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I paint me a smile

But today my made-up colors smudge

You can see frown visible underneath

And too distorted to hide
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay while
-Adam Levine (from Maroon 5)
Standing alone...with a void in my heart!
and feeling that distorted part..
I feel it here, but still miles apart!

I tried to fill that space;
in innumerable ways...
everyday! with similar things to face!!

it sounds chirpy around here,
holding many unknown  fears!
this uncanny feeling is really had to bear!!!

A part of me broke  and flew away...
now it seems really difficult to make my way!!
its just that I really wanna run away!

I feel incomplete without any reason!
they say it will heal someday...
I'll find some other way.
From my prospective...Passing time changes nothing but seasons.
Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
White transparent tiled floor
Arranged in a lively mosaic
Speaks tales of a spooky world alongside me!

The windows and the curtains hugging the plastered walls
With views of flower trees and mountains near and far...
Gets reflected upon the tiled floor
Upside down, shadowy and unreal!

Maybe it is reminder for my heart
That the world I see is only an illusion my mind frames to colour a blank canvas
Maybe the world is true only upside down
The scenaries and sights distorted and fake the usual way...
Maybe it's important to bend your mind all the way
And try to see what can't easily catch the eye...

A sinister universe breaths about me
And only once in a while tugs at me to have a glimpse...
And whenever that happens, it's a moment of all eternity that seems to go worthwhile!
This is a real experience that happened to me when I was kind of doing nothing... My eyes suddenly caught this reflection of the window and trees outside on the tiled floor in the room and I like sort of felt it as a metaphor with the help of which the world was trying to teach me something... That the real world is not what is in front of us. It is usually kinda different, in a way, 'upside down'.
Thank you so much for reading and being a part of my reflections. ❤
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Science measures
Assumes one more
Bella Hadid
Most beautiful
94.35% perfect face
Perfection measurement
So accurate
Didn't adhere to
Rounded figure
Don't know
The yardstick
God isn't
Why should He
Create perfect things?
He isn't mad
Denigrate His status
He cast man, woman
In His own Image
Distorted, imperfect though
There's nothing
Equivalence it's
We consider
Potential always there
You can be like Him
Testicles, ovaries
Have strength?
You be Him!
-elixir- Oct 2020
The distorted reflections of hopes
turn golden with an air of dope
through each line I inscribe
on the face my life, alive
through sickness
and by darkness.
Marisela Veludo Sep 2020
As time goes by
These feelings get stronger
Painful sensations
Dont want to feel it no longer

I can't breath
I am suffocating
My head is exploding
All this, we're aggravating

A slap through my face
A knive through my heart
Excruciating pain
I can't take it.....its alot

Addiction to the pain
Is making us insane
Magnetic forces
Distorted in all sources.
Joshua Boyd Sep 2020
I still see your eyes,
At the cusp of every sunrise.
Vacant as the empty skies

Sometimes I see you wearing white
But who I see cannot be recognized
A twisted image of you imprinted on my mind
I never took the time to get to know you

But I like the image refracted in the mirror
I approach life without the searing pain of regret
Years go by
You drift from sight
But I don't need to go back and change that night

I find my closure in the night's sunrise
I always see your eyes
A poor imitation conjured by my mind.
If you like this poem you can find more from me on Instagram @jbwrites
-elixir- Aug 2020
The distorted utopia swallows
me in into the bed of ghosted souls
among the thorns of lies that
pile on with twisted smiles
and words of sugar.

The deserted lands that once saw
joy lay parched with fear of pain.
The permanent is the new flaw,
That drives the winds of pleasure away,
as I hide in my shadows.
Bryn Kennell Jul 2020
Leaping and twirling
An act of deception
Water Beneath
An Altered Reflection

Easy to fall
Slip into lies
Her smile did not quite reach her eyes

The ground beneath
Could easily break

Hid her true self
Risked her own life
To dance on thin ice
Her dancing and smile hide her struggles from the world. To keep up the act, she risks losing her life. For a layer of ice is all that stops her from falling.
Ileana Amara May 2020
people possess three things in life:
a shield, a heart, and a dagger

a shield for the logic,
a heart for the soul,
a dagger forged by the strength of emotion,
unbeknownst to many about its origin.

people used these three things,
a dagger to protect oneself from this cruel world,
a heart to beat its rhythm of existence,
and a shield to ward off the weapon from wounding and distorting a heart.

why do we need a dagger?
it takes two to tango,
it takes chaos to begin chaos.

people wander relentlessly,
breathing, and existing and loving,
until a dagger pierces through,
leaving an open wound,
and a weapon sharpened.

little do we know,
the closer the proximity,
the more ideal love gets,
the lesser we see it coming,
the lesser we forget,
a shield is used to protect a soft, beating creature.

from an open wound,
and sharp weapon,
the cycle of chaos arise,
few people heal,
multifolds stab another heart,
"perhaps there will always be another heart to break."

one polished its shield very well;
the logic and knowledge
choked a heart to non-existence,
there was nothing left to stab,
there was nothing left to feel.

one stood with a wooden shield,
a state of balance within,
of calm and chaos and fear
to wound and lose its heart,
and be forced to survive with a dagger.

the pandemic goes on,
perhaps only until the daggers cease to exist,
soft creatures cannot battle with a heartless one,
it can only tame a while, until it becomes distorted and heartless too.

the pandemic weakens
when a wounded heart heals,
not because of the shield,
not because of time itself,
but because it's a wonder: some hearts can never be irreparably broken.

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