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preston Oct 2020

Is it asking  too much
to want to hide away  safely?
I never should have met you

yet, I have been  looking
for you all of my life--


You are in me now
so deep;  our spirit's gears  perfectly
synced- each gear a pre-honed..
  precision fit--
                even when we clash

                Especially-  when we clash;
                and somewhere,
                in the depths of  my love

                I hate you for that

      In a broken world...
      dreams were  n e v e r  meant
      to come true.

      I think I read that  somewhere,
      or maybe someone told me..


              or something.

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go..

I worry I won't see your face
  Light up again

Even the best fall down sometime
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind

   I somehow find..
  you and I collide
Sarah Nov 2022
the sheer force of gravity
when two galaxies collide

their arms become entangled
like two lovers holding hands

and the laws of physics are certain
by design they were destined to meet

this moment was
quite literally
written in the stars
Sahil May 2022
When the spirals collide
and dust settles in
When the spheres deform
and are reborn again

When the moon shines not
and the tides rest
When the Sun devours life
and we've done our best

When the cycle starts again
past a few Bilennia
When life takes it's first breath
let's meet again
Bilennia = a few billion years
a Apr 2020
One step after the other following each one attached by barb wire. Keys in hand, heavy weight weighing down my *******. One cold metal touch right in the cusp of my hand. The keys
jingle jangle, jingle jangle, jingle jangle scraping the sheer layer of my skin. Hair viciously being pulled back by the wind... pulling and tugging never stopping when I say no. Truth be told he only stops until I fold.
Hold my hand.
To a frozen touch.
Day 4?
-elixir- Oct 2020
The pangs of hunger engulf
the sacred body,
as the heart raises its call
for the feast,
of the dancing stars that
collide into
a million pieces and
drowning in
the waters of ethereal love,
-elixir- Sep 2020
I dreamt of the stars colliding
from the intense love within,
as you held my hands
and walked through the
voids in both of us.
We flushed as our hearts
beat in sync.
The stars collided all around us
into red, blue,pink and violet.
The heavenly collisions.
Our words bring on,
the impending collision
as we burst into a million starbursts.
Imprinted it is in me ,
your words that made me see
the colours of the heavens
Malia Mar 2020
Do you know
What happens
When two stars
They either
Turn into
A gargantuan
Mother star
Or a black hole
******* the life and light
Out of all that dares
To exist.

Do you know
What happens
When two people collide?
They either
Turn into a wonderful
Sun that gives life
To all that dares
To exist
Or it flushes
Away the light
Of both people
And reduces both
To heartbreak.
Danielle Jan 2020
"Imagine, they all fade in just one night,
I remember the time when the collision was chasing after you."

They told me, it's not the end.
Rowan Dec 2019
"Our love was written in the stars!" You would shout
I would disagree though
Because to me WE are the stars
Two different stars who have found one another
Hurtling towards one another, fast and hungry
Desperate to reach the other
Until finally they're in one another's view
Time seems to slow down
Eyes meeting
Arms out stretched
Creeping towards one another
Until we hit
Mouths locked in a passionate kiss
Everything around us is being engulfed in a blinding light
We don't care or seem to notice
Instead of destroying one another
We meld and mesh into one
No supernova
Creating a bigger, brighter star
It feels like hours but it has only been seconds
Finally we are one
A new beautiful star with a new universe
Spectacular and full of new life
All because stars collide
Undead Nomad Nov 2019
I found myself
walking a route
of euphoria
following the trail of rapture
tailing a sentiment
that I had hoped
would last forever

then you hit me;
a phantom vehicle
from the blindspot of my life
out of nowhere,
a hit and run with no warning
but for the quietude before
the impending collision

my body:
flung far from favor,
soaring for its own demise,
falling on its own crown,
turning into the earth

arms swinging forth,
grasping for something
to recompose on

not lying for want
fingers between rocks and pebbles
digging themselves into the dirt between,
grabbling gravel and grave
scratching back at the sharp pain
as I scramble for balance
my eyes,
covered in blood and blur,
are blinded by the truth refulgent overhead

commands reflected by flat faces standing over me-- beside me?
around me...
they turn me 'round myself
I lose my way
as quickly as it was found

precious as love,
come back to me,
hold me now
deliver me from panic
and restore my sanity
from this collision of souls
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