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Avery Aguilar Feb 28
It's less confrontational
by not saying it face to face.
One doesn't have to worry about another's reactions
and when we're not next to each other talking, it's like a race

so let's all get behind a screen
and say what we think
what we pretend...
to mean

And when we want to say something
that might not be so pleasant,
something that might not appeal to the senses all that well -
We'll type it up and hit send
because nobody's affected when they read it on Facebook.

It doesn't matter, in fact, it makes everyone else laugh
when they read that mean comment.

So let's all get behind a screen
and say what we think
what we pretend...
to mean

Because when we're behind a screen, we're confident.
So much more confident.
So go get your phone,
or iPod, iPad, tablet, computer,
and become carefree...

cause behind a screen
nothing hurts, nothing matters.
alexa Aug 2019
the feeling of emptiness fills my chest
watching it play out on my screen

the sound of laughter echoes
and all i want to do is scream

a simple, "hey, wanna hang?" would've sufficed
but recording the fun we have seems pretty nice

"we were thinking of you the whole time"
you uttered when confronted

such *******
the chills ran up my spine

i hate this feeling
i want it to go away

maybe i just have to start leaving
the ones who hurt me today
i moved and watching my friends all hang out while its almost impossible for me to join ***** so here's this. enjoy.
Seanathon Feb 2019
Stare, but don't stop
You are unlike any living screen
Tune out your mind from the memory of self
In a mirror that this you will never be seen
Why is it so, that we hate ourselves
So much so that we must look away
And into the nothingness of ironic things
That we spend our time starting at screens away
The January Lasts

Taliesin Jan 2019
Electric snakeskin
Draped, casting green-grey shadows
Over the pine trees
Carter Ginter Nov 2018
I sit in front of the tv
Brainwashed into thinking
That this monotonous existence
Constitutes living
I feel my mind screaming
For something more engaging
Instead of the useless stuff
Seeping from my screen
Sometimes the only breaks I take
Are just me looking from that screen
To another smaller version in my hand
I feel exhausted emotionally
Unable to engage in many things
But I refuse to give these screens
This kind of power over me
I am a human being
Not a lifeless creature
I need to find something better
To break this habit that's killing my creativity
It's killing my energy
My motivation
My attention span
And I will not have it
Not anymore
I will find something more satisfying
More promising in engagement

And then I wonder
Is this what it was like
When books were first written?
Or is this unique to electronic media?
Mark Parker Jan 2018
Words spoken are breathed to life,
but then burnt up in a fiery blaze,
instead I carve it with a putty knife,
but still it never catches a single gaze.

I write it on the walls and bright screens,
hoping it will gain an audience's favor,
without a care they drop what it means,
each one imagining a different flavor.

Aggressively I pushed to bring change,
without a cause behind each sound,
while shoving myself through each exchange,
I found myself circularly round.
Seanathon Jan 2018
When did our altered
   culture decide
     that WE
       would be happy
         with our little screens
           and such little stillness
             within our lives
Sad really
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