only one i have to count on
you sure aren’t really there for me lately

maybe my everything isn’t enough for you
and that’s not your fault

but before you count all the things i couldn’t give you
don’t forget the times you took advantage of me too
i hope i’m enough for someone one day
and awhile
ago this
night was
tragic but
magic I
gad in
her eyes
yet the
bright corners
of my
jane have
evolved thus
afar from
the chafe
and this
schism must
die alone
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