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Rowan Dec 2019
"Our love was written in the stars!" You would shout
I would disagree though
Because to me WE are the stars
Two different stars who have found one another
Hurtling towards one another, fast and hungry
Desperate to reach the other
Until finally they're in one another's view
Time seems to slow down
Eyes meeting
Arms out stretched
Creeping towards one another
Until we hit
Mouths locked in a passionate kiss
Everything around us is being engulfed in a blinding light
We don't care or seem to notice
Instead of destroying one another
We meld and mesh into one
No supernova
Creating a bigger, brighter star
It feels like hours but it has only been seconds
Finally we are one
A new beautiful star with a new universe
Spectacular and full of new life
All because stars collide
Undead Nomad Nov 2019
I found myself
walking a route
of euphoria
following the trail of rapture
tailing a sentiment
that I had hoped
would last forever

then you hit me;
a phantom vehicle
from the blindspot of my life
out of nowhere,
a hit and run with no warning
but for the quietude before
the impending collision

my body:
flung far from favor,
soaring for its own demise,
falling on its own crown,
turning into the earth

arms swinging forth,
grasping for something
to recompose on

not lying for want
fingers between rocks and pebbles
digging themselves into the dirt between,
grabbling gravel and grave
scratching back at the sharp pain
as I scramble for balance
my eyes,
covered in blood and blur,
are blinded by the truth refulgent overhead

commands reflected by flat faces standing over me-- beside me?
around me...
they turn me 'round myself
I lose my way
as quickly as it was found

precious as love,
come back to me,
hold me now
deliver me from panic
and restore my sanity
from this collision of souls
Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
When I was fourteen
my sister was teaching me how to drive,
I went to make a left turn and hit the breaks; second guessing myself.
“Never hesitate,” she said,
“it’s when you hesitate that causes a crash.”
“Make a decision and go with it.”
All these years later it still rings true.
All these years later I still have yet to listen.
neo Jul 2019
i want to touch you
and feel you close to me

i want to dive deep into your eyes
and into your soul

i want to come near you
and tell you how much i adore you

how i adore you and the way you shine
in contrast to the dark sky enveloping us all the time

i want to love you
but i can't

i can't love you when all eyes are watching from all corners of the earth

i can't love you when all the other stars shine brighter than me

i can't love you

not when it means that to love you would mean to come near you

once we collide there's no turning back

as beautiful as an explosion that we may be, i'm scared to lose myself just trying to love you
i'm sorry but i can't
Mehek Jun 2019
I'm a stormy landslide
And you're an earthquake
A disheveling tide
Tide that caresses me
While I subside
Subside to heathens
The heathens whose embers forever collide
Collide in the arms of your feigned stride.
To no one in particular.
Michael H Jun 2019
I could go on forever
Flying on our feathers
Looking down from clouds
examining and watching
seeing every human dot
compromising and colliding
relating with the concrete
calling forth what they know
and then:

change happens
from calm and strong brains
every single object and thought
talks further of ambition
the clouds move
the heavens unlock
it rains
we get wet
it is cold
FEEDBACK? It is like what I have been writing recently. I don't know for sure why, but I have not been fond of anything I have written since getting this new notebook. They have all been written quickly and seem very bland.
Heather Apr 2019
Im trapped in that moment of silence after the airbag deployed.
H A Vitatoe Mar 2019
They say that we exist,
only because
of the big bang.

A small spark,
that created all.

That little spark,
how massive
it really was.

Before that,
There was nothing,
I suppose,
at all,
but darkness.

if the big bang created life
when we die,
Is that another big bang

The light we see
at the end.
Through a tunnel.
Which we descend.

Creating yet,
another world.
for you and me.

Another place,
that is yet,
to the living,
that is unseen.
Chicken Feb 2019
We variations
Striations of the light

We still
seek each other

all of our might
all of our might

Til we collide

You and I
visible collision

No thing to measure

'Cause we're

You do the math :D
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