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Succumb to the attraction,
And you just might find
The greatest marvel the
World failed to define.
-elixir- Nov 2020
They've become cumbersome
as I hang my head, ashamed
for insecurities are inflamed.
Once again I succumb.

The inflamed bouts of worry,
keeps my mind in a pause
as the devil draws its clause,
of feeling happy in the sorry
Yvonne Nice Apr 2019
Humanity's last child
Humanity's last stand
Humanity's final hope
Humanity's only savior

Everyone else died
They all got infected
The last child feels the infection too
But they have to bare through to the light

But they feel the quicksand tugging at their ankles
They see the arrows on the horizon
They can feel the noose tighten
And they can feel their body draining

But they have to go on
But the rope is tightening
But they’re humanities shining star
But they only have so much determination

So they let death succumb them
Quick and sweet
And the world falls dark
Like a blanket of infinite nothing

Please forget about them
For they aren't worth it
They were only a failure
In the end of the end
Find hope in my words where I haven't.
Daisy Rae Mar 2019
I feel pain everyday
A mental collapse inside my brain
My mind just isn’t the same

I’ve become a sad version of myself
I no longer enjoy the things
That used to bring me joy everyday

I no longer have a reason to wake in the morning from my slumber
Sometimes I wish before I drift off to sleep
That I may not wake in the morning

My wishes go unanswered...

I continue to rise into each day
Succumbing at the very end and praying that I wouldn’t have to start over again the next day
And so I do

I wake only to wish for the night again
I contemplate the purpose of continuing it
What is stopping me from stopping me?
Only the what ifs

What if it gets better
What if one day I no longer cry
What if I no longer crave the pain to cease
And it simply isn’t there
What if one day I no longer want to stop breathing
Or stop my heart from beating
Or contemplate ceasing

What if I want to live

My thoughts are plagued by neverending hopelessness of an even worse tomorrow
I tell myself that it doesn’t get better
So it mustn’t

My hope died a long time ago
Along with my carefree soul
And passionate heart
It ceased

So I must cease along with it
I must become forgotten
I must be no longer.
My current mental state
mslu Nov 2018

i've dipped in and out

the mountains i thought i moved took back their strength

and in the taking,
cracked open the ground

leaving me off-balance than before

yes, i should've fought back but


i stay dipping in and out

there's no such thing as control

no such thing as handled

a loose grip

had me falling through the cracks
and as i fell onto hard times

the darkness welcomed me

so i stayed

. . .
Kelsey Nov 2018
A monster has crept up on me,
Claws are at my neck.
Part of me wants to fight,
Part of me wants to succumb.
These claws rip and tear at me with a question--
"What more could you have done?"
A poem about teacher guilt.
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Emotions have a hold on me
Will not let me go
I wish I could end it all
You keep saying no

"You would leave me here?" You ask
I do not know. Would I?
Never want to hurt you
But it is easier to die

I cannot face life anymore
It is too hard to carry on
You are the only thing I have left
Every other positive aspect is gone

For you I continue to push forward
Another day I try, take one more breath,
I wish you would just let me
Succumb to the certain peace of death
Written 2-12-17

I remember writing this to my now-ex-boyfriend when we were in the throes of a crippling ****** addiction and I honestly did want to die I hated almost every second of my life, but he was the one thing that made staying here worth it. I could never leave my loved ones here lile that.
Pauline Morris Apr 2018
Onslot of drugs
Have left a hum
A constant buzz
A steady strum

©Pauline Russell
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