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I feel trapped in my own mind sometimes,
A mind of four walls.
These four walls mock me,
making a cell of 176 mm length and a width of 145 mm.
I’ve grown to see it change.

At first it was a collage with the upmost potential,
With plenty of space to be filled.
As years went, the cell learned,
Like a bucket collecting rain drops,
Under a cracked ceiling,
One idea after the other entered.
I can only hear the echoes of my own voice here,
No one else can hear the screams,
laughs and everything in between.
No one can help save me,
nor join me,
in this cell.
I feel it observing me from the deepest hallows,
of my subconscious,
Grinning at me and my meagre existence.

I greet the sun, through the barred window,
Every once and a while.
For those moment’s I am not imprisoned,
I am free as the wind and the birds that glide upon it.
But always,
The bucket over-flows,
I drown to awake.
It can’t be escaped and
With every attempt to,
It always find a way,
To tame, subjugate and leave me in submission.

I realise I am the door that separates me from my desires
and ambitions.
The concrete and steel, are figments of ones own
Somewhere within, there is a key.
When found, I shall take it and run,
never to return,
to this cell of mine.
A journey through my conscious, if you will.
Ruhee Aug 2
Live Luxury
Love Licked
Lips Locked.

Fathima Ruhee
© inking__scribbler
Johnny walker May 16
I touched Heaven when reaching for her I saw Heaven In everything shedid each smile each kiss I
laid upon Helen's sweet tender
I saw Heaven when I
looked to her beautiful eyes the first time I'd looked Into her eyes like crystal
I saw to a vision In her eyes this girl would go on be my wife I'd truly seen Heaven through this vision
In her eyes shortly after we got
I saw Heaven when placed  the her upon her finger the twenty years we had
together Helen giifted to me
a son before finnaly her life was
For my sweetheart had departed without me to the next life she had gone
ahead to light the way for
me when
It's my time I'd seen Heaven
many times through Helen's eye's
and In those years I'd touched or seen Heaven
as if through a crystal ball
so many visions through years but not once In
all that
was I shown a vision of how  all this would come to an end
But I still remember seeing Heaven through Helens
murky water,
silence of horror,
the lengthy tunnel ,
which includes suffer.

everything starts to rust,
with grey clouds of dust.
if you want to pass this wild,
don't leave the person you are !

'cause this wild has many rats.
battle for blood, killing for spat.
they will try to cut you half,
will try to make you their pet.
Thank you everyone for reading.

To see the full version of "bad friends" and my other poetries you can check this link. It is my poetry blog.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care -E
Kamva Mar 22
There's a green wide eyed bird of spring that stares at me every morning
He looks at me with his protruding piercing eyes
Never blinks nor moves stationary like the sands of the Sahara
He whistles a song that echoes through my brain
A scene only valid in spring made for the eye to admire
He seems to live within the moment staring heavily
Come visit me this fine spring day as I gaze back at my friend.
A poem about the beauty a bird(woman) that brings wonder to my eyes.
clever Jan 27
you're ******.
i'm *******.
we got nothing left to lose.
but tonight it was better than ever before.
Paula Sullaj Jun 2018
June ' s
m oo n
hi d e s
a g a in
C  a  t s
s  t  a y
a p a rt
f r o m
d o g s'
b a rks
                             The multiverse manifests
                             itself  in  d r e a m s ........
From the beginning of time to what comes after.
Ad infinitum.
Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2018
Hope: Low
Effort: Lost
Nickname: Loser
Heart: Longing
In Need Of: Love
The World Was The Lion She Was The: Lamb
Shane Willey Jun 2018
Lust is gone because of broken hearts.
Living terminates as excitement fades.
Love stops when meaning is lost.
Life is arrested at the scene of the crime.
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