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-elixir- Oct 2020
The lush green blades,
pierced me with shades
of heaven, as they swayed
in the wind. I stayed
to see their dance,
and with every glance,
my heart rejoiced
as they carried on, poised.
so this is something that I got inspired as I was drawing for the Inktober challenge the other day. The prompt was blade, so I took blades of grass as my take on it.
JCabanilla Jun 2020
Dance with the sunrise,
Talk to the blue sky.
Put your sweetest smile on your face,
So you can start another great day.
Day 5 guys!! June 22, 2020😍 So I'll be posting here form now on since I'm writing everyday hahaha
Joy Apr 2020
You have to see Titan
(though there are no sirens)
from where I am standing.
(Vonnegut lied.)

When stars up here burst,
they don't just combust,
the shrapnel gets tangled
in your hair.

If you stretch down your feet
it's a pine's top you'll hit.
All the trees are so tall,
and ever so green.

I like the view from up here,
where everything's clear.
Where the days are so long
and nights are so warm.

Should you wish to visit,
forget about physics,
hop on a bumble bee,
and fly over to me.
Escapril day 5
I can’t say enough how much I love this!
I love how structured it is, and it really is!
I know, there are gonna be those days.
I know I’ll just have to deal with those days.
I’ll have to remind myself that it’s okay.
I can always make up for lost time the next day.
I haven’t had to do that yet, but I know I will.
I know what I’m doing, and I’m cool with that.
I’m doing my first Friday, and I love that!
I don’t have much else to report today, just that.
I’ll be back tomorrow for Day 5, bye!
This is so much fun!
Ind Apr 2019
deep and twisted
twists those who should know better.
The weathers changing,
We’ve past the point of blaming,
But know this earth is it.

Beware the warnings she leaves in rising, warming seas.
Listen to her expertise.
We all breathe the same air but only few care - those two degrees are deadly.

A guest who steals will never walk through the same door twice.
Take her advice and harvest only want can be replaced - don’t lace food with chemicals distilled from fuel you were never meant to use.

Nature won’t always be there to go to back to.
Feels incomplete but kinda like the gist of it - it’s as messy as the situation
Levi Kips Apr 2018
I've been down for so long being up feels foreign.  I've been down so long I made my way to my ancestors and acquainted with them. I've been down so long I think I need a decompression chamber because my lungs are not used to breathing freely, so used to breathing synthetically. breathe the breathes permitted at the permitted times, but now breathe freely. breathe like my ancestors wanted me too. breathe because i want to. i want to breathe. and now i can.
ms reluctance Apr 2018
The sounds of morning
roused me from a deep slumber.
The clouds grew tumid.

Songbirds of the day
kept me company and we
held the rain at bay.

A gentle twilight
broke the slow afternoon’s back;
a drizzle followed.

The sky wept last night;
the storm faded in hiccups.
Now the earth is dry.
Cana Feb 2018
She calls.
She waves at me.
Her French manicure frothing
Come she whispers.
Come with me to adventure.
Come with me to danger.  

Eventually I’ll go.
Despite all the corpses littering her depths
I wait for my hair to be pulled in and tied.
My sails to be hoisted and set
And my nose to be pointed
Towards the next port.
It’s a work in progress. I’ve just woken up. Also if the sea is feminine and a boat is feminine then is this poem about lesbian love?!
takitak Dec 2015
When you squeeze too hard
and add me to your drink, be warned
for your eyes, will more than blink!
My eyes! They buuuuurn!

Day 5- Write a three line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, ****, juicy, peel, and sour.

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